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ISLAND8 Design is an innovative team of creatives with big ideas. We take a dynamic approach to design, specialising in the full product design service, offering 3D modelling, sketch and concept work, as well as end to end design service complete with manufacture channels and a route to market plan.



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Our creative processes vary depending on the type of project in product, graphic, or website design. The only constant is that the process is a cycle and involves a dynamic back and forth between us, the client and any potential stakeholders involved in the project.

The beginning of any project however will begin with a preliminary discussion to understand the clients needs, the business, and how we can add value to the enterprise. For product development we move quickly into the research stage so we might ask more relevant questions of both the clients and end users.

(Product Design) - Define, Learn, Experiment, Design, Make, Innovate
Stage 1 -
Foundation Research - Analysis - Contextual Research - Trend Research - Insight Translation
(For a detailed description on our design processes feel free to give us a call, or drop by our website at www.island8design.com)

Creative Workshop
Stage 1 has allowed us to map trends, insights and identify opportunities for design. We can begin creating mood boards and brand themes to design around. These parameters are communicated to the client and with their approval, we can begin conceptualisation of ideas.
The needs and expectations of clients, experts, and end users are now balanced to find a solution that fits all and can be market ready. Road maps are formed as we begin to prototype ideas and concepts for testing. This rapid incremental experimentation produces less waste and reduces chances of failure later in the process. At the end of this stage the client can expect to have been shown concepts in the form of 3D models both digital and physical. We would then expect to nail down and hone in on a preferred route.

In the middle of this stage our creative process allows for further research to be carried out whilst experimenting with more ideas, testing any assumptions that have been made. We can then arrive at a solution backed by effective qualitative and quantitative research.

Stage 3
Development, Delivery and Manufacture
With a final concept chosen, we can begin the final form development. If the client requires assistance, we will line up manufacturers and suppliers and liaise between the two if needed. Routes to market, sales and marketing channels will now be explored further to prepare for the product.

Graphics & Website
Stage 1 Preliminary meeting discussing needs, problems facing business, and business goals. Clients who have established their brand can communicate this to us so that we can develop identity materials around that theme. For new businesses or rebranding projects, initial meetings are needed to establish the target audience and discover how they would like their business and/or service to "feel". With emotive words and direction set in place we can begin creating art and mood boards that reflect the previously discussed brand language.

A team or individual designer will be set the project depending on the clients needs. A project plan will detail how many designs will be created as well as outline dates for direction from the client. Client imposed parameters and early discussions will influence the creative freedom of the designer. Early drawings will be sent to show general direction. This will bring forward additional concepts that will lead and influence brand conversations.

1 - Business Goals
2- Budget & Resources
3 Target Audience & Demographics
4 Insights & Trends of their industry
5 What does success look like ?
6 What does failure look like ?
7 What is your scope ?
8 Contact details and preferred method of communication.
9 Project Details and time for first meeting