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Iron Squad’s stellar coaching approach will help you develop the right mindset and support you through an effective and sustainable nutrition to achieve you goals.

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Laura Kaar

23 May 2017

Really good gym,great range of equipment and friendly staff.


eugene kaar

16 May 2017

Top quality equipment and some good tunes for lifting. Easy to get to from the NEC


Kimberly TC

9 September 2016

Great gym, beaming with passionate owners (Oli and Stef) who lead and train by example. They are very personable and have time for everyone, there is no overselling which I dread but just genuine advice suited to my personal goals.
This is an unique gym for those who are ready to commit to themselves and the squad!


matt dorman

4 September 2016

Great gym - one of the best around Birmingham. Perfect is you're a power lifter, physique athlete or just generally into fitness.
All members are very supportive and have a like-minded approach to fitness. Can't recommend the gym enough!


Stefy Rox

4 September 2016

The best gym I have ever trained at! Environment is super friendly, the staff and owners are very supportive and knowledgeable. Highly recommended if you live in Birmingham or happen to pass by. More...



4 September 2016

A great gym for people of all levels, but especially suitable for those who take their training seriously! Good equipment and a superb environment to train in.


Annamaria Onoja

2 June 2016

Not your conventional gym. It's a place that makes u feel like u belong, more like a family. Great staff, brand new gym equipments, fair opening hours. Whether u want to put on a few pounds or shed that excess fat, this is the place to be :) More...

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All program run are based on our proven frameworks which we've used to get results for 100's of clients:
Mobility, Technique and Performance
Active Recovery

Consistency into a fail-proof program, commitment to nutrition habits and willingness to work hard

Helping people to get the better out of their lives and truly enjoy the transformation process

Having been skinny for the majority of my life, I've been bullied and suffer from low self esteem. Opening a gym for me was to help as many as I can to retake control over their lives and truly inspire.

Track record of results, no cookie cut programs, brutal honesty, intensity of the workouts, 24/7 availability.