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Helping your business reach new customers and increase revenue using the Internet in creative and interactive ways.

• LOWER your ad-spend while INCREASING your potential reach.
• SAVE money while reaching THOUSANDS of potential customers.



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After the realization that I wasn't going to make it as a rock star or concert pianist (I had the rock down, just not the star!) my many late nights and weekends studying, reading, watching, practicing, creating, learning and absorbing anything I could when it came to digital media and marketing have definitely paid off.

When I started working on training and digital marketing campaigns over 12 years ago, I was hooked. Since then I have produced over 10,000 videos from broadcast to educational to B2B and everything in between. I've also grown and managed email lists, ran PPC campaigns, crafted social media campaigns including FaceBook Messenger marketing, and even built a $100k+ business on Amazon.

With my recent certification in digital marketing though the Proven Audience Formula, my focus now is on combining these skills into a marketing machine. Specifically in ways that helps local businesses attract new customers into and through their sales funnels and ultimately into their stores.

I'm also proud to say that my wife and I just welcomed our second baby boy into our family. So if I'm not up to my neck in spreadsheets and marketing data, my arms are full of baby boys, toys, dirty laundry... literally!

If you think I could be of help to your business and marketing needs, please get in touch or connect.

My skills: Video production, digital marketing, social media ads management and strategies, funnel building, email marketing, PPC, retargeting, custom and lookalike audiences, FaceBook Messenger bots, video editing, audio production, media trafficking, sound design, Amazon selling & optimization, SEO, WordPress, content marketing, and graphic design.