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Aliso Viejo, Orangecounty

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
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Aliso Viejo, Orangecounty

‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


I offer creative services to small businesses and entrepreneurs and starts ups looking to make a difference by standing out using creative media. I create photo/video ads, social posts, cinemagraphs, animations, and 3d images to be used to GRAB attention and promote businesses and products.


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William Lancaster

25 November 2018

My wife and I were referred to this company for our wedding production in Cavecreek Arizona. The methods used in this company’s photography Were absolutely amazing and since then we have been utilizing him for other productions for my company, events and corporate events. I was on set for a commercial he was filming in Phoenix and his professionalism, be it weddings or commercials for international brands Is absolutely professional. Plus he is very courteous and very patient which is very important. Five star rating! More...


Cory Kimble

23 November 2018

I highly reccomend Chris. He was very professional, and I really appreciated the passion and creativity he brought to the project. I am definitely going to use his services again in the future. Thanks, Chris! More...


Sandra Adams

18 November 2018

Thank you Chris for the great editing work!! The pictures came out beautifully. Much Appreciated!


Eric McCann

18 November 2018

Chris found me while I was working on a last minute photo & design project for my job. Because I had little experience with photography, Chris was able make some small suggestions that made a big difference in the outcome of my product. Not only did I end up with great results, but he also did it promptly within a very short time frame. I highly recommend him, and thank you Chris for taking the time to get the details right. More...


JM Tang

31 July 2017

Spur Gear, Helical Gear, Miter Gear, Worm gear, Bevel Gear, Rack and Pinion, Timing Pulley ,Sprockets as well as other machining & turning parts

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thinking about WHAT is the purpose of the photo beforehand

what is your goal of the photo, what do you hope to accomplish by sharing these images,...... provoke thought, fun, interest, shock, love, emotion?>

the variety each new job has the potential to fill.........

creative freedom to do what I need to do to stand out from the crowd............

I only want to help give you what you WANT/NEED,.... not out to be a pushy salesperson, NOBODY likes that.