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We collaborate, or co-create with clients, on solutions for developing and implementing, innovative approaches to solving, the hardest problems, challenging our client’s businesses.

Our growing networks of advisors and practitioners, have a full spectrum of expertise, and industry experience:



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Challenging the way mindshare, ideas, performance management, and employee engagement, are co-created and disseminated in your business and organization—as your passport to attracting, engaging, and retaining top leadership and workforce, who champion human possibilities, transformative action learning cultures and authentic places to work.

Tired of seeing leaders in organizations, flatlining instead of developing authentically, cultures and Expertise MVPs—who can share passionately, their expertise and industry experience, with different communities, related directly or indirectly, to transformational action skills that drive business growth.

I bring to you, a unique, rich background, and over three decades of practical experience:

* As a Change Practitioner/Facilitator
* Coach
* Process and Human Performance Improvement Practitioner
* Instructional Systems Design Manager and Senior Instructional Designer
* Business and Clinical Psychology subject matter expert and technical advisor (SME/TA), applying these skill sets, to organizational design and planning, change management, performance management/employee engagement, leadership/management and employee/practitioner development.

When you work with me, you'll quickly see, I have the ability to earn your trust, develop an authentic relationship with you and your organization, making me, an invaluable addition to people-centered companies and teams. I capitalize on using my strong leadership ability, with my project/program management skills, including my ability to manage simultaneously, multiple projects and/or programs, big or small.

My excellent active listening skills, critical thinking skills, and full spectrum of practical knowledge and experiences, are key differentiators I offer you, when we work collaboratively on applying business strategies including change management principles, methodologies and tools for helping you and your organization, going through a change or change processes with performance (process), and human performance improvement.