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Alana Ladd

22 September 2018

Tomas and his team did an incredible job of capturing our wedding day! The customer service we received was beyond exceptional and our final wedding video was absolutely perfect. We are so thankful to Tomas and his team for everything they did for us and can't recommend Infinity Video enough! More...


Marianne Norris

27 June 2018

Infinity Video did a fantastic job on my San Antonio wedding! They captured important aspects and details and were able to include almost all of them in a two hour video full of content. Tomas was very easy to work with, and the video was completed in a timely manner. More...


Lauran Bienek

7 June 2018

I have never been more pleased & happy w/ a video than I am w/ our Wedding Highlight & our Whole Wedding Video. Thomas & his team of professionals are so genuine & are willing to work with you every step of the way & they will not fail you when it comes to capturing your very special day. Your wedding day is a day that you will never get back, you will only have all that hard wrk, time & effort in your memories unless you have a video that captures your special day that you want to view over & over again for many years to come in the future so that you can cry & relive all those happy feelings. If you are even debating on getting a Wedding Video, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND doing so & going w/ Infinity Video as your choice. Once it is all said and done, you & your husband & even your families can sit back & enjoy your wedding day as if you were one of your own guests & see it from their perspective. Put your trust in Infinity Video for your forever memory of a day & night that will last a lifetime. More...


Christina Santiago

15 May 2018

Infinity was amazing! We had them do the photo and video for our wedding in 2014 and I can’t imagine a better experience. We met with them prior to the wedding to go over exactly what we wanted and the style of pictures we were looking for. They were so professional and attentive to everything we wanted. I had asked for a specific picture and they made sure they got it! 4 years later we still love viewing our video and pictures! More...


Teresa Bowers

17 April 2018

Tomas did an amazing job capturing our wedding! We had a small wedding (25 people) so I wasn't sure if it would feel too invasive to have a videographer in addition to our photographer there but I'm so grateful we did. The day goes by so quickly and Tomas captured moments that I would've forgotten and that photographs just can't fully capture. He also blended in with ease and helped guide us as we were not used to being in front of a camera. There was an immediate comfort in being around him. Tomas was also very professional and quick to reply to emails in setting up the logistics. I watch the highlight video at least once a week and it fills me with such happiness! More...


Katie Graham

6 February 2018

Infinity Photo & Video was the best choice I could have made when it came to picking a vendor to capture my wedding day with pictures and video!! My husband, family and I are absolutely in love the pictures and video we received from our wedding. Tomas and his team were an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process. We worked with him from our engagements to my bridals to our wedding day and did not have any complaints at all! Tomas was extremely accommodating and responding quickly to any questions via email and phone. During our sessions, he coached us through as my husband and I are not natural models so we need to a little bit of guidance, but he always made sure we were comfortable! During our wedding day, the whole team was on time and just knew what to do! I hardly even knew they were at my wedding, but they captured every single detail!! If you are not sure about wanting a video, I highly recommend doing it! I just got my video over the weekend and have already watched it 100 times. It is so great to be able to relive the day since you are so caught up in the moment the day of and miss so many special things! Use Infinity Photo & Video to capture your wedding day, you will not regret it! More...


Elaine Berringer

28 October 2017

Tomas and his team did an amazing job with the video of my daughter's wedding and reception! The wedding and reception were at two different site and Tomas transitioned seamlessly. Tomas was very helpful, friendly and professional and went out of his way to make things perfect for us. He was able to video the entire event without us even realizing he was there. He really captured the emotion and excitement of the day. My daughter did her research on videographers and we are glad she chose Infinity Video. We upgraded to the extra cameras for the ceremony and are happy we did. Tomas was able to get some creative angles and capture moments that we couldn't hear or see from the pews. Well worth the expense! As a side note, Tomas sent us the highlight video on a very stressful day and it was wonderful how that video turned our whole day around!! Thanks, Tomas! We highly recommended Infinity Video. More...


Eva Rivera-Ferrell

11 August 2017

We are so pleased with the services from Infinity Video & Photo. Tomas is so professional. He showed up early to my daughter's Sweet 16 Party and told us again what to expect throughout the night. Every time I saw him, he was capturing amazing angles and going above and beyond. I highly recommend Infinity Video & Photo if you need any type of video services. They are amazing! Thank you so much Tomas for capturing my baby girls night and creating this beautiful memory that she will cherish forever. More...


Cassandra Guarneros Rosile

24 February 2017

Infinity Video captured the most perfect and most beautiful moments from our wedding in San Antonio. While watching our wedding video, we laughed, cried, smiled, and it truly felt as if my husband and I re-lived the best night of our lives. The Infinity staff were extremely friendly and made the booking process so easy for us over the phone, as we were living in a different state. Not to mention, they are very affordable and I felt like we received more than what we paid for! On the day of the wedding, they showed up on time, they never rushed us or made us do anything that felt unnatural. I can't believe all the special moments they captured during our ceremony and reception, as I don't remember seeing much of them. They were never in our faces and asked very little of us the day of the wedding. I highly recommend this company! Look through their sample videos on their website, there is not one video that didn't make me cry, laugh, or smile. Thank you Infinity for the amazing job that you did and capturing memories that are with us forever! More...


Kayla Ahlschlager Schubert

21 February 2017

Tomas went above and beyond to make sure our final product was everything we dreamed of! All the nerves and excitement come right back when watching! So glad we have these videos to forever remember our special day!! More...


Lauren Middleton

30 September 2016

Thank you infinity video and Tomas for making an incredible film of my wedding. We love it and would not change anything! Thank you!


Eric Escamilla

28 August 2016

Look no further, Tomas and his team are that oasis in the desert, that vendor that will calm you and your loved one in the tense months before the wedding, I could go on and on. I was so afraid of miscommunication or not having control over how we would be filmed, but I can say now...I am glad we gave that control to the Infinity Video team. There was no other way, no change to the film I/we would want; my wife and I have had the video for only a day, and we are watching it almost hourly. Whether it is a small birthday, a professional commercial, or a dream wedding, I can definitely recommend Infinity Video...I know for a fact we will be using them for future ceremonies/events! More...


Melissa Aguirre

27 July 2016

I am so glad we decided to hire a videographer for our wedding! I knew I wanted a videographer for our wedding from the beginning, but my then fiancé now husband was much harder to convince. After doing much research I stumbled upon Infinity Video & Photo. I read phenomenal reviews and watched most of the wedding videos they produced. I instantly fell in love and knew we had to have them for our wedding. I spoke to my fiancé (at that time) and we contacted Tomas Chavara who was quick to respond and quick to answer all of our questions. We had an amazing experience with him and this company. They are all very polite and professional. We just received our final DVDs and all I can say is it brought me to tears (happy tears of course)! The highlight video is perfect and way better than anything I could have ever imagined!!! Thank you Infinity Video & Photo More...


Monica Pammit Massey

9 July 2016

I am so glad that we hired Infinity Video & Photo for our videographer. I knew I wanted one and convinced my then fiancé, that we needed to hire one. I was not satisfied with the videographers in town, so I searched in SA. I am so glad I came across Infinity Video and read all the excellent reviews. Once I contacted Tomas, everything went so smoothly. He is so professional and makes you feel so comfortable. You will not regret hiring Infinity Video & Photo. They are seriously the BEST!! More...


Nora Bolaños Galvan

4 July 2016

It seems like everyone always wants to talk you out of the expense of a videographer, but I didn't let that change my mind. I knew I wanted a videographer for our wedding, but the hardest part was trying to find someone reliable, professional, and someone who would capture our moments so beautifully. We came across Infinity Video & Photo and after reading the exceptional reviews, I didn't think twice. I spoke to my fiancé (at that time) and we contacted Tomas Chavara who was quick to respond and quick to answer all of our questions. They traveled to Laredo for us and they arrived just in time!! I can honestly say, that I was not once worried about what they were doing. They are so professional that we even forgot they were there (which is pretty important when there are thousands of other things going on that day)!! We are about to get our final videos, but our highlight video is already much more than what we ever wanted !! More...


Kristin Castaneda

14 November 2015

Just received my wedding video, and I am totally blown away at this priceless gift of being able to watch these beautiful memories come back to life all over again! The wedding day flies by so fast, and I can't imagine not having this gorgeous high quality work of art to pass on the memories to my future kids and grandkids. Thank you, Tomas!! More...


Trisha Manship

27 January 2014

My husband and I got married almost a month ago and we had the pleasure of having Infinity Video & Photography capture every moment of our special day! Tomas and his crew were extremely professional and very nice. We know that hiring Infinity Video & Photography was one of the best decisions we made during the wedding planning process. We loved working with them & we can't wait to re-live our wedding day!!! More...


Priscilla Weiss

9 December 2013

One word: WOW!!!! Tomas and his team went above and beyond and met all my expectations in what a wedding video should look like. I absolutely fell in love with my wedding video, it was so awesome being able to relive my wedding day by the work Tomas and his team did with my video. My husbands family and my family were beyond amazed with how perfect every moment was captured during our wedding. This video will definitely be cherished throughout many many years of mine and my husbands lives. Thank you so much Tomas and team! You all definitely know how to make a bride happy! So glad I chose infinity photo and video to capture my wedding day! More...


Sarah Gallardo

19 November 2013