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Spruce Hill, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

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Spruce Hill, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia



Indie-Life Media is a full-service creative agency specializing in brand strategy and management, media and event production. We help small businesses and indie-artists convey their stories, connect to their audiences and make an impact across all media platforms.


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1 August 2019

Very detail oriented. Brings lots of resources to the table. Delivers on what is agreed upon. Fantastic space!

27 January 2019

Hygge lives here...warm and cozy feeling you feel instantly upon arrival....best place for independent people to work, shoot photography, video and or host your next popup shop. ..love the space, the owner Rasheed? Quality guy! More...

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All websites are not created equal. What makes a great website depends on the goals for that site and business. Is it meant to sell products? Is it meant to introduce the business and it's owners to the world? Is it meant to create new followers or engage existing followers? Knowing your goals will help inform the direction of your site. If you are unsure of your goals, we can help you figure it all out. Ultimately, a site should be clean, clear and easy or even fun for visitors to navigate.

1. What do you need in order to grow your business?
2. Why do you believe this is what you need?
3. Have you already tried this approach?
3a. If so, what were the challenges to meeting your goals?

Listening, listening and more listening. I do not sell people things they cannot use and I do not take a cookie cutter approach. Only by understanding the needs, goals and motivations of my clients can I deliver a strategy and ultimately an effective product they will be excited about.

Details. Detail. Details. It's all in the details.

I love when clients feel they have what they need so they can focus on running and growing their businesses. Our creative services are meant to be the missing pieces in the puzzle that is your small business. When the picture is complete, everything else is clear!

TIME DOES NOT EQUAL MONEY. Time = Life. Our time is the most precious thing we have. Since "work" is inevitably to greatest drain on our time, how we spend that time should ideally be up to us. I chose this particular business, because it engages all my various areas of expertise, feeds all my little monsters, and contributes to society in the ways I find to be most effective.

ILM is Indies for Indies:
I recruit and vet local creatives in a variety of disciplines to service our small business clients. This creates jobs, while keeping our creative solutions diverse and agile based on the needs of my clientele.

Clients have remarked that my sincere concern, interest, patience, and sky's the limit attitude have been a true inspiration. I love this work and treat my clients like family.


Logo and identity creation, sales and marketing materials, presentations, etc.

Creation of websites from start to finish.

Brand messaging, web copy, advertising, slogans, etc.

A unique plan that encompasses specific, long-term goals that can be achieved in your business using successful operational and marketing tools.

Pre-production (storyboarding, script writing, etc), directing, shooting, editing of video content for promotion or entertainment.

Creation and curation of original programming and engagements for branding or entertainment purposes.

Management of every logistic matter from hiring vendors and staff, to location scouting and audio/video needs.

On-site oversight of your event from logistics to staff to production crew and guests.