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Abbas Zaidi

6 September 2018

Our office has enjoyed greatly working with inBlue IT Solutions and their IT team. Whenever we have an issue, we call them and the problem gets handled very promptly and in a professional manner. They are great and very knowledgeable at helping us with any issue with our Computers, Emails and our Accounting software. Ralph is our dedicated IT person and his professionalism beyond par, I would recommend them to my professional network any given day. More...


medi bendanna

12 June 2018

Not sure where to start with Ray and Ralph... when we started we only had three computers and couple of employees. They helped us grow to now having 15 employees, 12 computers, a server, a VOIP phone system, 3 warehouses that are wirelessly connected and able to communicate with the server plus much more.

My point is they were great when we were small and got even bigger as we grew.

This morning I got a phone call from Ray that my ISP was down. He took charge and set up call forwarding for the phones, all our internal phones and credit card machines connected to our backup cell tower. Our server and computers worked seamlessly and every employee was able to do their jobs without skipping beat.

The best part about InBlue is they are always behind the scenes when things are going smoothly and a phone call away when you need them.


David J. Krofina

28 March 2018

I cannot say enough good things about inBlue IT solutions. I switched to them from a global IT company and the difference has been incredible. Issues that hadn't been fixed for over a year with the prior company were top priority with inBlue IT and they were resolved immediately. Any and every issue we ever call with seems to be at the top of their list, making it feel like am their number one client, where we are probably one of their smallest. I love calling and getting a live person. I love that there is a team that knows our setup and can help. Ralph and Ray are my go to person and they have been beyond amazing and honest. They are on top of any and every issue I ever bring to them. I love how honest they are and responsive. More...


cliffco Hadad

24 January 2018

Found these guys doing my local search on the internet, They came in and went over our issues and what we needed, gave us their expert short term fixes and a long term fix plans which was needed, also they suggested a savings on services and subscriptions for email, voice, Internet options, not to mention the clean out of old not used wires, cables, routers in our server room, they were able to switch us from stupid ATT and their horrible service and slow internet speed to a local internet provider with 5 times the speed at half price.
Mind you that we have been in business for 25 years worked with just about every IT consultant you can imagine, over paid and underpaid a lot of them , Ray and Ralph were able to stabilize our network, increase internet speed, reworked our subscription contracts saved us lots of dollars and most important they are available to help with prompt and speedy service, i can sleep better at night now knowing that these guys are on my team.


Abbas Zaidi

14 February 2017

Ralph was very professional, reasonable and he fixed our problems in a timely manner. I would recommend iLand IT solutions to every small business owner I know in Southern California.