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iFIT Personal Training is located across from the train station on Brimington Road, Chesterfield. We have a private PT room where we can cater for 1 to 1's or small groups of up to 3 people.
We are Level 3 Personal Trainer qualified with extensive experience in weight managment and body toning to sports specific strength and conditioning.


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21 August 2018

Very friendly taught me a lot


Heléna Godley

25 July 2018

Loving my PT sessions with Matt. Professional, friendly and well planned :)


Sally Partridge

25 July 2018

Absolutely loved yesterday's visit.
A great team who are so welcoming and friendly. Thanks Alan for a steady workout.. I will be back for more �.


Laura Marks

25 July 2018

Very friendly team and Alan is fantastic! He always pushes me out my comfort zone. I am starting to see the results I was hoping for! Cheers Al. �


Paul Bolderson

25 July 2018

Decided to go down the personal trainer route after failing to achieve anything at the gym.

I noticed the difference straight away. Al my trainer is brilliant, pushing me to the limits every time. I won't lie once a week was enough in the beginning but now as my fitness level have improved I now look forward to going and actually go twice a week. Al also does Boot camp on Sunday's, I went to last weeks and it was hard but good fun everyone was nice

The saying is true "No Pain No Gain"

I would recommend Al as a personal trainer


Lisa Farlin

25 July 2018

I'm not a morning person but I needed to start practicing what I preached to my clients
Running is my preference but I always found an excuse. Not disciplined enough for the gym...Personal trainer was my sensible option...it's now my best option. I've become stronger, toner and I love that I have a love hate relationship with Al. I hate him when he pushing me beyond my limits, love him because he's good and what he does and I can see it! Thanks Al. More...



31 August 2017

I have nothing but praise for James. I am an anxious person but James put me at ease from the very beginning. He is very understanding and patient and I really enjoy and look forward to my sessions with him. This is comming from someone that tends to struggle and not enjoy being out and doing things. He is also extremely knowledgeable and professional and ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. He makes the workouts client focused and pushes you in a constructive way. The facilities there are really good and all the staff are accommodating and really friendly. I really really recommend James, starting there is the best decision that I have made in a long time!! More...

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I offer a Free no-obligation consultation so clients can meet me, take a look at our PT studio and talk through their goals and ambitions. Personal Training is a very personal thing as the name suggests so I like for potential clients to meet on a no obligation basis first, so they can see if they feel comfortable with me as a trainer and the environment they will be training in.
Once we get started a tailored action plan wil be put in place with short and long term goals to achieve.

The secret in my opinion is there is no secret! Don't fall in the trap of looking for short term solutions like fad diets/supplements which have good marketing to draw you in.
A well thought out programme with good nutritional plans and good motivation/advice is the way forward.

I love helping people! There is nothing more rewarding than seeing people become more confident, more energetic and all round healthier. The only thing more rewarding is clients noticing and feeling better about themselves and excitedly telling you about it like they are suprised how much it is changing the way that they feel.

I was working for a company in an industry that wasnt making a difference. I have always wanted to make a difference and working for myself has enabled me to do that.

A client should chose the personal trainer that they feel most comfortable with. It's a very personal thing and you should feel like you can discuss anything with them that may be relevant. I always offer a free consultation so you can see what you think. I always suggest for potential clients to go see some other Personal Trainers and chose the one that suits you. Hopefully that ends up being me but if not then I wish you every success and am available for advice as/when you may need it. Anything discussed during your sessions are totally confidential.