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I am a trained personal life coach with over 25 years of experience as a consultant, trainer, counselor and/or facilitator working with organizations and individuals in all kinds of communities– both personally and professionally. I started my career working in group homes for 6 years then moving on to working in non-profit organizations for over 15 years.


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Zandy KaMathetha Wonder

1 August 2019

so much wisdom in ds group


Linda Musson

17 May 2019

its simply wonderfuli adore this page


Mark A. Pitts

28 February 2019

Real talk, for real results


Dawn Vogt

26 February 2019

I like the posts. They bring me to an ‘open- minded’ space to look at things!Helpful.


Joseph Eromosele

1 February 2019

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Denise Jacobs

1 December 2018

I love the posts look forward to them throughout the day. Gives me affirmation, inspiration, motivation and makes me say hmmmm�


Beatrice Collier

29 November 2018



Maxhoba Ngwane

13 September 2018

It's good! !


Alex Matthews

13 September 2018

Lets Support People... Great Place to get back on track.....


Harold Miller

13 September 2018

The word speaks for itself, it means Harold Miller .


Lisa Churinskas-Hulit

13 September 2018

Coach Diedre is a wise and inspiring woman!


Unique Gaines

13 September 2018

I love this page alreadyit is inspiring and motivation for the soul...


Ebony Daniels

13 September 2018

If you want different results, do different things, thanks lady


Lamar Dean

13 September 2018

this is a very possitive page, with some very empowering post


Jeff Coleman

13 September 2018

Very helpful knowledge ..thanks I need this reflection in my life.


Marjorie Frazier

13 September 2018

Diedre Goree - a smart, inspirational, compassionate, no-holds-barred life coach and spokesperson!


Denise Spears

13 September 2018

I know this lady on a personal level, n she is one down to earth Real sistah.


Christina Johnson

13 September 2018

Diedra has helped me throughout life. It makes me tear to think about all the things Diedra has done for me to help me move forward. She has helped me open my eyes and to never give up on my dreams, becoming more independent and always having a plan B!



Frank Williams

13 September 2018

We have never met, I have never attended a class or session. This young lady has helped me a great deal without ever knowing. Her insight and encouraging words have helped me challenge myself into being a better man, husband, and father.. More...


Franque Michele Bains

13 September 2018

I had the most phenomenal and transformational experience with Diedre. We met in Oakland at an event and I could immediately see that this woman was the truth and she would be a blessing in my life. Working with her for just four months, was transformational. I transitioned into the career of my dreams and she provided the perfect sounding board, sound advice and empathetic ear to help me navigate my struggles. Thank you Diedre! Still out here living this dream! More...


Gabby Valentino

13 September 2018

Working with Diedre over the course of two years was amazing. On our first meeting, I felt like she got me. I didn't know where it would end, but I knew that it felt good to talk about what I wanted. Diedre is blessed with an intuitive spirit that leads her to asking the right questions that guide you to a path of self-discovery.

THe long-term work was critical because I was able to see that all I talked about had came to past. Her follow-ups are sincere and not part of just her schedule that she programmed in her calendar. After each meeting, I had a very detailed re-cap along with directives that reminded me of what I committed to and encourage me to step up to the plate.

If nothing changes, nothing changes... This is the truth. Changing is challenging. Add Diedre to your team and change gracefully with clarity.


Gabby Valentino

30 December 2014

Working with Diedre over the course of two years was amazing. On our first meeting, I felt like she got me. I didn't know where it would end, but I knew that it felt good to talk about what I wanted. Diedre is blessed with an intuitive spirit that leads her to asking the right questions that guide you to a path of self-discovery. More...

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I like to describe my job by saying I’m a
Organic therapist, Personal mental trainer, Cheerleader, Devil’s advocate, Guru, Archeologist of the soul and a Boss all rolled up into one.

Let me explain—

As your organic therapist—I’ll be listening to your story and allowing you to share your thoughts. I’ll be keeping it real while I help you evaluate your life by the choices and decisions you’ve made. I’m not a degreed therapist, but I know by having an impartial sounding board and an effective informed intervention…you can get the necessary tools to make some life changes. And you don’t have to hate your mother in order to get that accomplished.

As your personal mental trainer—I’ll be introducing you to new thoughts, beliefs, and alternative decisions to replace some of your old ways. Just like a personal trainer at the gym…all old habits and beliefs out---a new way of doing things in. I help you change your mental lifestyle.

As your cheerleader I will be cheering you on and reminding you all the time of your strengths and talents. The ones that you recognize and the ones that I recognize too. Just like the Raiderettes---win or lose I’m still there to support you.
And my favorite role as Devil’s Advocate is just that—challenge you consistently so you can see other perspectives, ideas, and critiques of your behavior and actions.

A guru is a teacher—in that capacity I’ll be introducing new ideas, resources, perspectives, and habits to adopt. You’ll get empowered which leads to finding your passion!!!

Archeologist of the soul—sometimes we gotta go deep inside to get at the truth. We gotta pull back some layers of guilt, anger, disappointment, etc so you can finally let go and move on.

And last but not least I’m the Boss—in this capacity no excuses, whining, avoidance, blaming, or victimization allowed. Every session you have to come with your grown folk drawers on and be real.

Why I’m a life coach. The easiest answer is because I’ve been there done that.
1. Been a stay-at-home mom for 2 years—stayed home, cleaned, and did the housewifey stuff
2. Been a frustrated working mom—husband worked 14 hour days, I felt like a single mom
3. Felt like an unappreciated mechanical wife—an unhappy Stepford Wife
4. Lost my passion and drive in life and wondered “what happened to me”
5. Been temporarily depressed, the blues as my momma would say, and cried and felt sorry for myself
6. Been a working married mom and student—went back to college when I my daughter was 5 (Took 174 years to get my BA from Hayward State, while working a full time job, and a part-time job)
7. Worked 2-3 jobs to make ends meet while married
8. I’ve been stuck at a job I hated and was scared to leave it
9. Wanted to kill my child, husband, some family members, fake my death and start a new life.
10. Been fired from a job and had my life turned upside down

And I looked around me and everyone was telling me that’s normal. Well guess what I don’t want to be normal. I want to be happy.

I now help others get through these same type of challenges in their lives just like I did.
I have this amazing ability to do a few of things really well

1. Help people make positive changes in their lives
2. Help people reevaluate their lives in 2 ways—we do a checkup from the neck up (challenge your thoughts, decisions, beliefs) then we start listening to your gut (get reacquainted with your intuition)
3. Help people get their swag back
4. Open up your consciousness by doing some reality checks
5. Cycle Breaker—stopper of unproductive habits and thought patterns

Now if I would have had someone like that help me I would have saved a lot of time in my life… living instead of wasting it walking around like the living dead.

When you’re done working with me you’ll be

Conscious—know, love, and ready to move into your new life plan
Aware—you are more aware of yourself—thoughts, actions, decisions, reactions etc
Swagged-up—got your passion back, you’re smelling yourself again
Empowered—know, recognize, and aware of your strengths and potential

Connected—a new support team (if necessary), people you can do fun things with, hobbies, etc
Activated—DOING things again, changed your routine, new habits that are productive
Rewards—doing the things that make you smile or lol, new experiences, education plan
Energy—a new lifestyle means, exercise, better diet, good sleep, intimacy, love (of self and others)