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Hi, I offer several holistic therapies, which include holistic massage, thai seated massage, thai hand and feet massage, angelic reiki healing and the main one is hypnotherapy! You know how depression gets you down, i give it wings!

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3 April 2019

I had never had hypnotherapy before and after an introductory session with Claudette it opened my mind to the possibilities within me. I highly recommend trying hypnotherapy with Claudette,she is a good therapist,and has helped me on the way to breaking old habits. More...


Ellen Unwin

5 November 2018

my husband had Claudette do hypnosis for really bad headaches a few months ago he is doing really well so glad he tried this lovely person claudette


Amber Dickinson

5 November 2018

I had a fantastic, deeply relaxing "mind massage" with Claudette. She is extremely good at what she does and her passion for helping others connect within, shines through.

I highly recommend hypnosis with Claudette, her experience and caring is an asset for whatever you may need assistance with. For a wonderful relaxation, and the bonus of continued peaceful sleeps - her "mind massage" is a real treat.

Thank you so much Claudette!


Kay Hudson

5 November 2018

Very relaxing and useful techniques for helping me with the anxiety I feel as an asthmatic


Jax Skinner

28 October 2018

Thank you lovely lady for our amazing session taking us both to a deep and restful space and helping us both to discover an inner peace. I am sleeping so much better and the techniques for letting go are still working strongly. Bless you and thank you. Highly recommended. Xxxx More...


Luke Bennett

30 August 2018

Had a fantastic group hypnosis session with Claudette. I’ve found that I’m sleeping better with less stress. Highly recommend this to anyone feeling like life is getting on top of them.

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I love to help people relax and solve their issues, being an holistic practitioner is my passion!

I became ill with depression, and after taking medication for a week, and feeling like a zombie, I decided to find an alternative way! That is were hypnosis, came into my life, and it helped me immensely, and I’ve never look back! It effected me so much, I needed to found out more to spread the word, and to help others, and became obsessed with learning the subject until I trained to become qualified, and it is now a great passion of mine to help others!

Because, I'm friendly, professional and you will get results!


A multi dimensional healing to deeply relax yet energize you. Promotes optimal health and vitality, deeper connection with self, consciousness , blissfull

Thai seated massage, is a massage that is done fully clothed! And the benefits are, it helps with relaxation, reduces stress, relieve pain and tension, improve circulation of the blood and lymph, stimulates feel good hormones and endorphins, and gives a feeling of well being!