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Struan is the owner of How2productions and specialises in corporate/brand/sales/promo/case studies/ infermercial videos for web and broadcast. After twenty years working as a photographer for Ad agencies, design, PR groups and clients direct, Struan became a passionate videographer with a creative eye for composition and detail and has now clocked up years of commercial video experience.


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30 September 2016

Great bunch of people. Very professional and get the job done to a very high standard


Each day can be completely different and we get to work with some amazing people. The clients response when we show the final film makes all the hard effort worth while. Plus we make sure we have fun along the way.

I have always worked hard for myself and clients, that way I keep well away from company politics. Life is to short !

Here’s why you should consider us, How2 is a video production company, helmed by director and founder Struan Wallace, boasting an eclectic range of skills gathered over twenty + years of experience within the industry, specialising in corporate videos for marketing, promotions, websites and broadcasting. We’re always looking for a new challenge.



A service coming soon from How2productions as we are getting CAA certification to fly camera drones.

360 VR video is all the rage; we film with the top of the range cameras to provide an immersive experience to your website, Youtube or Facebook channels.