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I am a holistic psychotherapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Boulder, with 20 years of experience. I work with individuals and couples.

I have many therapeutic tools to offer for individuals, including stress management and relaxation skills, understanding and relieving anxiety, and trauma recovery.


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Lorene Dumoulin

28 May 2013

Edie has assisted me in ways I could never imagine.She is gifted in her ability to facilitate a journey that is transformative and highly informing. She is a wonderful healer and teacher. Attend a session with her! More...

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I love helping people get reconnected with their deeper, truer selves, and follow their dreams.

I love helping clients heal their mind, body, heart, and soul when they have been stressed out, broken-hearted, or holding on to pain from the past.

I love helping couples learn to communicate more effectively, and rekindle their love.

I love the flexibility of allowing my clients to work at their own pace, in a private, quiet office. I can set my own hours, and meet with people in the afternoons and evenings, rather than 8-to-5.

I can offer my clients a range of effective therapies, rather than being limited to one or two that an agency uses. In other words, you are not a "patient" with an illness, but rather a client, and we will collaborate on your goals and growth.

I have over 20 years of experience in psychotherapy and counseling.
I have a gentle, accepting nature, and I offer a safe space for clients who are new to therapy to relax and begin to share their experiences, fears, and desires.
I also offer a whole range of integrative and alternative modalities for clients who have not benefitted much from traditional talk therapy, and are looking for a more holistic approach to emotional health and wellness.