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Hodgson Finance

Hooton Pagnell, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

10 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
Hodgson Finance logo

Hodgson Finance

Hooton Pagnell, Doncaster, South Yorkshire

10 hires on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Hodgson Finance provides an outsourced finance solution to businesses, whether they are sole traders, new start-ups or established businesses. We have a range of services that will help you achieve sustainable growth and profitability.


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30 March 2019

It was a pleasure working with Neil. He was on the ball, easy to communicate with and very professional. Thank you so much and we can't wait to work with you again!



5 February 2019

Neil was very proactive in his approach; his initial email was informative and he rang me as promised. I felt, upon speaking to him, that we had a good rapport and I'm looking forward to working with him.

Thanks Lesley, I'm looking forward to working with you too!


Kate Beaumont

4 October 2018

Neil’s been a huge support to me since I started my business designing and making wedding dresses five years ago. As well as taking care of all the financials and advising on systems and processes to make that side of things run as smoothly as possible, Neil’s always taken a real interest in the development of my business too. He’s helped me decide on the best route forward in numerous ways – over and above the service I would expect from an accountant. More...

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Pretty much everything that a small/medium business needs from an accountancy/finance function. Whether you are self-employed, a new start-up, or a growing/established business there will be a tailored service solution for you (apologies, that sounds overly corporate/mgt speak). Basically, whatever you need, at whatever level, we will work with you to find the best way to provide that support to you. Whether its top level reviewing and analysis, or basic bookkeeping entries, we will be able to provide a service that supports you and allows you to concentrate on your own business.

If you take a look at any large successful business, you will find someone with a finance background in one of the top two/three positions. They provide the key financial insight and strategy to support the development and growth of the business. Scale it down to a small/medium size business and the need for this input and support remains the same. And for those businesses that can't afford to employ their own finance director, an accountant is the ideal solution. Having an accountant should provide guidance and support that helps you develop and grow your business. Having an accountant should remove the stress you have around financial monitoring and reporting and above all else, having an accountant should allow you to focus on running your business.

And why hire a great accountant? A great accountant takes a real interest in your business, builds trust, inspires confidence and becomes part of your team.

Helping people (total cliche, I know). It's true though. To be able to remove a whole heap of stress and worry from a client is a great feeling in itself, but to then support them take their business forward and grow it, is amazing. I have a real passion in supporting small/new businesses and learning all about them and getting to experience what makes a particular business tick.

When I first registered as self-employed it was more to do with tax efficiency than anything else (typical accountant...). I only had 3 clients at the time and it was easy thing to do. It was when I was approached by one of their employees asking for advice about setting up her own business that I started to think differently about it. From that point onwards I started to position myself to support people wanting to set up their own business and exploring how I could make a real difference to them. And yes, the person who approached me is still a client and now runs a successful Wedding Dress business. She hasn't looked back either.

Choosing an accountant can be a daunting experience for many. You need to find someone that understands you, your business and your requirements. There also needs to be ease about the relationship, a natural comfort that breeds trust and assurance and above all else a commitment to work together and support the growth and success of the business. In a nutshell, I believe that describes my relationship with my clients.