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Richmond District, California

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Richmond District, California


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Dee A.

12 June 2019

I first worked out with Tracey when she was working at my local gym. I was actually planning to cancel my membership because I was getting bored with my gym workouts, but I signed up for one last class and Tracey was the sub. I had such a great workout with her that I decided to keep my membership specifically to take her classes. After a few weeks, however, she ended up leaving the gym to focus on HIIT the Mitt full-time so I finally quit and followed her.I've always wanted to give kickboxing a try but never found a place that I felt comfortable going to. 2-on-1 outdoor training sounded like the perfect way to give it a shot so I asked a friend to join me and we signed up for a 10-pack.What I love about Tracey is that her workouts are the perfect amount of challenging and fun. I need that balance to keep me motivated and committed to any workout routine. She's great at putting together a personalized, flexible workout that challenges you to get stronger but doesn't leave you feeling defeated or crappy about your current abilities and strength. She's very attentive and knows how to really push you to the next level but also knows when to ease up or slow down to let you catch your breath. On top of that, Tracey's highly knowledgeable -- it's easy to see from her own form, strength, and the way she coaches you or adjusts your form that she's had several years of formal training in martial arts and Muy Thai so not only are you getting a great workout but you're training with and learning from someone who's an expert.There are a lot of exercise/bootcamp/fitness options in SF but I definitely think HIIT the Mitt (and Tracey) really stands out. If you're looking for a new and exciting workout that leads to real results, I highly recommend HIIT the Mitt! More...


Juliette C.

13 March 2019

Working with HIIT the mitt has been an awesome experience! Tracey and the gang are always so accommodating and really have been so great! I work with Keefe one on one who is so skilled and a great coach. He challenges me but also knows how to work with my pace and requests beautifully! I have pretty bad asthma which has prevented me from working out before but now I know no matter what kind of day I'm having with it, Keefe will be able to work with me and provide me with a good workout regardless. I've also learned a lot of new technique! I always have a great time working with him! More...


Katie G.

26 November 2018

Great workout!  Tracey is laser focused on making you work hard and maximizing your time with her. She customizes your workout so that you are focused on improving whatever areas you need/want.  If you want cardio, strength training, etc. - she flexes so you can sweat.   You don't have to be in great shape, have boxing experience or even desire a career in boxing to get a great workout from her. Highly Recommended More...


Tanya K.

5 November 2018

Tracey is great in a lot of ways! She leaves you wanting more and listens, adjusts workouts, and personalizes every session. Her energy is contageous!


Katy D.

5 November 2018

My friend introduced me to Tracey and HIIT the Mitt. She took a class with Tracey and came back saying that she was tough, but fun. I had been looking for awhile for that "happy place" to train, so I was beyond thrilled after completing my first session with her. Tracey is responsive to all communications, is organized, full of great energy, prepared for each workout, highly knowledgeable and understanding. She provided tough workouts, but has great intuition when to scale back, give a break, slow down to review moves, and when to increase intensity and push us harder. In addition, Tracey is flexible with scheduling conflicts. She also has enough foresight to expand her business, but in thoughtful ways, such as hiring other trainers that embody the values and beliefs of kickboxing as well as the foundation that HIIT the Mitt was built upon.If you're looking for a great workout to get in shape, relieve stress, workout with a friend or even 1:1, and be outdoors, then HIIT the Mitt is for you. I can't recommend her enough! You won't be disappointed!! I've just completed my first 10 pack and have signed up for another 20 :) More...


Melanie M.

1 October 2018

Guaranteed awesome workout each time. I am always dripping in sweat and exhausted. This is the only way I enjoy cardio. She changes up each workout so you never get bored but will feel like you are improving. I just bought my second 10 pack with Tracey.  I love that she comes to me so I'm not wasting time trying to get across town. More...


Nikita M.

30 September 2018

Tracey is AMAZING! I got the 10 pack and I do not regret it. I only been working with her for about two weeks now and I can see a huge difference. After a few sessions, I can actually see muscles in my arm. Also, after every session my entire body is so sore. Tracey really kicks your but. All the sessions are different so your not doing the same thing every time which makes it really fun. She creates a program based on what you want to work on. I wanted to get stronger and improved my balance and after 3 classes I can feel muscles in places I never knew I had. Now I feel like Wonder Woman! More...


Maria K.

19 September 2018

I am so happy I started training with Tracey. I didn't know what to expect initially - I had tried other trainers and different classes, but nothing would stick. After only 1 month of training with HIIT the Mitt, I was able to fit into a dress I haven't been able to wear in 2 years! I am on my 4th month now and I look forward to this workout as a stress reliever, vs the dread I usually feel with workout classes. I've learned a lot about kick boxing and have grown a new found appreciation for the sport. This is rad!! Go do it! More...


Colin L.

26 July 2018

Tracey is super motivating and engaging. She keeps you guessing with what seems like infinite drills and combos and exercises. It's one of those things we're getting a six pack is just the "side" benefit. You feel more confident in your ability to protect yourself, you relieve crazy amounts of job related and family related stress and the whole time it's fun and you loose track of time. I highly recommend it!! More...


Barb B.

9 July 2018

Tracey is awesome! I started training with Tracey/HIIT the Mitt in April because I wanted to gain some arm muscle (I had none). Within a few weeks I started seeing the muscles in my arm build shape. I had zero kickboxing experience and am way less coordinated than I used to be, but I've enjoyed every lesson so far. Tracey is super patient, but tough when she needs to be to help me see the results I want. I would recommend anyone to try it no matter your skill level! More...


Riley W.

25 June 2018

Ok I have to admit, I use YELP all the time for everything, but have NEVER written a review...And then I trained with Tracey.She is literally such an amazing trainer and leaves you sweating, out of breath and so energized after every session. I usually find most workouts lacking (having come from a pretty athletic past), but she really pushes you and I love it. I love how challenging it is. Tracey is running exercises until you feel like you can't do it any longer then switching it up keeping you entertained the whole session. She's a detailed instructor knowing how to give alignment and stance adjustments quickly and clearly. I'm definitely more confident with my boxing now. It's also amazing that she will come to you--tell her your closest park and that's your new gym.If you want to get fit fast, going through Tracey HIIT the Mitt for sure! More...


Jess A.

1 June 2018

Tracey is AWESOME!!  I've recently come back to work after having my first child and was dreading getting back into shape.  Tracey has been so motivating in getting me to set and achieve my goals!  Logistically it can be difficult for me to find the time to work out but Tracey has been flexible and meeting me ONSITE at my work (game changer). I look forward to our sessions together and love the fact that I'm sore for days afterward! If you're looking for someone that is going to take the time to get to know you, your body and your goals- Tracey is your girl.  She is high energy, fun, motivating and committed to getting you to feel confident and strong.  So grateful I found Tracey and HIIT the Mitt! Her sessions are the highlight of my week! More...


Sara S.

17 May 2018

I'm not very active writing reviews on YELP, but HIIT the Mitt deserves one!After having transitioned from student-athlete, and pro Volleyball player to full time office job I found it hard to find fun and challenging workouts that fitted my schedule. I'm happy I found HIIT the Mitt. Tracey creates individual and thoughtful workouts based on the client's or group's level of athleticism and kickboxing skills. She trains anyone, from beginner to expert.The workouts are usually a mix of kickboxing and HIIT training. Why do I find that so great? Well, kickboxing improves your coordination and cardio (and it boosts your energy), HIIT stand for High Intensity Interval Training, meaning you go all out (high intensity) in multiple intense bursts of exercise (the intervals), which enables you to burn a lot in a short amount of time.Tracey is amazing at teaching the basics of kickboxing (to a kickboxing beginner like me) while making sure her clients get a challenging, fun, powerful, sweaty workout in! And Tracey has an amazing skill, she teaches with such passion and positive energy - if you're not motivated to work hard for yourself, then at least work hard for Tracey, otherwise she'll make sure to kick your butt ;-) More...


Karin D.

16 May 2018

I loved working with Tracey. She is so high energy with just the right amount of sass and spunk to motivate you to do more. Our group was a little tired from a long day but she did not let that stop us from kicking ass. I had never done boxing before so I was afraid that I was going to be totally out of place but Tracey made it so simple to follow the commands. I had no idea "1! 2!" would be SO HARD! Definitely reccomend if you're looking for an intense but thoughtful workout with a great trainer. More...


Emma R.

10 May 2018

As a former collegiate/professional swimmer and American Record holder (not to toot my own horn too much, this is about Tracey), I struggle to find exercise options that I enjoy AND also make me feel like I'm actually getting a good workout. I've been coached my whole life, so doing things on my own is incredibly difficult and that's where Tracey and HTM came in.Throughout the workout, she pushed me to what she knew I was capable of (and beyond) and wouldn't let me get away with anything less than a 100% effort. Not only does she really know her stuff, but she knows how to teach it, which is rare and much appreciated. The personal attention and one-on-one practice make it easy for Tracey to correct form and technique and also help to make it apparent that she truly is invested in you and your fitness goals. I have 17 years of elite, international swimming training and competition under my belt and by the end of our hour together, I was almost ready to puke, which is a sure sign of a great workout in my book. The next day, my body also didn't hesitate to let me know how good of a workout it was, as lifting my arms was quite a bit more strenuous than usual. Go HIIT the Mitt, you won't be sorry! More...


Kristina D.

8 May 2018

Tracey is an incredibly skilled and dedicated instructor! Classes are hard and challenging with the just right dose of upbeat energy and encouragement! Great way to meet other people, and learn kickboxing techniques from a pro. Highly highly recommend! More...


Katia Y.

8 May 2018

I took one of Tracey's group kickboxing classes and it was super challenging but so much fun! The class took place outdoors at the Panhandle and was a mix of core exercises and kickboxing moves. I was sooo sore the next day!Tracey is also super motivating and her upbeat positive energy makes the difficult workout so much better. You should definitely take some of her classes! More...


Alexandra P.

7 May 2018

Tracey's kickboxing class was super fun and challenging. She brings a ton of positive energy to the table and pushes each person based on their unique fitness and skill level. I highly recommend working with her to reach your fitness goals! More...


Chris L.

4 May 2018

Tracey's coaching style is intense, intuitive, and incredibly fun! She really finds good ways to scale workouts and activities based on client needs. If you have never tried kickbox or HIIT before, Tracey is the right instructor for you. She has a massive arsenal of fun workouts, and can create a tailor-made experience for new clients. I highly recommend trying one of Tracey's classes and seeing for yourself! More...


Sergio R.

1 May 2018

I never thought I would hire a personal trainer, yet alone have fun while doing a high intensity work out. Tracy is an excellent motivator and pushes you to your limits (in a good way). She personalizes my workouts according to my abilities and what I'm looking to accomplish. I could tell right away that she's very experienced and knows how to build an excellent exercise program. I can't wait for my next session! More...


Dave M.

25 April 2018

HIIT the Mitt has been something so helpful to my health and fitness. I can feel after each session with Tracey that I am benefiting and succeeding in moving closer to my fitness goals. No matter whether you're already doing several things as part of your fitness regimen, or whether you've been out of exercising for a while and want to get back into it, or whether you're new to developing a fitness plan for yourself, I feel that Tracey is the right person for you to work with.  I didn't know Tracey before I decided to sign up for one of her private classes. Before I met her, we exchanged emails, and I appreciated immediately her communication and her willingness to work with me to design a workout that I was comfortable with and that suited my fitness goals. The workouts themselves are fun, engaging, and above all else- they work... you.... out! I always leave feeling I've given 100%, which is a testament to Tracey as a trainer. First of all, she knows her stuff inside and out- she's a supremely knowledgeable trainer in different areas of exercise science and modalities. She is also a trainer I can place my complete trust in. She checks in with me regularly to make sure I'm ok. She will never do anything or ask you to do anything to risk your safety or well-being.  She is an excellent, excellent communicator- I can't stress how much I appreciate this. She is always open to feedback; she wants to see her clients succeed, genuinely. Knowing that makes a huge difference.  And, last but certainly not least, during each session, she is able to motivate you to do more, try harder, make needed corrections in form- all in an  encouraging, and supportive way. For me, this last point is probably the most important attribute I need in a personal trainer. And I can attest from first-hand experience, Tracey will always be on your side in the most supportive way while getting you to exercise at your peak levels.  Tracey has created a great fitness program with HIIT THE MITT. She's a fantastic trainer, and for anyone out there looking to get into shape or needing something powerful to boost their program to the next level, I highly recommend getting in touch with Tracey. More...

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