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Hem Over Heels is a multi-service store.
We specialize in

Clothing alterations/tailoring/seamstresses
We can do it all. From patching jeans to resizing of pants and jackets all the way to major alterations on very intricate work on wedding dresses.


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Jarrett Kempen

30 May 2019

I brought in three dress shirts to be altered in the shoulders and midsection and couldn’t be happier with the result. The work is impeccable and the fit is perfect.Lots of comments on here about price. I’m sure they are not the cheapest option but you will not find better quality work anywhere else. You get what you pay for. I will happily return for any future alterations. More...


Darnrobert Faveur

6 May 2019

I go here every time i need a dress hemmed. I love it and they do an amazing job for very very fair prices!!


Holly W.

28 April 2019

They are truly the best! I had 2 very delicate dresses that I need to be gemmed and tailored and now I LOVE the dresses. I wouldn't go anywhere else to have my clothes altered. More...


Cristina A.

18 April 2019

The people who work here are dedicated to their business. They adjusted my bridesmaid dress hem length in 5 days where David's Bridal wanted 2 months. The other girls in the wedding weren't happy with the adjustments & mine was perfect. I will be going here from now on. Thank you ! More...


Suzi M.

13 March 2019

This is my go to!!I'm a short girl so I get LITERALLY everything altered. My girlfriend turned me on to this place and i'm so grateful! Been going here over a year and never had an issue. Staff is great! Work is exceptional and fast! If it's ever not right, bring it back and they'll fix it for free and have it ready the next day. They handle ALL of my clothes and shoes. If you're looking for either, this is the place to go!Bring your shoes after you buy them and he can help prevent the wear down! More...


Liz Heller

23 January 2019

Very friendly and nice! They were able to alter my dress quickly and were a dream to work with. They’re open late and on weekends, so their schedule is extremely accommodating. Thanks again!



6 December 2018

I had an amazing experience at Hem over Heels. I had to get a jumpsuit hemmed super last minute for a wedding and a pair of shoes fixed. I came in Thursday at 9am and they had my shoes and jumpsuit ready by Friday at 9am. You will not regret going to hem over heels. I will definitely be back and will be telling everyone about it. Thank you Josh for a wonderful experience and great customer service. More...


jason guss

6 November 2018

The best and courteous service in Palm Beach County. Can’t say enough good about this fine company! Fair pricing, fast service and the customer is truly #1 at Hem Over Heels


Jason Guss

18 October 2018

Excellent courteous service! The best around


Natalia M.

20 August 2018

I truly had a bridesmaid emergency, wedding was a week away and my dress was cut completely down the side with some additional tears throughout it. When I picked up the dress though it looked brand new! I was completely stressed out about how it was going to turn out but it hardly had any visible stitching and looked exactly as the original. Completely satisfied and happy with the result, 100% recommend. More...


'heyam M.

15 August 2018

This place is amazing! I needed my wedding dress altered and they did a great job! I'm more than happy with the result. After lots of research I found this place and I gave it a try. It seems like I found my favorite place to go. I highly recommend it!!! Lia did a great job, she is very nice and pays attetion to all of ones needs and wishes. More...


Cat T.

10 August 2018

What an outstanding business! I needed somewhat extensive alterations on my mother-of-the-groom gown. I started with something that was too small in the bust and too big everywhere else. It was too long, and needed a double hem, since the dress is chiffon over a lining.So I arrived 8 days ago, and was taken in immediately, even without an appointment. I tried it on for Lia. She patiently marked the hem, then we began to discuss what could be done about the rest. She knew exactly what to do to make it fit like a glove. As for the bustline, she suggested a two-prong approach, which consisted of bringing the shoulder straps up, and sewing bra cups right into the dress. I was skeptical, so she pinned the cups in, then shortened the straps, also with pins. The difference was absolutely amazing! It no longer looked like I had stuffed the top to the point of spilling out. No specialty bra needed, no bra of any kind needed, and as a bonus, I wouldn't have to spend the whole day tugging the back of a bra down so it wouldn't show above the low back. Perfect! Lia fixed it so it felt unbelievably secure, even with twisting and bending. Clearly, she knows all the extraordinary tricks of the trade. She pinned the sides to take them in, realigned long darts, and I was on my way. Lia had spent quite awhile with me to listen to what I wanted in a fit, and to make suggestions and show me her solutions. It took longer than I had expected, but Lia took it in stride, never made me feel like I was a bother. She was incredibly patient.I returned today, when I was told the gown would be finished, and it was. I tried it on, in case the fit needed some fine tuning. Nothing further was necessary. It fits me like a custom made, couturier gown! Lia made every line, every curve fit smoothly with nary a bump or wrinkle. It highlights the best features of my figure with an ease that belies all the great work she performed. I am beyond excited!The owner is very solicitous of his customers' needs. We chatted when I checked out. They do luggage and handbag repairs, shoe repairs, they make keys and sharpen knives, and repair leather goods, among other indispensable things. But first and foremost, this is THE place to go for all your alterations. Professional, competent seamstresses are hard to find, and worth their weight in gold if you can. They don't come better than Lia. She is the gold standard.I have usually done all my own alterations, having learned how to sew garments as a teen, graduating to tailoring later on. But getting it right with a long double hem on yourself is very difficult at best, downright impossible at worst. So I needed help this time. As one who is no stranger to a needle and thread, I can say Lia is expert at her trade. She will wave her magic wand and get to work on your garments to make you look like a queen. Kudos to Hem Over Heels - they are SO much more than just a cute name! More...


Ann-Esther Lehman

6 August 2018

This place is AMAZING! I came in last minute to get my bridesmaid dress retouched, the staff was very nice and the seamstress did a good job. I RECOMMEND.


Elaine Uberman Marks

12 July 2018

The people that work here are not only caring, nice and friendly but when I explained that I really needed my pants hemmed yesterday (lol) I was told I could pick them up in 24 hours and they'll be ready... Customer Service at it's best.. Highly recommend More...


Amanda Pio

21 June 2018

They took great care of me and my wedding dress


Ashley W.

2 June 2018

I had such a great experience with this company! I came with a bridesmaid dress and some sweaters that were too long. I made an appointment and as soon as I came in I was seen and it was quick and easy. They are very nice and willing to make adjustments even after things are pinned. It was a very quick turn around! I tried everything on when I got home because I was in a rush and everything was perfect! They have a guarantee also which is nice in case something isn't quite right, but the quality is so well done I doubt it is used often! More...


EdnitaLuna Mua

31 May 2018

I'm very satisfied with the level of service and quality of the work done at this establishment. I brought in 3 pairs of high end shoes to have various repairs and Josh took really good care of me and listened to my concerns. I wish I would've found them sooner! More...


Tanya Renee

23 May 2018

They fixed some shoes for me and it was reasonably priced! They're really nice too! They're hemming a jumpsuit for me now!


Precious Q.

29 April 2018

That staff at Hem over Heels are AMAZING! I showed up  the morning of my event to have the pant legs of my outfit hemmed. They were even able to let the zipper out for me, with same day service! Great job, supper friendly! I will be going to them for now on. :) More...


Sheila Sanchez

10 January 2018

I love this place. Super nice and patient people. They always do the job so quickly. Even if i was in a hurry, it gets done so fast. Super cheap and i have gone back more than 5 times. That's how much i trust them for the great job and service they provide. More...


Chris And Laura ..

9 January 2018

I had such a great experience at hem over heels! I needed my bridesmaid dress altered last minute and Layla was super sweet and accommodating! She took me right in and had the wonderfully talented Cida measure me for the alterations. The pick up time was fast and I was super satisfied with every attention to detail they made! I will be going back and I recommend to all!! Thank you Layla and Cida! - Laura More...


Hervé W

28 November 2017

Fast, friendly service. Dropped off 2 pair of pants on Saturday and got them back perfect Tuesday. My lady had 4 pair of shoes done and she's very happy also.


Don Zimmermann

20 November 2017

Excellent Customer Service!
Josh did a great job!


Ashley O.

18 November 2017

Rubia was incredible-- she literally rebuilt a dress for me and I can't wait to wear it!! I will definitely be back!


Jasmine D.

28 October 2017

Came here to get a bridesmaid dress altered and it came out exactly how I wanted. The dress was ready in a week and I paid upfront so picking it up was quick. I don't know much about the cost this kind of alteration would be, but it was a little labor intensive so I wasn't overly surprised by the price. But if you check in on yelp on your first visit, you get 15% off which helped me out. And the owner also told me they offer special deals on their website as well. Would recommend this place! More...


Sarah P.

28 October 2017

Hem Over Heels is fantastic. I have a designer dress that arrived damaged, and I was determined to fix it so it was wearable. Four tailors, including two from the designer itself, examined the dress and said the damage was irreparable. Hem Over Heels was able to remove the snap buttons and add a hidden tab with normal buttons, so the dress looks fantastic and won't be a pain in the ass every time I put it on or take it off. Lia is a legitimate magician- I can't believe she was able to fix it, she was utterly patient with me when I wanted some small changes made, and it looks great. I'm so happy with the service from Hem Over Heels. I'll go back to them for everything in the future. More...


Shaina H.

22 September 2017

They completely brought my old knives back to life! It was worth the drive from WPB to Boynton. Great deal on the whole set and they even took the time to show me a better way to sharpen at home so that they can stay sharper longer. Definitely going to be a repeat customer. More...


Nancy S.

7 August 2017

I brought in a pair of work shoes and needed them fixed in one day. I needed the Velcro on the strap fixed because it was coming apart on both shoes. I also walked through a flooded parking lot and the leather wasn't looking very good. Not only did they get them done they look amazing and the straps hold better than when I bought them. More...


Andrea P.

7 July 2017

I'm a little late on leaving a review based on my experience but this place deserves more than just a review. For New Years Eve I ran into some problems came in to ask if they can help with the problem they took their time to tell me what they can do and how fast (mind you this was NYE)  and in less than two hours the dress was ready and it looked brand new! I was very pleased with the result, thank you for your service. More...


Julia Lapi

24 June 2017

Great place! They have great price and they are very organized and fast, The owner needs to improve on his customer service but the girls are very helpful. Thank you for the beautiful job you did on my dress More...


Parker Ruiz

6 June 2017

Josh was a great help! Brought a pair of leather shoes in that had taken a beating and he made them look better than new! He was also very helpful in answering my many questions about caring for my other leather shoes. I also bought a shoe cleaning solvent and some nice polish from him that worked great to treat my other shoes. Also I had my leather jacket tailored by them and they did a great job, couldn't be happier! I believe this local establishment deserves recognition for their good work and customer service. More...


Kelli Sanders

6 June 2017

I will only use this shop for as long as I live here! They were wonderful and friendly and exceeded our expectations! Thank you so much, Leah and Brenda!


Daniela Moore

6 June 2017

Hi there. I am a physical therapist who just saw a patient who's right sneaker was adjusted to compensate the leg discrepancy that she has due to a left failed total knee replacement. On the bottom of the right shoe was added another layer whose height was measured according with patient's leg discrepancy.First of all the shoe's adjustment was done perfectly and second of all I have not seen this work done anywhere else.. so i am planning to send all my patient in need for shoes height adjustments to you , guys. Good job! More...


harold farber

6 June 2017

I had a problem. I was leaving on vacation the next afternoon, and I couldn't fit into my jeans because I have been on steroids for a month for a medical condition. I called them needing two new pair of jeans hemmed and the legs narrowed. I was totally surprised when they said to come right over. It was already 1 o'clock in the afternoon. Because I needed it first thing in the morning, they apologized that they couldn't do both pair that day, but they would guarantee me one by the end of business the same day. I can't say enough about their service and the quality job that they did. The pants were ready by 6 p.m. The alterations were costly, but you get what you pay for! Quality, friendly service, and a smile! More...


Sandra Goodwin

6 June 2017

Great place! I was leaving for vacation and needed a dress hemmed and another the elastic taken in quickly and they did it. Friendly and professional people. A bit of a drive for me but worth it. More...


Margarita M.

25 April 2017

I am so glad I discovered this place on Yelp. I got fitted/measured by Brenda. She has a great personality & clearly knows what she's doing. I got 3 dresses altered here. One was a crepe material Lilly Pulitzer shift dress that needed quite a bit of altering & the hem done. Another was a studded leather dress that also required quite a bit of altering & the 3rd dress was a maxi dress with very thin fabric that just needed the hem taken up. I picked them up today & needless to say, I am beyond pleased. I will be having all my future alterations done here. Prices are reasonable & comparable to other tailors I've gone to in the area but I was very pleased with Brenda, her personality & of course her work. More...


Precious V.

14 April 2017

Went in to get maxi dresses cut. Staff were friendly and quick. The work is good but very pricy for the minimal work required. I was provided a receipt with one price at drop off and when I went to pick up the items I was charged double the price. More...


Gigi Geo

21 March 2017

I wish there was a place like this back home. I'm a college student and i needed to have a dress taken in. It was last minute but they got it done in like 2 days! I've done the same for my prom dress and i paid almost double somewhere else. This is definitely the place to go! It's not close to my dorm but i will gladly make the trip anytime. I recommend them 100% More...


Carol T.

12 March 2017

Helpful. friendly and professional. I needed and "emergency (same day) hemming" of a skirt and Hem Over Heels had it ready by 4pm for a reasonable price. Thank you!


Stuart S.

31 January 2017

They were very nice, quick, and reasonable (even offered a discount for first time client). Repaired a pair of 45 year old white bucks (from grad school). Like new and still with the old dirt!My wife wants to go there and try them on repairing some very very expensive shoes, which few even want to attempt because of the high original price. More...


Claudine G.

21 January 2017

Excellent service and great quality here. I brought my luggage in to be fixed and they did a great job. I returned with a wooden block of Wolfgang Puck knives and they sharpened all of them for me and showed me how to care for them in the future. I cannot say enough about the kind, professional, friendly service that you will receive here. More...


Angel R.

31 December 2016

Needed a last minute hem on New Years Eve for my suit and they delivered! I called at 11:15 am and had my pants ready by 1:30 pm. Excellent, speedy service and reasonably priced! Will return in the future! More...


Michelle M.

19 October 2016

I was totally impressed with the work done to my designer purse...that NO OTHER SHOE REPAIR WOULD TOUCH! It looks just like new and I was so happy not just because I love it but also because the designer is dead. Please go here and find out for yourself that miracles still happen!!!!! More...


Elyse Berman

7 June 2016

Excellent! Please see my full review posted above.


Monica H.

30 May 2016

I needed my dress hemmed for ring dance (a military function) and was only in Florida for four days. They got it done in three and Brenda did an amazing job.


Meg D.

10 April 2016

Last year for our daughters Junior Prom we found Brenda and Hem over Heels. Naturally for homecoming and then finally her Senior Prom we came rushing back. Another perfect alteration to the dress of a lifetime. Thank you all so much for making our daughter look and feel like the queen she is! More...


Susan C.

3 April 2016

Glad I found this place. I needed to get my bridesmaid dress altered because for a short girl like me, all long dresses are too long for me. I went in and they knew what needed to be done. I paid in advance to get the discount and saved some $$ there. It was ready in to pick up the next week and it came out perfect. More...


Chelsea A.

12 December 2015

Have only good things to say. They've re-soled and repaired many many high end Gucci, ferragamo, Louis Vuitton shoes for me...also died a red Gucci purse, cleaned baby bags and other handbags  I mean they are awesome...have also used them for embroidery. It's an awesome neighborhood shoe repair, alterations just about anything you can think of! Recommend to anyone More...


Amanda G.

15 October 2015

Great experience. I had a gown hemmed. Hem over heels was clean and professional. Staff was polite, honest, and did great work. I will definitely be going back in the future. More...


Adam Beame

6 June 2015

I brought in 2 suits to be tailored here. They did a terrific job and everyone I spoke with was extremely friendly. After I received back the first suit, I requested a small change and they were happy to accommodate at no additional cost. I wouldn't hesitate to bring something in again. Also appreciated being able to support a locally owned business. More...


Ed L.

19 March 2015

Been using them for a few years. Everything from clothes alterations, fixing shoes, pocketbook repairs to custom sheets and even stuffed animal repairs. Great work that they stand by. Highly recommend. More...


Nothing beats the smiles on the faces of our customers when they see the results of our work. That is certainly instant gratification for us. But the ultimate reward comes when these customers share their experiences with strong positive reviews on the social networks and review sites.
We are proud of the work quality we put out and it is always with confidence that we present our work to our customers.
We love to tackle jobs that others would not even touch for fear of messing it up.

The first goal was to start a business where employees would be feeling happy to work every day. We wanted to become masters of our own destiny instead of having to cover mistakes of others. We are happy to have created an environment that is functional and where we have the tools and supplies necessary to execute our work efficiently and professionally.

For the determination to have it do right. Even if we need to ajust or tweak things here or there sometimes, we want for the end result to be what the customer had in mind in the beginning. When you want professional work done and priced right for the quality you receive, we are the people you are looking for. For dealing with business professional that stand firmly behind the work they do. But above it all, for the honesty of our staff.