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It's essential to have presence on the web for your business.


A website is more than just a pretty design, it's asset to your company. We recognize this, and that that's why we not only offer web design, but also the marketing campaigns that drive people to your website or social media.


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Lauren Harding Duggar

6 December 2018

A custom made logo and business card that are even better than I imagined! She even took one of my favorite products and used it on my business card! They can’t be beat!



3 August 2018

Heather and Alton made me feel very comfortable from the first phone call. They are extremely professional and understand exactly what needs to be done to make my vision become a reality! They are very easy to communicate with and have fantastic ideas and creativity! I would recommend them to anyone!! ShineeB More...

Thanks for the review and recommendation, ShineeB! We're grateful to be a part of your vision, and excited to see the great things to come. :)

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Great visuals with easy navigation , and integrated functionality that helps support your company!

How will a new website help you reach your goals?

What is most important to you about this project?

What are you looking for out of an agency you hire?

We love helping people get their business looking professional to the world and want you to be as excited as we are when the job is finished.

We want to spend our lives making our customers happy, so in turn, they can do the same for their customers. We are inspired by those who have the courage to start their own business – so we decided to do the same.

Our goal is to under-promise and over-deliver. Our job is done, when you're happy with the product.

Even for a simple business card, we put the effort in the details that produce results. We provide a business card that will be noticed and communicate a message to someone when you put it in their hand. We will help you uncover answers to questions you didn't even think to ask.

Developing top shelf designs require a significant amount of interaction and collaboration between HEATHER hill DESIGN and you, the client. You can expect a dialogue between us to be sure that we’re on the same page. Our aim is to approach the design or strategy effort as team to ensure the best possible outcome. We want what works the best, not better.

The effort of creating beautiful functional designs is quite an investment on our part. Not only in time, but emotionally so we ask that you, the client be ready to commit the same. For that reason, we typically limit the amount of new clients we service per month so that we can provide top notch service.


At HEATHER hill DESIGN, we work with clients to understand exactly what their brand is, and what they want to represent. We’re dedicated to find out what makes them unique in their industry, so we can infuse that into the design. Why would you settle for a cheap logo, when you can stand out in your industry with a logo that sets you and your team apart from the crowd! Developing a logo is a process. After idea discussions we will propose rough drafts of at least 3 different logo options. From there we will narrow it down to the best one, and move toward a final product. All logos are finalized in vector format and delivered with all files and formats necessary for web and print.

We start with a meeting either online or in person to gain an understanding of what your unique business needs are. Once we understand this, we'll make a proposal of what the website will need to look like. We'll discuss things like web hosting platforms, how many pages, and other functionality that will benefit your business. Once an agreement has been met, and a 50% down payment has been made, we'll begin designing the home page. During this process we'll HEATHER hill DESIGN and the client will be in close discussion, ensuring that we're moving in the desired direction. After we are happy with the home page design, well begin creating the other pages. The other pages will need content. We can generate this content, but know one knows your business more than you. Also, we'll need to consider the pictures and media desired to make your site look the best it can. ​ Once the website is ready, we'll go live. This is an exciting time where we really can begin to promote your business. ​ After your website is live, we can continue to maintain it, or we can create instructions for you to update/maintain it yourself. It's important to keep your website up to date, regardless of who is maintaining it.

We start with a meeting either online or in person to gain an understanding of what the best option is to pursue. Whether that is Google, Facebook, Instagram, we'll discuss the benefits and expense of each. We'll discuss things like landing pages, social media integration, coordination with email strategy. Once we understand this, we'll make a proposal with the budget required and timeframe. Once we're ready to implement the plan, and payment has been made, either up front or monthly, we'll launch your campaign. We'll closely monitor it's performance so that we can focus on what is providing the best return on investment. There are several ways to do this, but one key ingredient is through Google Analytics. _______________________ Marketing Printables ​ Let's get your name out to your prospects and let them know why they should buy from you! We do all types of art for print. We can design signs and banners, posters, door hangers, t-shirts and more. ​ From benefits and banquets to summer camps and deals, we can provide a unique way to reveal it to everyone. Are you ready to start a new mailer campaign? We're here to ensure your brand looks great not only online, but printed!