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Stressed, depressed, anxiety ridden, relationship issues? Or may be you are just tired of traditional talk therapy? If so, we can help. We offer a warm inviting setting to work through issues and change your life. We offer traditional in office counseling but also much more!


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Toria Plotner

23 August 2019

Wonderful place! Highly recommend! I have learned so much working with Nancy, Pete, & Jillianna. They are all such amazing counselors!


Mark Stahler

9 July 2019

Pete is a great guy, very easy to talk with. overall this is a great place, great staff who truly care and want to help. I definitely recommend healthy thoughts wellness center to anyone who needs someone to talk to or guidance with their issues. More...


Billy Waller

29 May 2019

If you want a counselor that won't cosine any B.S. Nancy will help you.


Joe Startz

29 May 2019

Nancy is the best counselor I've ever had.She taught me how to break big problems Into little problems,stay in the boundaries of the bible,and a whole lot about my anger management


Laurie Baxley-Stern

29 May 2019

Nancy Neukom......AWESOME!!!!!!!! Nancy is NOT a therapist! She is a healer. She heals family and people. I consider her a friend. She helped me reach inside myself to not only deal with a family member's issues, but to learn how to use my own body's abilities, to get through just about any situation. Her research in biofeedback is in credibly interesting ... I've learned SO much from her. Extremely blessed to have met her!! More...


V Lyan Burton

29 May 2019

I'm very pleased to recommend Nancy. I've known Nancy for more than 25 years. She has helped me though some pretty tough times including relationship issues, parenting, anxiety, and recognizing unhealthy and self defeating thinking. She has a "no BS" approach that I respond well to and would and will continue to utilize her services as the need arises. More...


Kathy Mayberry-Patton

29 May 2019

Nancy has one of the best staffs in the area. They approach their clients needs through cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, and mindfulness training, among other things. They use play therapy with their younger clients and have excellent mentors to work with them as well. Her staff includes an educator, counselors, and, as I mentioned before, mentors. They can approach problems from a wide variety of methods because the staff is so diverse. I would recommend them very highly. More...


Sean Brunk

30 April 2019

Nancy and Pete are two wonderful caring people who have been there to help so many people. Me included


Jessy Johnson

20 April 2019

Nancy is amazing, caring, intelligent, and hope filled. You will receive a 5 star experience of help and growth.


John M. Kraps

11 April 2019

We personally and so many folks we know have been immensely blessed by Nancy & Healthy Toughts Wellness Center! ❤️


Lisa Keleminic

10 December 2018

My daughter does therapy here and is very happy with her counselor. Jillana is great with teens. I'm grateful for her willingness to support/nurture my child in ways that I'm not able to fulfill at this phase of her life. Thank you Healthy thoughts and Wellness Center and thank you Roxanne Grantham for the recommendation. More...


I love helping others in a creative way. Helping people to achieve their goals is a very rewarding profession. I love being able to allow staff the flexibility to think "outside the box," and help them to encourage others even through the darkest of times.

After being layed off in a supervisory position in 2008 from a large company, I decided to investigate how to open a private practice to get away from "cookie cutter" treatment and be more flexible and creative. My private practice has a wonderful mom and pop shop type feel that I cherish. Our clients are not a number they are respected individuals we strive to give our very best to each and every session.

We offer what many businesses do not. Our counselors are protected from burn out by not being allowed to have too many clients on their caseload. We work together as a team to help our clients get personalized service to meet their goals with techniques they can transfer to home.