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Healthy Relationships:Couples Therapy, Personal and Professional Coaching

San Luis Obispo, California


Healthy Relationships:Couples Therapy, Personal and Professional Coaching

San Luis Obispo, California



I am a licensed Relationship and Family Therapist with over 30 years of experience providing clarity, direction, support and guidance along the journey. I am privileged to help people identify, clarify and reach their personal and professional goals.

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Marsh W.

28 January 2019

My life would have unfolded very differently without Arnie's nurturing insights.  Growing up, my model had been the conflict-ridden marriage of my parents.  Arnie helped me develop an understanding and acceptance of myself and improve my relationship skills.  This helped the relationship with my girlfriend grow into a warm, giving and loving marriage.  Also, very significantly, Arnie has provided inciteful coaching that has made a substantial positive impact on my career.  I am very appreciative of Arnie's ideas, compassion and nurturing support. More...


Sam O.

21 November 2017

Dr. Horwitz has done a lot of good for my wife and myself.  We've been seeing him for several months now, and although life does not necessarily get easier, our time with Arnie has provided us with a litany of tools we use to keep our lines of communication kinder and more compassionate.  While providing a safe and gentle environment, he still challenges us to step outside of our comfort zones and embrace new perspectives.  We selected Arnie based on other positive reviews, and are whole-heartedly recommending Dr Horwitz to other couples looking to strengthen their relationships and their own sense of selves. More...


Ruthie S.

5 August 2017

I met Dr. Arnie at a social event and loved meeting him. When I found out what he did for a living, I decided then, that if I ever needed some support, that I would go to him and years later I did! Definitely, welcoming, kind and skilled with family dynamics and he has helped me navigate easily through some relationships struggles and into peace, love and forgiveness. (Which is what we all need, right?) More...


Sara H.

10 September 2015

Dr. Arnie gets down to the nuts and bolts of communication. He works at bridging the gap of communication without taking sides. His approach is logical, concrete and practical. More...


Daniel J.

5 September 2015

I can't overstate how much Arnie changed my life.  My first appointment with him happened to be on Valentines Day a number of years ago -- and that was appropriate because I was there because I really wanted to connect with the right woman and develop a meaningful relationship, which I really had never been able to do.  Case in point:  I was dateless on Valentine's Day.  I saw him once a week for the next year and throughout the year, he counseled me and truly became my advisor in all things relationships -- whether it was with my family or friends or prospective mates.  Thanks to our work together, he gave me confidence and an ability to understand the opposite sex in a way I never had before and consequently I started having an easier time meeting and dating attractive women.  One year later, on Valentine's Day, I had a second date with a very attractive woman I'd met.  Long story short, we ended up getting married a year after that and we're still happily married today.  That's all because of Arnie.  His therapy and life coaching did that - it pulled out my best qualities and gave me much more confidence.  I had gone to one other psychologist/therapist in the area before Arnie and the guy was terrible.  Annie, on the other hand, truly understands relationships on an instinctual level - and is able to communicate this information patiently to his clients.  But he can also be your friend, the kind of life coach everyone wishes they had in their corner.  On a dollars-and-cents level, he's not overpriced, he has (or at least used to have) evening hours for working professionals, and he can also do phone sessions (sometimes).  I could not recommend him more highly -- he profoundly changed my life and I will be forever grateful. More...


Jerry M.

3 March 2014

This is our first Yelp review and we are glad to recommend Arnie Horwitz as your "Go to Guy" in marriage and family counseling. We both came from dysfunctional marriages that ended in divorce and when we met each other we wanted our love to last, to be joyful and functional. This is where Arnie came in. He supplied us with a roadmap and gave us a flashlight to find a healthy, loving and lasting relationship.  He was instrumental in teaching us new ways to communicate with knowledge in the art of negotiation, creating open, honest and trusting dialogue, learning to prioritize our 'battles', and knowing when to let things go. After several months with Arnie, we now have a "we are in this together" philosophy. Our love has grown stronger and more supportive and we're much better listeners and team players. All of this would not have been possible without having Arnie Horwitz as our guide and mentor when it comes to having a lasting and balanced relationship. More...


Sandra R.

28 August 2013

It's hard to put into words just how knowlegable, compassionate and enlightening Dr Arnie is. After many failed therapy sessions with so many therapists,  i was reluctant to try again with yet another therapist. I am so thankful I did! Dr Arnie's communication skills are so advanced, precise and relevant. He has a way of making things seem so clear. He's great at helping you to see things for what they really are, and not what we're making them out to be. A lot of  "ah ha" moments. Dr Arnie is a very warm man who radiates incredible positive energy, listens to you intently and offers sound advice that you just don't find very often. I don't often refer or recommend people, but in this case I without a doubt woud recommend Dr Arnie to anybody who is serious about personal growth, self improvement, relationships or other. I feel fortunate to have found him. On my way and excited to embrace the real me. More...


Nancy B.

15 May 2013

I knew from the first time I talked with Dr. Arnie that my significant other and I had found a warm, sincere, capable psychologist and we could learn about ourselves and each other in a safe therapeutic environment.  We've already applied so many of Dr. Arnie's insights in our daily lives and have a so much closer relationship.  One of the most remarkable things about working with him is we WANT to go back because he is warm, focused  and has  keen sense of humor!  I definitely recommend him as the best therapist I have worked with. More...


Shopper E.

1 January 2013

Most people are willing to spend the money and time to align the wheels on their car...but unwilling to spend the money and time needed to re-balance and align thoughts and actions in key relationships and progress toward critical goals.  Dr. Horwitz is very talented at helping you, an organization, Teams, families, and/or spouses get back on track.Marriage & Personal Counseling Services: His services are extremely caring and insightful! Business Conflict Resolution & Team Building Training:  Time well spent that is productive and yields fast and lasting results with business groups..Executive Coaching: Customized to the individual's needs.  Super-charged to help you become a stronger individual and leader.Dr. Horwitz is extremely talented at what he does.  His caring, no-no-nonsense approach helps people see themselves more clearly so that they can make better choices and create the happier and more fulfilling life they seek! More...