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Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd Reviews

Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd Reviews

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Ilze Krumina
5 24/05/2018 Ilze Krumina

Wonderful Harmony Hypnosis Mediation App has helped me to overcome my fear of the dentist. I then decided to book a session with Darren Marks that has been life changing. I have become more positive, feel more relaxed and confident. I would recommend it to everybody!

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Jillian McSweeney
5 15/05/2018 Jillian McSweeney

Darren Marks has changed my life. I have experienced incredible results in just a few sessions of hypnotherapy. I saw Darren to assist me with claustrophobia issues on the tube which also caused me severe anxiety when flying. This week I have taken my first two flights in years where I felt completely calm, peaceful and serenely relaxed - a phenomenal success which has left me feeling confident and like I can finally travel the world with enthusiasm and excitement. I have been further enabled by using his Harmony Hypnotherapy app which I listen to every day. Thank you Darren for truly changing my life, I am forever grateful and thankful for your professional, genuine and expert help.

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Mez Drums
5 13/06/2017 Mez Drums

I sought help from Darren Marks for my fear of flying/heights and general self-confidence issues after a family member had recommended him to me. I must say I am really amazed and extremely happy with the results of the hypnotherapy. I felt immediately more confident & relaxed even after my first session with Darren. The hypnotherapy has had an extremely positive and beneficial effect on my life. For example: after only a few sessions with Darren's expert help I was able to overcome my fear of heights and took my first trip on the London eye - something I had never managed to do previously and wouldn't even have attempted! I found Darren to be extremely good at explaining the treatment and I felt completely at ease during my hypnotherapy visits. When I left each session I would go home feeling relaxed and recharged. The sessions were excellent value for money and my only regret is that I hadn't gone to him years ago(!). I would highly recommend Darren to anyone who is thinking about trying hypnotherapy for any reason - he has worked wonders for me.

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Henry Gardner
5 11/06/2017 Henry Gardner

I worked with Darren to help increase my confidence at a time when I faced some very challenging career issues and to help me reach my potential. I was also having a lot if trouble sleeping and my sessions with Darren ticked all the boxes and got me sleeping well again as well as feeling so much more confident and motivated. Even some of my friends and colleagues have noticed the difference. I'm just getting alot more done.
He is very personable and you feel a real sense of trust from as soon as you meet him. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who has a desire to reach their full potential.

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Elena Sanchez
5 08/06/2017 Elena Sanchez

I went to see Darren Marks on two occasions, the first time admittedly, I had reservations. The way hypnosis is portrayed on television seems just so gimmicky. However there is nothing gimmicky about Darren. The hypnosis was meditative and illuminating as he took me back from the present day - back along my time line to when I dealt with things at a much more instinctive level.

In truth I don't really know what he did or how he managed to do it, but I emerged from the sessions calmer and clearer, and as a consequence much more able to deal with my issues in a more rational and proactive way. It has helped me enormously. Ever since I have been using his hypnosis app Harmony Hypnosis Meditation, which like him is unfussy and clear and full of good guidance. I heartily recommend him.

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Charlie Tan
5 06/06/2017 Charlie Tan

A year ago, I had hit rock bottom and I had lost some of my usual confidence and swagger. The hypnotherapy sessions I experienced with Darren Marks helped to lift some of the weight off my shoulders. I ended up winning a big work assignment and after that was then offered a larger role. In fact, this was the biggest professional role that I had ever been offered.
One of the things the sessions created was a calm and clarity about the direction my life is going in and the questioning of whether I am able to do it or not has gone away. In accepting this role I have taken it all in my stride and not let things overwhelm me no matter the chaos that often surrounds me.
I wanted to thank you once again for our sessions they really helped and made a big difference to my life.

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Fleur Neuland
5 02/06/2017 Fleur Neuland

After suffering a severe permanent injury in a car crash, many years ago. I lost my previous confidence in driving and disliked it; following a recent accident in a poorly adapted car I became driver phobic.

The short treatment that I received from Darren lead to an amazing change in my life It has been a marvelous turn around to be able to drive with confidence and cease to be dependent on others. I now have the previous confidence when driving; I had before the first accident.

There have been additional benefits as well; I have become more confident and organized in other areas in my life. All my family has commented this on.

Darren is a quiet, modest unassuming man, who has the ability to listen and get to the base of problems and limit unhelpful digressions. This gave me an added confidence in his professional ability.

I would recommend Darren for the effectiveness, the speed and the skill of his treatment, which he carries out in a relaxed gentle manner.

Review of Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd by Peggy Porschen
5 01/06/2017 Peggy Porschen

I went to see Darren as I wanted to overcome a serious phobia of public speaking and general anxiety issues. For many years I felt that feeling scared of speaking in front of a crowd was holding me back from driving my business further.

Before a speaking event, if I was brave enough to commit to it, I was in a sheer panic and felt as if my throat would swell up and I couldn’t bring out a word. My voice was always shaky and I could not concentrate on the subject I actually had to speak about, all I was concerned about was that I wanted to get through it as fast as possible. I know that there was no reason for me to feel that way and I really wanted to change this situation as it was very much affecting my self-esteem and confidence.

I didn’t quite understand how hypnotherapy worked and if it would work at all. But I am now completely transformed and recommend everyone to try it. It took only about 4 sessions which have not only changed my work life but also my personal life for the better. I can now focus on what I actually want to say, rather than on worrying about having to face an audience. And not only that, I now actually look forward to being in front of people as it is my moment to shine. I only wish that I had taken this step much sooner. I can recommend working with Darren to anyone. It was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.

Harmony Hypnotherapy Ltd

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