Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice

Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice

Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice locationLondon, London

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Hypnotherapy London Practice is run by Harley Street Hypnotherapist, Malminder Gill.

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat a wide range of issues. Malminder sees clients at Harley Street and also offers online hypnosis via Skype for:

Confidence building
Stop Smoking
Weight Loss
Panic Attack
Phobia & Fear
Insomnia & Sleep Issues
Relationship Problems
Health Anxiety
Social Anxiety
And more

Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice Reviews


Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by jo knock
5 29/01/2016 jo knock

If you need to change your life, literally, see Malminder. A wonderful therapist who actually GETS it. What ever it is you are struggling with I would be 150% confident Malminder can help. You do not even need to have anything 'wrong' with you, if you want to be better - in anything - work, relationships, life, then Malminder is the one to see. You immediately feel connected and at ease in her presence and I literally revolutionized my life in 5 sessions. After the first appointment I already felt the change bubbling away. I look forward to regular top ups of the good stuff Malminder offers to clients. Thank you for giving me my future back bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. Jo

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Sarika Mohabir
5 22/10/2015 Sarika Mohabir

Power hypnosis is so so calming and Mindy's soothing voice made me forget my cares. Words are powerful...
It was a fortunate accident that I stumbled upon Mindy on periscope :)
Keep on doing your awesome work!!!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Sandra Bryant
5 30/09/2015 Sandra Bryant

Let Go and Move On MP3

If you are ready to let go and move on, this one's for you! I thought I had already released all past connections that are no longer serving me, but I've released an even deeper level now that I've been going to sleep listening to this. I have wonderful energy and freedom now, yay!!! The imagery in this meditation is especially pleasing with a gorgeous garden and a raiment of light in which I'm now clothed.

Thank you, Mindy!!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Sheryl Scherr
5 23/09/2015 Sheryl Scherr

I am absolutely delighted to send my thoughts on the releasing negativity hypnotic session 1.

I remember turning off notifications, closing windows, going to the loo, taking a drink, head phones on, charger inserted into my iPhone. I remember putting down the phone to listen.

Your session started, I heard the chosen music, your absolutely soothing voice, you suggested we get as relaxed as possible, and go deeper into our relaxation. You promised we would wake, so I listened.

You asked us to go to a relaxing place. I chose my meditation sanctuary where no harm would visit me. I remember inviting you into my special sanctuary. I have built this imaginary (peaceful cliff side, beach/ocean view and ocean access) sanctuary over the years.

I remember us sitting in the sanctuary living room and then I remember nothing else.. Absolutely blank, the next thing I remember is you began talking to us telling the group the session was over. Other than sleeping, I guess I slept, I woke up just when the session had ended. I felt fine. I opened my eyes as the music was not playing and perhaps you asked us to wake.

Anyhow, you reviewed a bit about that negavtivity session and related how we would bounce negativity off our force field, so to say, back where it originated from.

So the rest of my day played out as follows,

1. Every turn I took was happy land !!! As if you(Mindy) came to America and told everyone I knew; if they were mean to me, you would throw their resumes into the garbage pail and those persons would never be able to work again. ( oh my, in America the expression would be "She got my back covered' ) What a nice thing to know.

2. Everyone I engaged with shared extremely positive advice ( best tasting fruit, best pharmacy in town, best time to swim with other neighbors )

3. Bought all healthy foods at the grocery.

4. Enjoyed my husband's company.

5. Really enjoyed his company.

6. I am sure I will purchase the weight loss series.

7. I hope your freemium lasts forever. I do want to replay it. I remember NOTHING from the time I invited you into my peaceful sanctuary and we sat in the living room listening to the ocean together.

8. I guess I slept and your voice woke me at the conclusion. Well, I am talking twice about that by now. The negativity is still bouncing off.

Well, whatever, I had a swimmingly wonderful rest of the day. I sooooo Ty Ty Ty.

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Ashley McCoy
5 20/09/2015 Ashley McCoy

Malminder or Mindy is an amazing woman who has truly touched me. I didn't know I could be hypnotized until her session today I listened to for the first time about releasing negativity. It was truly amazing. I woke up to her normal voice saying, okay. Wake up. It was so refreshing and I urge anyone to read this to take the time out of your busy schedule and see what Mindy may be able to do to help you better your life. It is definitely worth the time. I can't wait to listen to more sessions and if I ever get to visit London I will be sure to book an actual live appointment with her. I'm just amazed at what hypnosis can do.

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by AxelBlackmare elo
5 20/08/2015 AxelBlackmare elo

Malminder Gill is a graduated, competent, ethical hypnotherapist. I live in France but I found out about Mindy on Periscope and followed her stream first because i'm curious and then, she proposed a session to calm down anxiety. Believe me or not, I had a great night sleep afterward! I also bought on her website a MP3 safe payement, and it's very practical for whom like me who don't like to spend hours and money looking for a "good" practician. The little plus of all this is that Malminder seems to be a very beautiful human being. She spreads good vibes and seems to be in harmony with herself!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by patria sari
5 06/08/2015 patria sari

Recently I have joined Periscope, and find Malminder (Mindy), and turn out to be one of the best thing that can happens in your life. I follow her broadcast, from just random thing like walking through London street until topic associated with her as Hypnotherapist. I dont know Malminder personally but through her broadcast she spread positivity, good will, and she is very funny. A few days ago I watch one of her broadcast in reply, in that broadcast she share with us therapy to handle stress, so i follow the instruction step by step and guess what, it actually can help my sleep problem. I just wanted to say thank you not just for sharing the therapy session but also, the positivity, information,randomness.
God bless You

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Kostas Mincu
5 04/08/2015 Kostas Mincu

Amazing experience!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Nick Daems
5 02/08/2015 Nick Daems

I'm normally not a person that relaxes easily, though during the session and afterwards I must admit that I really felt the difference. So much respect and love for her work, amazing! Follow her on Twitter/Periscope, I guarantee you... You wont regret it!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by John Doe
5 02/08/2015 John Doe

Fantastic! I've never felt better!!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Poppy Cologne
5 23/03/2015 Poppy Cologne

Absolutely fantastic she really helped me to lose weight once and for all! I'm really pleased with the results and only wish I did his sooner, Thank you!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Giuseppe Rodio
5 Giuseppe Rodio

Top class, distilled usefulness!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Marc Dressen
5 Marc Dressen

Excellent! Malminder is a fantastic Hypnotherapist and Coach, highly recommended!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Clay Sharanowski
5 Clay Sharanowski

her voice, her personality and her skills as a hypnotherapist are inspiring

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Patrycja Chruścik
5 Patrycja Chruścik

She is lovely, empathic and absoluty amazing person. Her hypnosis session is wonderful experience and it helps get relaxed. I highly recommended and I'm looking forward to her next session. :)

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Jai Garcia
5 Jai Garcia

Not all Hypnotherapists are created equal. Malminder has a reputation for excellence so you can rest at ease you're getting the best. 5 Star recommendation, easily.

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Renee J Wright
5 Renee J Wright

I met this beautiful lady while she was visiting las vegas and she shared some of her amazing tips that have helped with some areas I had been struggling with. I recommend anyone who may need to get some help with life management or who may need to talk to someone who isn't biased make an appt with coach malminderg she's AMAZING!!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Stephanie Blackbird
5 Stephanie Blackbird

I loved my hypnosis sessions! There are sessions available to target different areas of your life! I highly recommend Malminder, she is really, really good and so caring!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Paul Curley
5 Paul Curley

Malminder really helped in many different areas..she is very calming, will listen to everything..and get to the root causes...you're in very good hands!

Review of Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice by Sheryl Scherr
5 Sheryl Scherr

She released my negativity and I feel happy, who knew? I am amazingly relaxed, so comfortable, NOW!!! I became kind to me and this new self started to lose weight!!! Malminder Gill's hypnotherapy is Magical in every aspect. Life is great, life is terrific, sweet dreams began. Ty #Mindyland!!! Please do not hesitate to alleviate any unwanted behavior or feelings!!! I am in complete awe of the results!!! Try it, you will love it !!!!

Harley Street Hypnotherapy Practice

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