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mary w.

24 March 2019

I'm a senior and a beginner in Qigong and taichi, and I feel right at home in a class with more skilled students. I can already feel small changes in my health issues. My blood pressure has gone down each day for several hours,  which is a first. William is a very skilled teacher and is Vacaville's best kept secret. All ages have classes available to them at all levels of skill. I highly recommend his teaching and feel very fortunate to have found these classes. More...


Brian Goodrich Camp

1 September 2018

Awesome class. I really enjoyed the content. Sifu is very knowledgeable. I have been training in Martial Arts for 30 years and would highly recommend this Academy!


Debra O.

22 December 2017

I've been studying with Master Yeung for several years now and I have nothing but praise for the experience.  I started with absolutely no knowledge of Tai Chi but the instruction is logical and clear cut. I enjoy the classes - they are fun! I always learn something new,  and the people in the classes are so nice.  My balance has improved significantly and I always feel so much better after class - more relaxed and focused! More...


Steve K.

14 September 2017

Took a 20 session Tai Chi class at Healthspring taught by William Yeung, owner of Happy Ocean Tai Chi Academy in Vacaville.  I had no prior knowledge of Tai Chi and William did an outstanding job teaching us Tai Chi basics including the Yin Yang circles and the 13 components.  William was extremely patient with everyone and made it a point to review the basics during each session making sure that all of our questions were answered.  While the focus on the class was learning the basic movements, he showed us how these components could be combined for an effective self-defense. More...


Sarah M.

31 January 2017

William is an amazing teacher. He really teaches you the purpose of tai chi, and he adjust his teaching for every level. The classes teach you strength and focus. The equipment that he has in his studio is mostly homemade and very useful in learning tai chi. My mom enjoys the senior classes at the senior center on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I enjoy the Tuesday and Thursday classes at his studio. More...


Carlos G.

20 December 2016

After studying Martial Arts for 16 years in both External and Internal styles, I found my self struggling to find a teacher that had great knowledge of both . I found great teachers of Qigong and Tai Chi and great reality based JKD teachers but neither had both incorporated in the style. Knowledge of the TCM meridians, Tai Chi Chaun fighting and forms as well as Qigong is exactly what Sifu Yeung has to offer.He is by far a treasured Master that the Vacaville community should be proud and Honored to have!!!If you need Health and Wisdom then you must seek out classes with this great teacher. More...


Dan M.

15 November 2016

Did some Tai Chi here on accident.  Came to pick up my framing (it's also a framing shop, an excellent one... owner is a fine artist and framing expert) and they were having an annual Tai Chi party.  They had food, games, music, and Tai Chi.  So, hey, why not give it a try, eh?  I'm a beginner but it was easy to follow and I learned some interesting balance and motion efficiency techniques.  I'll be back for the framing and the Tai Chi!  :D  Hmm... I wonder if Tai Chi (focus) and Art (design eye) is why this an exceptional framing shop?  :D  Or is it an exceptional Tai Chi house because the teacher is also an artist :P More...

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