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Handy Rubbish is a well known and licensed company offering rubbish removal services to home and office clients around London and further.

The Company is proud of being able to provide 24-hour waste collection services. With removal teams located all around the London area, we are ready to take your junk away at any time.


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21 November 2017

No good at all. Disappointing service


Francis McHenry

30 August 2017

Just used them today. Excellent service. The guys did everything asked of them with no quibble. They were on time, quick and efficient. I would readily recommend this firm. More...


Maria Williams

9 June 2017

Handy Rubbish did great for my rubbish collection. The day I had it scheduled for, it was pouring rain and the wind was very bad, but they did not reschedule it. On the contrary, they came with a very little delay and got on to load the items I wanted to have collected. I would say they were really friendly and cheerful guys who even made jokes about the weather! I would definitely recommend if you need express rubbish removal, More...


Michael k

30 May 2017

I strongly advise not to use this company. I paid them to remove a sofa and they smashed through a plaster wall.

Now they refuse to pay for the damages and they say its their word against mine.....


Ellan Tim

27 April 2017

We had our house renovated couple weeks ago, so the large amounts of left overs all over our property needed to go. We contacted this rubbish removal company with the request for a quote for the removal of over 50 bags of builders debris along with some paint tins, some timber and the contents of an old garden shed as well as the shed itself. The disposal process was arranged for two days after our call. It took only an hour for the team that arrived to completely remove everything from our property even though they arrived with a half an hour delay from the initially appointed time due to the heavy London traffic. We were very happy to finally see the results of our home renovation after having all the unwanted stuff cleared. Very good job More...



6 March 2017

I found online this company when searching for prompt and cheap rubbish removal service.

I’ve called few other rubbish removal companies before actually had the pleasure to speak to a friendly operator who introduced himself as Kevin, working for Handy Rubbish. I had lots of questions regarding the items I wanted to get rid of and the answers I’ve received were prompt and professional. Hence, I was sold and this was my choice of company to hire.

Then I scheduled an appointment and was sent an approximate quote based on the pictures and all the details I was discussing with Kevin before. I found it quite reasonable and agreed upon it. An hour before the actual appointment I had a call from Kevin again, who were informing me that the driver and his helper would be at my house with 40 minutes delay, so it was all good.
They did arrived a bit later but excused themselves with the heavy traffic and immediately started inspecting all the items that needed to be cleared and confirmed the quoted price and started loading the pile of unwanted items and rubbish I was throwing away.

Thank you guys for being professional and polite!



28 February 2017

They think they are smarter than the client. They give you a cheap quote then when they are half way finished one of the guys call the office or whatever is the head of the "operation" and all of a sudden they say the weight and amount is slightly more than a few anticipated and hikes the price. In my case by 40%. From £80 to £110. Even though there were exactly the number of rubbish bags as explained. They just made up an excuse. Ended up paying him half the increase to get rid of him. Swindlers! More...



7 February 2017

After sending photos of what I needed collecting 4 times I was given a quote which I agreed to. We arranged for them to come the following day at 2pm, they eventually turned up at approx. 3pm (after I called to see where they were). Two guys looked at what we had and said they couldn't take it as it was more than they expected...... What was the point of sending pictures for a quote then!!!

I was then told by Ryan that a new van would be with us in an hour, 1hour and 40 minutes later I called to ask where they were and was told that they wouldn't be with us until 7pm (I had told Ryan that we finish work at 5:30 so needed to get to us before then). As soon as I started to say I was not happy and that I would post bad reviews of their company the person on the phone said "I don't care about your f**king review" and hung up.

If you need to get some rubbish removed I suggest you think twice before booking this company as the chances are you will have a bad experience!!


Henry S

21 October 2016

I had booked these guys to have my garage cleared as well as some household furniture removed. The two guys that arrived were surprisingly ontime and the work was getting done super fast. I was thinking that they was not going to fit everything from my garage into their lorry but they did manage to fit it in all. The price I had to pay was amended though because I did not realise how much rubbish I had piled up through the years, but the total was very reasonable giving the fact how much staff I had loaded and taken out, so thanks a lot guys! More...



19 September 2016

Booked them for house clearance. Niki and his team turned up on time and cleared a very messy property I had just acquired. They were not phased by how much items they had to remove, including old carpets and curtains, they just got on with the job. When they were done with removing everything my flat seemed spotless. Would definitely recommend and use them if needed. More...


Mr. Frazier

22 August 2016

HandyRubbish is such a lifesaver! In comparison with other snobs waste removal companies that charge so much for the service they provide. They boys from the call center managed to book a pickup with me in less than 24 hours and even were capable of providing this required silly London insurance. Would definitely call them again! More...


Clint Cox

9 August 2016

Customer service of Handy Rubbish is the friendliest one I’ve ever found till now. I had the feeling I talk to some friends, not with someone I’m doing business with which is very rare nowadays. The drivers who arrived were so attentive and did very quick and efficient pick-up at reasonable rates.



3 August 2016

Recently called HandyRubbish to clean out the store we have.We are too busy running out the business with kiddy toys we have, and a rubbish disposal cannot be performed by us, we definitely needsome professional help.

The man who spoke with me on the phone sounded so trustworthy and reliable, convinced me like in two minutes to hire his company because they have all the licenses and the appropriate amount of vans and lorries to perform the jobs.

Price is what I liked best in them, among all the other competitive companies, becsuse I make a little research before that, their prices were the lowest and this doesn’t affect the quality of the service.



28 July 2016

they are my favourites! only HANDY RubbiSH!



19 July 2016

A really good and decent rubbish collecting company, with the most affordable prices!


Kim Brown

29 June 2016

These guys absolutely rock! They managed to come the day after I talked to Ryan (despite the fact it was Saturday on a holiday). Both guys who were scheduled for my job called me to inform me how far they are from the address, which I find very cool. I mean it’s one thing the call center to let you know of the situation, and way more personal when your team is calling. When they showed up (with only 5 minutes delay) and worked very fast and safe, they were in a hurry for the next job. This was more than perfect for us, because for the last 9 months we accumulated many rubbish from unpacking and renovating. Highly recommended! More...

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