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How to arrange a personalised custom built entertainment package that is just right for your special party… Which is fully guaranteed and at a price that makes you think we've gone mad…

Dear Special Party Arranger,

Thank you for dropping in, it is appreciated.

Many people ask what Clive does, but it is not what Clive does that is important — it's what you want and what is right for you and your special party, so…

Clive custom builds an entertainment package that is just right for you for your big day.

Of course, we are here to help and advise you on your various options, but the decisions are all yours.

Does this really work? Scroll down and read some of the many reviews, well over 100 5-star reviews say it does work very well.

Do you want to cut to the chase and get the ball rolling? Give me a call on 0800-0188118 or 01737-350586 and I will do my very best to help you in any way I can.

Many clients have Clive perform his Mix 'n Mingle magic in a drinks reception, just to start the party in a fun way, magic happens in your guests hands, they often make it happen and the jokes and gags come in quick succession, your guests won't want him to leave - but is that right for you?

You could then enjoy Clive's Table Magic during your banquet perhaps… same quick wit, same polished performance, but less hands-on, eat and watch at the same time if you wish.

After dinner you have so many choices it is hard to cover them all here, but many clients have Clive look after and entertain any guests who choose not to dance. Some have Clive make balloon models for their younger guests during speeches, in short, we help you pick the right options for you, all at a price that won't break the bank.

One more thing. It is important you know about this…

Clive wants you to have the time of your life at your forthcoming party, so if for any reason whatsoever, you do not agree he is the most entertaining magician you have ever seen, just as you would expect from a magician promoted to Member of the Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (The Magic Circle's highest degree) in January 2012... that your guests give you numerous and positive feedback about his performance…and he is the most helpful and obliging chap you have ever dealt with, then simply tell him on the day and he will cancel your bill and you will not owe him a penny.

Simply put, you agree he's great or he's free.

On this fully guaranteed basis, why not give us a call, let's explore some options or discuss what you have in mind and when it's right for you we can show you how you can quickly book it, but there is no obligation or hard sell, I promise.

We'll even pay for the call (Freephone) 0800-0188118 or (Office) 01737-350586 or (Mobile) 07906-876279

I look forward to talking to you soon.


Kevin Grey

(Office Manager)

P.S. Many recent client references are available on this profile, I strongly urge you to read a few as our clients tell you about their experience which will help you form a true and accurate impression of Clive and the service we offer.

P.P.S. Our website is full of helpful ideas and information, I urge you to check it out...

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Grown Up  Magic Reviews

Grown Up Magic Reviews

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Maya
5 08/07/2019 Maya

Clive managed to entertain 50+ guests of all ages (my husband's 50th birthday garden party) , even after 5 busy hours our guests were sad to see him leave!
Clive is great magician - no idea how it all works but it is really intriguing! He is also able to sense and bland well with crowds and match his tricks to different tastes and ages (from 3 - 75) very well.
We can recommend Clive to any party wholeheartedly! His contribution to our day was immense!
Maya & Michael

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Christine Thom
5 03/07/2019 Christine Thom

Clive lived up to his promise. Immaculately dressed and his tricks were very impressive. Comments form guest have been ' the magic was magic' and 'amazing'. Highly recommend.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Richard Chalkley
5 23/06/2019 Richard Chalkley

Clive gave our party a great show, exactly what we wanted for our occasion. The magic was fun and the overall entertainment was enhanced by Clive's "banter" and "one-liners", none of which caused offence to a mixed aged group of guests. Thank you Clive.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jane
5 16/06/2019 Jane

Everyone enjoyed the magic. Thanks

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jo & Toby Wright
5 15/06/2019 Jo & Toby Wright

Thank you so much, Clive, you were an awesome addition to our wedding. We really appreciate all your hard work yesterday. We'll send you some photos when we return from our honeymoon.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Robert Baxter
5 10/06/2019 Robert Baxter

The night at my club went really well as there wasnt one person that said any less than the magician was wonderful! Clive interacted with all the guests really well considering there were a big amount of people in the venue and he bought fun and amazement to everyone involved

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Raymond Sussex
5 22/05/2019 Raymond Sussex

Good communication pre-event.

Kept us all entertained from children up to the oldies at a family birthday celebration. There was a lot of “how did he do that?”

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Hilary Hamilton
4 20/05/2019 Hilary Hamilton

I booked Clive for my disabled sister’s 70th birthday party. He was very thorough when finding out exactly what my requirements were for the day, and also about the demographics of his audience. It did seem that nothing was too much trouble. On the day Clive arrived ahead of time, he immediately set about talking to everyone that was already there, gauging his tricks and style to the age of the recipient as we had a mixed age group. Clive made a huge fuss of my sister,dedicated a special trick to her and even named it after her - she was thrilled. My youngest guest had fallen over whilst running about in the courtyard and was very distressed, Clive made a special effort to cheer her up which was well received. All in all Clive added greatly to the overall day and I would thoroughly recommend him, and would use his services again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Davina
5 18/05/2019 Davina

I've seen magicians on TV and have been blown away but to see it up front and close up was wonderful. Clive over delivered. He had our guests spellbound!!!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Lizzie
5 17/05/2019 Lizzie

I never knew magic was real until I saw Grown Up Magic! He was incredible!!!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Ash and Charlotte
5 17/05/2019 Ash and Charlotte

Clive was fantastic! The guests really enjoyed the entertainment offered. The magic at the drinks reception was amazing. I definitely recommend Clive for wedding entertainment.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Clare Dawson
5 15/05/2019 Clare Dawson

Clive was amazing and left all our guests at our wedding stunned by his excellent magic. He entertained everyone all day and into the evening with tricks we are still talking about. Would highly recommend Clive

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Moire
5 03/03/2019 Moire

I have seen many magicians, but today I experienced ‘magic’ for the very first time. Clive you area a true master of your art.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jo Drake
5 02/03/2019 Jo Drake

I hired Clive for a party with about 25 people present in my home. He was very entertaining and his magic tricks were amazing. So many of the guests were dumbfounded as to how he did them.
Very professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Justin
5 29/01/2019 Justin

Clive was amazing I booked him thinking I hope he can handle my crowd and he did was full of fun and amazing tricks was very professional and was more like a illusionist great fun and I’ll be booking him again 😁

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Sandi Jeffries
5 19/01/2019 Sandi Jeffries

I booked Clive for my husband's 50th birthday party and was absolutely frilled that I did. He added the best kind of entertainment and his close up magic far excelled what I had expected. All the guests were impressed and all I kept hearing was "have you seen the magician". Clive was the icing on the cake, the cherry on top and all other clichés for that added sparkle. Highly recommended by me and all of our guests. Thank you Clive.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Audrey Devall
5 02/01/2019 Audrey Devall

Clive was absolutely brilliant. From the moment I spoke to him on the phone, I knew he was the person to entertain us at our Medieval Banquet. Everyone loved him and was amazed by him. Thank you so much.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Charlotte Killgallon
5 31/12/2018 Charlotte Killgallon

Perfectly catered to entertain children of all ages, while also involving the adults and keeping the attention of everyone in the room.

The close-up magic received rave reviews from everyone (children and adults), I will be pondering a few of them myself for a while!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Chantal
5 24/12/2018 Chantal

Thanks to Clive for a great night, he changed what could have been a quiet sit down meal, into an exciting Christmas work do. The close up magic was fantastic and everyone really enjoyed the night. Thanks!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Matthew dixon
5 23/12/2018 Matthew dixon

Great entertainer and has amazing tricks Would highly recommend 👍👍

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Matt Davis
5 21/12/2018 Matt Davis

Clive kept us all spellbound at our Christmas party - performing close up magic that defied belief at times. Highly recommended.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Christian Hart
5 19/12/2018 Christian Hart

We had the pleasure of Clive attending our recent Christmas Party. Clive is not only an incredible magician but a fantastic entertainer. He engages exceptionally well with the audience and adds an huge amount of humour and laughter to what are some amazing tricks.

Clive is highly skilled at close up magic and throughout the evening we could not work out how the tricks were performed. Clive has a wide range of tricks and will keep the audience entertained for hours.

I would thoroughly recommend his services and look forward to seeing him at work again in the future

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jane V
5 09/12/2018 Jane V

I have to say Clive was first rate! From the moment he arrived he was busy amazing my guests with his close up magic, We are all still talking about "how did he do that!!!!" Even the most sceptical were wowed!Just brilliant! He worked his way tirelessly around the room all evening. He was worth every penny. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Fiona
5 03/12/2018 Fiona

Thank you so much Clive. You were brilliant. You have an unbelievable skill which was so entertaining and made our evening. A real success. Fiona

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Liane Nunn
5 03/12/2018 Liane Nunn

Hi Clive

Thank you so much for Friday night
You were amazing

Kind regards,

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Linda Rogers
5 27/11/2018 Linda Rogers

Good evening Clive,
Just a very big thank-you for your magical part in the Hi Days party, it was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Kind regards Linda Rogers

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Stephen
5 25/11/2018 Stephen

Fun and engagement with all from the minute Clive arrived.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Debbie Akehurst
5 04/11/2018 Debbie Akehurst

Top class and delivered as promised. Great entertainment.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Raksha Parmar-Seers
5 29/10/2018 Raksha Parmar-Seers

A great way to break the ice.
Clive was brilliant. Extremely funny and entertaining. Highly recommended.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jackie Ganzleben
5 24/10/2018 Jackie Ganzleben

Thank you very much for entertaining us with magic over lunch last Saturday.

We all enjoyed it on my table and I have feedback from many of our guests that they also loved the tricks. You contributed towards the relaxed atmosphere that people have commented upon.

Best wishes

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jemma
5 23/10/2018 Jemma

We booked Clive for our wedding. The guests really enjoyed him being there and his tricks were amazing. Would recommend.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Ian Palmer
5 17/10/2018 Ian Palmer

What can I say about Clive, a truly top magician, kept the guests entertained all through the day and into the evening. He was well turned out and his rapport with the quests was second to none. I would recommend him for any wedding.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Richard King
5 25/09/2018 Richard King

Clive is a highly professional and extremely talented magician. He is very engaging and amusing. He mixed with my guests and worked the room with consummate ease. Prior to the event Clive took time to understand the profile of my event and guests to ensure the duration of his visit and his material were fitting. Clive’s close-up magic amazed my guests and proved to be a talking point long after he had left. I would recommend Clive without hesitation to help make your event truly memorable.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Diane Tinkl
5 25/09/2018 Diane Tinkl

Clive was extremely professional but friendly, and put everyone at ease. His magic was outstanding and kept all the guests entertained for many hours. Clive was here early to meet and entertain the guests as they arrived, and stayed until the guests left. Clive undertook a magic show towards the end of the evening which was amazing. We would not hesitate to recommend Clive to entertain for any function, being outstanding value for money.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Majaz
5 25/09/2018 Majaz

Clive is absolutely amazing. I was pretty last minute in arranging entertainment for my sons first birthday celebrations when I stumbled upon his profile.

He quickly gave me a phone call and explained the process. I had invited over 80 guests (adults) and about 20 children.

Clive was the best entertainment I could have asked for. He engaged with each and every guest (all ages) with his funny tricks and kept them entertained. Every single person at the end of the event was asking me for his details as the also said that he is the best they had seen.

His payment terms are extremely helpful. His guarantee is unique, you don't have to pay him if you are not 100% satisfied. I wish him all the success in the future.

Thank you very much, Clive!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Monica Gossage
5 24/09/2018 Monica Gossage

Guest ages ranged from 2 to 85 for my husband's 70th birthday garden party lunch with 70 guests. You guessed it - the only day it rained all summer! In unflappable style, Clive kept everybody amused, amazed and entertained , even though we were all squashed into the house leaving little space for magic. Worth every penny - thankyou Clive.!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jules Chatterton
5 22/09/2018 Jules Chatterton

Outstanding performance which made my girlfriend’s 30th party particularly special for her. Exhilarating and impressive magic performed to an exemplary standard. Many of our guests will be booking Grown Up Magic for their own special events. The performance was delivered in a subtle and appropriate manner which blended seamlessly and simultaneously with the other components of the evening. We are indebted to Grown Up Magic for making our occasion so spectacular.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Andrew
5 13/09/2018 Andrew

Smart, funny and professional - Clive is brilliant.

We hired him very last minute for a staff party (same day). He threw himself in to the room and was a hit with everyone. All his tricks were fantastic and it was the perfect entertainment for the evening.

Thank you very much indeed and we look forward to booking you again soon.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Rob
5 13/09/2018 Rob

Top notch stuff! Would highly recommend.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Melanie Moore
5 11/09/2018 Melanie Moore

From the minute Clive arrived in his signature bright red suit my guests were completely enthralled and amazed. This man is a genius - in fact most guests who experienced his close up magic think he is a wizard!! Clive's Grown Up Magic performance was everything that Clive said it would be and in fact exceeded my expectations.
l would certainly rebook him without hesitation

Used this pro
Review of Grown Up  Magic by David Lai
5 10/09/2018 David Lai

Birthday Party in Greenwich, London
Very very good, times 1,000,000,000

Clive was very professional throughout the initial contact to the actual party. He was very flexible with our requirements and performed a variety of close up magic to our 22 guests, ranging from 70 to 50 to 10 years old, who were all stunned by the array of magic seen on the night. Thanks again for making my brother's 50th an amazing night for all.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Teresa
5 29/08/2018 Teresa

The reason I’m writing this review & rating Clive's Grown Up Magic as 5 stars is because his performance was amazingly brilliant.
My guest were enthralled by his magic as was I!
It was by luck I found him. Without hesitation I would book Clive again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by John & Sandra Tester
5 27/08/2018 John & Sandra Tester

Wow! Clive is a fabulous magician and he kept our Wedding guests thoroughly entertained throughout the evening not just with excellent magic but also engaging humour!

Quite simply this guy is top draw and we can't recommend him highly enough. You will not be disappointed if you book this gentlemen.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Louise
5 15/08/2018 Louise

I am most happy to write a review following your exceptional entertainment at my big birthday celebration last Saturday evening.

Your performance was beyond our wildest expectations and made our evening complete. We would recommend your services to anyone. Best wishes Louise

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Alan Longhurst
5 13/08/2018 Alan Longhurst

We hired Clive to entertain at my wife's birthday celebration at The Inn @ West End, Woking, Surrey, where we took over the restaurant for the evening.

There was a total audience of 40 friends and family members aged from their early twenties to late seventies and Clive was able to cater for them all the whole evening going from table to table, keeping them enthralled and entertained with such a wide variety of magic.

His delivery, coupled with his personality endeared him to the whole audience, who didn't want him to leave. Anyone who wants a magician should look no further.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Claire Pullen
5 08/08/2018 Claire Pullen

I booked Grown up Magic for my daughters 8th birthday party and we all loved it. Clive had 20 kids all under control for 3 hours and I had the package that included invitations and party bags which was fab. I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again and can highly recommend the whole service from start to finish.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Nachman
5 06/08/2018 Nachman

Amazing is not the word, fabulous is! The children were shocked with everything he did.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Bob Bell
5 03/08/2018 Bob Bell

This is a seriously talented magician and outstanding entertainer. He made our Wedding! All our guests were totally enthralled by his tricks. And we cannot praise him enough. If you have any doubts, just call me and I will dispel them immediately.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by John Grist
5 30/07/2018 John Grist

Clive, was amazing!
there is close up and there is Clive. I held the card in my hand and it changed, unbelievable. at one time I thought many of my guests had left early, but they were in another room being entertained by Clive. we paid for three hours, and he stayed for six. ( but we were great hosts)

Grown Up Magic replied:
Hi John, Thank you for posting such a nice review, but I want to correct one small detail. You were very wise and booked a long way in front and had probably forgotten what we agreed, which was I would stay until we agreed on the night that it was time for me to leave, with a minimum of three hours. Your guests were asking for more magic, it happens often, and I suggested that if we went next door we wouldn't disturb your singer (who was very good). We were having fun and so I was happy to stay, as we agreed. Looking forward to your next big birthday. Best wishes Clive
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Lindsay Blackburn
5 23/07/2018 Lindsay Blackburn

Had a great time thought he was fantastic and had the kids and adults amused for hours 😊

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Alison & Simon
5 18/07/2018 Alison & Simon

Lovely person, very silly jokes, fantastic magic (everyone loved the cup/saucer and bottle tricks). No hesitation in giving Clive a whole-hearted recommendation and hope we can have another magical event soon. Best wishes, Alison & Simon XXX

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Renu Bakshi
5 04/07/2018 Renu Bakshi

Really made the right choice by booking Clive, our guests loved him! And his magic of course! Cup and saucer trick will leave you astounded. I certainly does he do that??? Very engaging with all our guests. Made an extra effort to make sure he spent time with everyone.
Huge success... will definitely be booking again for any further parties.
I must add, Clive definitely looked the part with his bright red suit.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Tracy
5 03/07/2018 Tracy

Clive worked on our private staff charter for the day. working his way through the train performing for both adults and children. Everyone enjoyed the time he spent with them. Reports from our guests are, "Brilliant", "amazing", "couldn't believe what i saw", "it was amazing"
He was on time, polite and organised.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Sally
5 26/06/2018 Sally

Clive amazed the guests at my son's wedding on 23/06/2018. FABULOUS, AMAZING. How does he do all this in front of your eyes? We know its Magic it really is. Highly recommend this great man is brilliant.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by graham MEYER
5 19/06/2018 graham MEYER

I am a person that dosnt write reviews - however for clive - this man I must do so - we hired him 4 a barmitzvah party - we had all different ages at the event - 110 persons - he moved around tables/used the garden and done short quick tricks which guests all came to me afterwards and said how great he was - very easy to work with - friendly and got on with it - his tricks - well no one could work out how he done them - great feedback from all my guests- if u thinking of a magic man - no point looking elsewhere - he is BRILLIANT - USE HIM -

Used this pro
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Dave Cullen
5 18/06/2018 Dave Cullen

I hired Clive for my partners 50th and although the attendance was small he had his audience captivated from the start
Having limited space due to the venue being a garden party we were entertained by the skill and wonder of his close up magic
He's a very clever man

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Giusi Coppola
3 14/06/2018 Giusi Coppola

We hired Clive for our daughter’s First Communion celebration. We were generally pleased with the outcome and glad we had an entertainer for the event. Was Clive the best we could have? We’re not sure.... most of his magic was very good and some of the tricks left us and our guests ‘puzzled’ (as you do...). It was probably his dry sense of humour and his bizarre jokes that we struggled to be totally happy with. Would we hire him again? I don’t think so. Thank you Clive for turning up and do the best you could anyway.

Used this pro
Grown Up Magic replied:
Dear Giusi, Thank you for taking the time to write a review for me it is appreciated. After some 50 5* reviews on here, I am particularly interested in your comments, always trying to move forward and improve. I am not sure why you found my jokes bizarre, perhaps it was a language thing. With many of your guests being Italian, perhaps I didn't translate as well as I had intended. Anyway, I will give your comments a great deal of thought and see where I can do better. Once again, thank you for sharing on Bark. Best Wishes Clive
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Fay Hamilton
5 06/06/2018 Fay Hamilton

Dear Clive,

I want to say a huge thank you to you for your input at our Havana Nights fundraising dinner and dance at the Richmond Hill Hotel. The feedback from all our guests was very positive and was certainly showcased via the fact that you raised more money than last year. Everyone had so much fun particularly saying that you were a highlight of the evening.

We raised over £10,000 as a result of the evening which is fantastic news. This will help us provide support to women and their partners who are facing pregnancy loss and unplanned pregnancies. It will also help us to provide lessons in local schools and youth clubs teaching young people about sex choices and healthy relationships.

Thanks for your support and kind regards

Fay Hamilton

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Liz Judd
5 06/06/2018 Liz Judd

Entertainment with a huge wow factor, the magic was close up and unbelievably brilliant.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Andrew Shepperd
5 05/06/2018 Andrew Shepperd

Clive was great, loved by everyone and worked so hard from start to finish. Absolutely recommended


Review of Grown Up  Magic by Terry
5 29/05/2018 Terry

Clive was a different entertainer to what we usually hire, and at first it seemed to be quite a risk .
However, any worries or doubts we had were quickly dispelled in a matter of minutes, and he had everyone enthralled by both his close up magic, and his witty and entertaining banter from the stage.
A must for any future occasion where you are planning an event with a little difference.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by David
5 24/05/2018 David

"Clive (Grown Up Magic) - was magic at our recent business event. An extremely talented, funny and professional individual. The service he provided on our exhibition stand produced increased prospects on previous year by over 60% , and from this we have already gained one new client project and have a number of meetings arranged. We are planning on using Grown Up Magic for future events"

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Amanda Tetteh
5 21/05/2018 Amanda Tetteh

Clive is very professional and it was good to discuss ideas prior to the event.

Clive arrived promptly and straight into the performance. My guests and I throughly enjoyed the enentertainment which left us quite speechless at times.

The performance was a great start to our evening and was very special as part of our Wedding anniversary celebrations. Many of the guests continued to make comments the following day.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Elna
5 30/04/2018 Elna

What an enjoyable experience - Clive, you were amazing!! Thank you for making this 40th an evening we'll never forget - The young, old and the sceptics had so much fun not believing their eyes with all your tricks!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Angus Holliday
5 30/04/2018 Angus Holliday

Excellent! Clive is both extremely professional, clever and very entertaining and he really entertains your guests while you're doing the rounds which takes the edge off worrying if everyone is having a good time. would highly recommend especially for the whole evening to include the cabaret a bit extra but well worth it for a full night laughs & amazement. Thank you so much Clive, so glad I found you!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Geoff Clark
5 15/03/2018 Geoff Clark

Clive is a true professional. I hired Clive for a corporate event this month and he did NOT disappoint at ALL!. He is AMAZING... do not hesitate to hire Clive. He completely wowed all of my guests who could not stop talking about him. Will definitely be using Clive's services again. Just perfect - first class!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by LorraineAsher
5 14/03/2018 LorraineAsher

I booked Clive for my husbands 60th Birthday Dinner. We and our guests really enjoyed the entertainment and especially the close up table magic. They were still talking about it days later. Highly recommend Clive and would use him again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Nim
5 02/03/2018 Nim

Clive at Grown up Magin was awesome. Very professional and accommodating during the planning stage and he worked really well on the night. He has a great personality which really complimented his magic.
My guests really enjoyed seeing him that night and the few that missed him (because they came late) were gutted!
I would recommend him for something different at your event and I would use him again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Clive
5 04/02/2018 Clive

Was great and amazing to be up close . Definitely use again

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Sem Kyegombe
5 25/01/2018 Sem Kyegombe

Great way to make our party memorable, with some fantastic magic tricks performed excellently. Particularly good for the adults at the party who were able to enjoy the humour too.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Suzie Da Gama
5 25/01/2018 Suzie Da Gama

Hi Clive,
Thank you very much for a wonderful evening of entertainment. Everyone had a fantastic time, they loved you!!! Much love. Suzie xx

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Simon and Kerry Wells
5 04/01/2018 Simon and Kerry Wells

From the moment he walked in our front door to the time he left, our entire evening was spent mesmerised by the outstanding Magic show performed for our 30+ guests by an outstanding entertainer that is Clive the Magician. Ours was a house party for a mix of adults and children and we did wonder how it would come together successfully - we need not have worried. Clive subtly mingled with the audience with a superb blend of comedy, truly unbelievable Magic at the highest level. Professional, calm and a true Gent, I would not hesitate to recommend this chap to anybody wanting a different twist to a normal party. Thank you Clive - you were one of my bucket list cross outs and you did not disappoint.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Duncan Allery

This review has been reported. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Duncan Allery

This review has been reported. We are currently assessing the review in accordance with our reporting processes.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Lorna
5 15/12/2017 Lorna

Clive arrived promptly and immediately began entertaining our guests, with whom he was a big success.

Used this pro
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Nina
5 11/12/2017 Nina

With yesterday afternoon's event still very fresh in my mind, I would like to thank Mr Mysto for entertaining us all with such skill from the moment he entered the venue. The occasion was my husband's 70th Birthday, a sit-down meal for 36 guests, family and friends, including our 5 grandsons- aged 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9. So a mixed bunch! Clive arrived as we were finishing our main course and he spent the first hour performing clever close up magic at each table, peppered with quick off the cuff comments and jokes. Just right whilst enjoying our desserts and coffee, and a relaxed, yet very entertaining way to end our dinner. Then for the next hour, he summoned the boys to sit on their chairs in a row, facing him and all his funny props. This was 'their show', but cleverly tailored to us, the adults too, in fact we didn't move from our seats. The boys laughed,- proper belly laughs- for the whole hour at all Mr Mysto's antics and their laughter was truly catching. They responded and interacted at all times- and when needed, Mr Mysto had full control. Five boys with very different personalities, but he made sure they all had a turn in helping, with skill and sensitivity. Mr Mystos balloon models are amazing. We all laughed at his clever fast coming jokes and our attention and that of the boys did not waiver throughout. Thank you for a most enjoyable two hours and more, before you had to head off to your next venue. ps We first came across Mr Mysto when our daughter- now 29- was at primary school. We enjoyed her birthday show so much that we asked him to entertain us at my husband's 50th birthday party at our home. He did of course do a great job then too- in fact, he made the party and has since been recommended to many! So how lucky were we to find that he had an afternoon space free for Sat Dec 9th 2017, 20 years on!? So from excellent help and advice from Kevin, his PA, on my initial enquiry, to full enjoyment for all ages on the day. We all say Thank You so much. Ken and Nina Read, family and friends.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by David Edelstein
5 19/11/2017 David Edelstein

Clive tailored his act for my wife's birthday with great expertise. All our guests were completely enthralled. The evening was a huge success. Clives close up magic was amazing and left everyone guessing even the most sceptical. Clive has a great personality and he mixed really well. Can't recommend him highly enough. We will be using him again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Gloria
5 16/11/2017 Gloria

Clive was punctual and well presented. He was very entertaining. Excellent stage presence and funny. He was able to hold the attention of my friends for the whole hour. His delivery was stunning and amazed us all. I would recommend him, and certainly book Clive again

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Alix Farmer
5 16/11/2017 Alix Farmer

Dear Clive
A belated thank you (have only just found the request in my clutter box!), for our daughter's 5th Birthday Party. I have never seen near on 40 children plus parents, so attentive and well behaved at a party, it is some fete what you achieved.
A thoroughly marvellous entertaining time was had by all.
With Many thanks

Review of Grown Up  Magic by ROCHELLE NOV5
5 06/11/2017 ROCHELLE NOV5

Engaging and lots of fun for the children. One parent came to me after the show to show her appreciation for she had never seen her little one concentrate and giggle so much in his entire life....Kudos

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Andy O'Sullivan
5 30/10/2017 Andy O'Sullivan

Second time we've had Clive Hyams entertain us and would definitely book him again. His allusions are truly mind boggling. It really does look like things happen by magic.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Olga Malyon
5 20/10/2017 Olga Malyon

Thanks a lot for Clive for being main part of my daughter 7th Birthday Party. Perform and was amazing. Oven an hour kids and adults has been involved in such a special and unic show which has been tailored for my daughter even with short notice. Will come back to you again and for everyone will highly recommend to book. You wouldn’t be disappointed!!!!)))

Grown Up Magic replied:
Dear Olga, Thank you for being brave and writing such a nice review for me as I know English is not your first language. You were a lovely group to work for and I had a good time too.
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Laura
5 09/10/2017 Laura

Fantastic from start to finish. Kept a room full of 5 yr old and their parents amazed. Highly recommend.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Yakub Adat.
4 22/08/2017 Yakub Adat.

this was the first time the adults had experienced something like this in a party. They loved every minute of it. It was very entertaining and fun. Would definitely recommend to others and will be using Mr Mysto in my daughters first birthday. So i hope he has new tricks up his sleeves....

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Rafael
5 08/08/2017 Rafael

I had the most incredible Birthday of my life! Thank you to, Clive Hyams - Clive The Magician. An superb Gold Medal who proof to very qualified and smart guys in London that someone can be always smarter!!! His wide range of magic is just astonishing. Lots of fun! We laughed, punctual, reliable, perfect dress code. It was a child and he managed to make him also smile and happy! He was one of us since the start. I will repeat! Thank you again!

Grown Up Magic replied:
Thank you Rafael, that's very brave of you to write a review when English is not your first language, but much much better than my Italian.
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Gary Prangnell
5 08/08/2017 Gary Prangnell

Absolutely amazing job! The comments that we received from our guests were fantastic, if I ever hold an event in the future I will be straight on the phone to Clive!! Highly Highly recommend booking Clive for any function, looked after the Children with ease and Professionally! Thank you very much for adding to our Wedding Day!!!!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Bob Jacobs
5 31/07/2017 Bob Jacobs

Clive entertained 80 of us golfers for the best part of three hours with some outstanding close up magic, things we've not seen before and delivered wonderfully well, we will be booking him again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Kim Missons
4 30/07/2017 Kim Missons

We had Clive to entertain our guests at our daughters wedding and he went down a storm. We had lots of comments on what a good idea to have a magician and how good he was. He entertained the children away from the speeches while they were taking place. It was an amazing day and we are glad we had Clive to help make it more memorable for our guests.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Brian Hagley
5 17/07/2017 Brian Hagley

What a guy - Clive did an amazing job for my 70th birthday, greeting guests and performing table magic at dinner with a brilliant repertoire of mystifying and mind boggling magic (my words, not his!!). Not only a magician but amusing as well. Everybody thought he was great.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Beth Watkins
5 16/07/2017 Beth Watkins

He had all of the kids enthralled throughout the party and managed to make what I presumed to be my worst nightmare into a thoroughly enjoyable day!

Couldn't recommend him enough for an easy, stress free and highly entertaining party

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Joseph Mankarious
5 07/07/2017 Joseph Mankarious

Very well organised. Kids enjoyed it to the end.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Alana
5 05/07/2017 Alana

Hi Clive

I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing party on Saturday - Freddie absolutely loved every second of it and it was by far the best children's party I have ever been to.

It was also the least stressful party I have ever had to host - it was great to have an entertainer present for the duration of the party and thank you as well for involving the adults whilst the children were having their tea. Paul and the other adults were blown away by some of the magic tricks you showed them!

I downloaded the photos last night that were taken and I have never seen so many children with such amazing expressions on their faces - the genuine enjoyment on their faces was so apparent!

The finale involving the rabbit was brilliant too - it was highly amusing listening to the children while they were trying to work out if it was a real rabbit. Freddie genuinely thinks he performed a trick that you have been practicing for ages and not yet been able to do. He thinks he is the bees knees and he honestly believes that without him the rabbit wouldn't have appeared which is just a magical thing for him and for me to see as his mum!

I was at another children’s party (football party) on Sunday with some of the children who came to Freddie's and I had several of the parents say to me that their child had gone home on such a high and said it was the best party they had ever been to!

I will be in touch shortly to hopefully book Anya's party on 2nd August - I just want to let a couple of days go by and make sure it is what she wants - it certainly is what I want for her!

I really can't thank you enough and will certainly recommend you to anyone who ever speaks to me!

Best wishes

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Dave & Louise
5 02/07/2017 Dave & Louise

Clive, You didn't disappoint at my wedding yesterday. After being dumbfounded by your magical skill at a friends wedding, you were the only person we wanted to entertain our closest friends and family on our special day. You certainly left an impression with everyone, young and old. Thank you so much, for travelling so far, being 100% committed to what you do, staying so enthusiastic from the first minute to the last and for staying on so late into the night, despite your long journey. I hope I have the opportunity to see you in action again in the future.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Geoff Davis
5 24/06/2017 Geoff Davis

Clive was attentive to the arrangements, turned up very well presented, and kept everybody amused throughout the evening.
He interacted very well with all the guests, young and old.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Gary
5 14/06/2017 Gary

Thank you so much for entertaining our guests on our wedding day. Everybody loved the magic & you even had the 'know it all's' thinking!!! Also thank you for working overtime as we were running late. Regards.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Veronica
5 12/06/2017 Veronica

Awesome! Clive made the party extra magical: magic just happened throughout the party; he totally and seamlessly integrated himself into the evening' s proceedings with children and grown ups alike mesmerised, engaged and entertained.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre
5 08/06/2017 Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre

Clive Hyams was a joy to work with.
He kept all of our guests very entertained by wowing him with his amazing magic tricks.
The feedback from the evening suggested that he was the best part of the evening for some of our guests.
We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to add some 'magic' to their event.
Thanks once again.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by James Cape
5 06/06/2017 James Cape

Clive was truly outstanding. High level of skill, great with all our guests from infants to adults, fantastic wit and had us all "ugly laughing" with his stand up show.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Peter Massey
5 23/05/2017 Peter Massey

Clive promised me, when I booked him that he would work his socks off. He certainly kept his promise! He did not stop all evening.

The guests loved him and the few kids who were there were also fully entertained.
I have to admit I've never been a great fan of "close up" magic, but I was blown away with his incredible ability.
To sum up, he is a true professional.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Clive Hyams
5 13/04/2017 Clive Hyams

Dear Clive,
May I send to you a huge thank you from me and my family for such a delightful time on Saturday.
You looked super and your entertaining skills were perfect.
Your tricks very memorable especially the levitation which Lily could not believe.
The guests were saying to her that there was no plank!
You have a brilliant sense of humour so subtle that sometimes it took us some moments to work out what you said.
On the whole Clive your appearance made the party – your audience might not have been too vocal when you were there because they have never experienced magic like it before.
In a way they were in a slight state of shock.
There was plenty of discussions about your tricks after you left.
I shall certainly recommend you to others. Thank you again.

Wanda Fabriek Surbiton, Surrey

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Charmaine
5 05/12/2016 Charmaine

Clive is an absolute star, made the night at our spa event his magic is excellent and got everyone laughing. Thanks again Charmaine Champneys Spa Guildford

Review of Grown Up  Magic by charmaine harbour
5 07/11/2016 charmaine harbour

Clive is very professional and really knows how to work a crowd, looking forward to his performance

Used this pro
Review of Grown Up  Magic by Steve Churton
5 30/10/2016 Steve Churton

Clive performed his amazing close-up magic at my 60th Birthday celebration last night. He worked the room and interacted with my guests in a very professional manner. His tricks and techniques are truly "magic" and we were still talking about him at 4am this morning! Highly recommended to make your event extra special.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Mr & Mrs Forsdyke
5 28/10/2016 Mr & Mrs Forsdyke

Clive Hyams was excellent - and judged the audience well. He kept us all laughing and worked his magic like a true professional.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by John Hunt
5 22/08/2016 John Hunt

Very professional, very good at his job. Arrived and got to work straight away, confounding everybody, even the hardcore sceptics. His close up magic is just that; magic! I had 54 people at my party and the operative word on the day was, amazing, how did he do that? He even did the same magic trick again when challenged on how he did it. I have had many calls today, two days after the party and that word amazing is still being used. A very funny guy who had us all enthralled right up to the point where he had to go home..

Highly recommended

Review of Grown Up  Magic by James Seager
5 07/07/2016 James Seager

Great entertainment and magician

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Chris Pope
5 07/07/2016 Chris Pope

Get Clive in to entertain you, your clients, your guests and/or relations and you will not be disappointed. He offers value for money, bespoke, entertainment that will leave you aghast and awestruck. I've lost count how many times I've shared details of his magic hoping someone may have an answer..."how did he do that!? :)" He tailors his presentation to suit your needs and then delivers, easy as that......I can't recommend him highly enough.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by  Winnie Benford
5 30/06/2016 Winnie Benford

Please pass on to Clive my apologies for not being able to thank him properly last Saturday when he did a splendid 'gig' for our Fetcham U3A Christmas Party. My members simply could not see how he managed to perform his magic close up without anybody spotting what he did and were most impressed. It was a very busy afternoon for me and he left before I could say how much we all appreciated his art! I do hope we will be able to invite him to join us again in the future - it made a refreshing and very welcome change.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Colin Boyt
5 29/06/2016 Colin Boyt

Great evening well supported by Clive, excellent feedback from guests.
Thoroughly met our requirements and expectations.
Colin Boyt

Review of Grown Up  Magic by BrianM
5 29/05/2016 BrianM

Clive was punctual and generous with his timing. He certainly dressed in a way that identified him as an entertainer / artist. Clive lived up to his word in that his close-up magic performances really did draw disparate groups of friends together and helped create a great atmosphere.

Whilst I was busy mixing with our guests, so didn’t see much of his magic, but every one of our guests that joined us commented on how good Clive was. They were left in awe / wonderment at what they had witnessed. The children also really enjoyed the little show Clive put on for them.

In the end, Clive was true to his word and delivered exactly what he had planned and whilst he was not the lowest cost quote, we are confident we made the right choice. Clive’s service/performance was worth every penny. We will be recommending Clive to the assortment of friends who will be celebrating significant birthdays and anniversaries in the coming months and years.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Lesley Ann Roberts
5 Lesley Ann Roberts

Awe inspiring!!! Unbelievable table magic had everyone stunned xx

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Jodie Dean
5 Jodie Dean

Sandfest 2016 >> Absolutely incredible!!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Philomena Ward
5 Philomena Ward

Great magician!
Book now for your special event.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Lauren Beckett
5 Lauren Beckett

Just amazing! Blew me away!!
Would definitely recommended

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Colin Gilbert
5 Colin Gilbert

He made a coin go through a plate right in front of my eyes.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Melissa Stagg
5 Melissa Stagg

This fella was fantastic. Blew my mind, still can't work out how he did any of it.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Clair Rosenberg
5 Clair Rosenberg

We've just used Stunning wedding magic for our wedding, truly the most professional company we had came across before during and after our event, our guests are still commenting on his skills and baffled at how the tricks were done, I would have no hesitation in recommending Clive, and hope that I am able to use his services again soon.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Susan Chislett
5 Susan Chislett

Whilst staying at the Collingwood Hotel in Bournemouth, I had the unexpected pleasure of a chance meeting with Clive. Some of the guests, including myself, listened to him talking to a young couple who were interested in hearing about the entertainment he could provide at weddings. We were treated to examples of his incredible card tricks which left us speechless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clive for any social event. He certainly knows how to captivate his audience. I am sure my fellow guests would endorse my opinion.

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Rebecca Louise
5 Rebecca Louise

Awesome guy, full of jokes and amazing tricks, he had us all laughing! He surprised us all at the parrot in Surrey! I will be booking him for my wedding! Thank you for entertaining us with your mysterious magic!

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Clive Hyams
5 Clive Hyams

This review was first posted on Yell dot com and copied here by website owner.

The Man Is Magic
We had Clive at our wedding and he was truly spectacular. His magic was fun and left our guests bewildered - he seemed to perform real magic, everyone raved him. He did a special trick for us that was mind blowing. I would highly recommend him, he was worth every penny and made our special day highly memorable for everyone.
Sally & Steve Stock - South Croydon

Review of Grown Up  Magic by Tricia Corpe
5 Tricia Corpe

New yr never to forget magic was amazing highly recommend I'm going to book for my son's birthday 5 STAR

Grown Up Magic

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Videos from Grown Up  Magic

Video Gallery

Grown Up  Magic Q&A

Grown Up Magic Q&A

How long have you been interested in magic?

Clive started performing magic aged 8 years old, the bug bit him hard and he still loves performing. He turned professional in 1981 and for the next 30 years was working flat out, performing at more than six shows (on average) every week. One December he performed at 89 different events.
In 2011 he semi-retired and now performs at only a handful of shows each month. He says "less is more" because he really looks forward to the days he is working and his more relaxed style allows him to be more generous with his time.

Take us through your show – what can we expect?

This is harder to answer because it is not what Clive does that's important but what the client receives that is the truth. Sounds strange I know, but he has a wealth of material and stacks of ideas, so let's talk about what you would like, we will help you choose and let's do what is right for your special party, your guests and most importantly YOU.

What do you love most about your job?

The audience reaction. Clive loves the laughter and the looks of total disbelief whenever he is working. It is like a drug to his audience, the more they see the more they want more. The phrase he hears the most is "What are you going to do next?" The answer is cards, coins, money, rope, rings and just about anything else that happens to be around. He even performs one great effect with a mouse trap. He says he would swap 10 good tricks for one good joke, in short, it's the entertainment that's important. However, his magic is very, very strong too.

What inspired you to start your own business?

To better be able to serve our client's the way the should be served. Clive instilled a policy which he calls 'Best Friend' treat EVERYONE, client's, suppliers and staff as your very very very best friend. This allows us to go the extra mile to make sure the client has the result we agreed and promised and importantly they want, and then do that little bit more.
He started his own business as this allows him to set the rules, as customer service is important to him and sadly lacking in almost every business in this country. Only when you spend a lot of time in the USA do you find out what customer-service should be like and that's what we do here.

Why should our clients choose you?

Five reasons Clive is the right magical entertainer for your party...
1. Clive was promoted to Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star, in January 2012 this is TMC's highest degree and reserved for a maximum of 300 magician's in the world. If your magician holds this degree you are assured to be booking one of the very best. Clive's silky smooth skills and fun personality means everyone loves him.
2. Clive has secured a great deal of business through BARK, roughly half of those clients have been kind enough to write a review. Almost 100% of those reviews gave Clive 5 stars out of 5. With that proven track record you know you are booking someone who will deliver.
3. Clive is much more interested in the result he delivers to his clients than he is about time, money or the effort required. So you know you are booking someone who is totally focused on doing the best possible job for you.
4. He looks the part. His bright red tailor-made suit means your magician stands out in a crowd.
5. I believe Clive is the only magician to offer a comprehensive guarantee, so YOU must agree he is great or he is free of charge, here's what we put on our website...
It is important to us that you have a truly great time on your special day, so we insist on giving you this 100% guarantee…
If for any reason whatsoever, (or even no reason at all) you are not absolutely ecstatically pleased with everything we do for you, if you do not agree that Clive is the most entertaining magician you have ever seen, that the feedback from all your guests is numerous, enthusiastic and very positive, that his children’s show (if that is part of his performance for you) has them sitting boggle-eyed and laughing all the way through.
That his Close Up “Mix ‘N Mingle” magic has all your guests engaged and talking, that his table magic is fun and of a very high standard just as you would expect from a magician who is six times Surrey Close-Up magic champion.
That our staff are friendly, approachable and helpful, and everything goes to your complete satisfaction, then simply tell Clive on the day and he will cancel your bill and you will not owe us a penny.
Simply put you must be 100% off the scale happy with EVERYTHING Clive does for you or he will tear up the contract and you will owe us nothing.
There will be no questions or hard feelings either.
This is your guarantee that everything will go just as you want it to and you have a truly fantastic time on your special party day.
I urge you to book as soon as you are 100% sure Clive is right for you. The date you are thinking about today and will book tomorrow might be the date someone else was thinking about yesterday and is booking today.

Services provided by Grown Up  Magic

Grown Up Magic Services

Magic for all ages from 3 to 105. He says he will take on older than 105 but only if accompanied by their parents to look after them!

Close Up Magic for receptions, tables after the meal. Cabaret Magic - Clive's comedy stand up show can be any length from 15 minutes to 45 minutes. Children's Magic - yes Clive is great with the youngsters too. Bespoke Magic - tells us what you want and we'll show you how we can deliver it for you.

Work history from Grown Up  Magic

Work History

Clive's Experience

Grown Up Magic, Stress Free Children's Parties

From July 1981 to present.

7,200 + Children's Shows 1,100 + Weddings Almost 5,500 assorted other adult events for companies, private parties, and public events.

Grown Up  Magic Education


The Magic Circle

Membership of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star

This is the highest degree, awarded at the gift of the President and is reserved for a maximum of 300 magician's in the world.

Grown Up  Magic Awards


Surrey Close Up Magic Champion

Surrey Society of Magician's

Clive has won this award on six occasions. Three more wins than any other magician ever to take part.

  • 137 hires on
  • 9 minutes average response time

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