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17 July 2019

Exactly what a gym should be!


Tammy S Isaacson

5 June 2019

This place is awesome!! Check them out!! Bring your friends/ family here today!!


Chelsea Veirs

5 June 2019

Absolutely best gym in town hands down!!! Every coach there is so knowledgeable and helps you achieve your goals! Been a member of the gym for almost a year now and I'm never leaving!!!
Thanks guys for ALL you do!!!


Kathy Foster

5 June 2019

I've been with Kelci for over 5 years and she has consistently encouraged me to get better. She has me doing things I never dreamed of being able to do and I'm loving it.


Jen Singletary

5 June 2019

Spencer and the team at GP Athletics are hands down the best in the business. Spencer is the best possible mix of no excuses, get it done attitude yet with a spirit of genuine encouragement and wanting to see you succeed and break though your own barriers. Training with him has helped me improve physically, but more importantly, it's helped me maneuver through some major mental obstacles - some I didn't even realize I had. He's the real deal, and this area is lucky to have this kind of team available. Definitely check them out. More...


Kelley Adams Balun

5 June 2019

I love GP Athletics it as everything you need to get a great workout. My Trainer Adam Twardowski is excellent I have been working with him since August 2016 at which time I was in pain a lot of pain I kept injuring my shoulders, Knee's and hips during classes. I could not bend my knees enough to do a proper squat. I could barely left a bar for bench press. I had significant trouble doing any kind of aerobic class. I was moving into an old lady body. I have work with Adam 1 on 1 for 3 days a week since mid October and I can squat with weight with not problem, I can dead lift 155 lbs and I can bench press and flip tractor tires. I am not injured and I am starting to slim down and I have energy. I feel better then I have in years. More...


Elijah Lovins

26 April 2019

Just did my first powerlifting meet here last weekend. The guys over there helped me prepare for the meet a few weeks prior, and it was really awesome. I learned a lot from just one personal training session with Patrick and Spencer, and now I'm doing online coaching with Patrick. I would definitely recommend that anyone in the Springfield area go over to gpathletics and give strength training, powerlifting, fitness, or strongman a try! It's a growth mentality environment and everyone there wants to help you achieve your goals! More...


Groshawn Edwards

27 March 2019

Changed my life amazing staff. Best Strong man gym


Joseph Netzer

27 December 2018

Best gym in Springfield and all of the Ozarks. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first time in a gym or you have been lifting for years the places has everything. They have great personal trainers who have help tons of people across the area get into the best shape of their lives. It’s a place that builds you up and encourages you to reach your goals. You can really do it all here. One of the best benefits is the community the gym has. Every member welcomes you and is always will to help. You are more than a number here.Need personal training? They got that.A place to powerlift? The got all the competition equipment you could ever need.General fitness? All kinds of cardio equipment and lots of strength training tools.Strongman? Atlas Stones, yokes, farmer handles, barbells, huge tires, ect..You name it GP has it More...


Jim Seratt

27 December 2018

I love GP. Spencer and Patrick have a great thing going. GP has a great selection of equipment, and can accommodate just about every type of athlete, strength or otherwise, who walks through the door. But what's best about GP is the atmosphere and environment. Everyone, including other members, is super nice and inviting, and everyone is eager to help each other. This is a great spot for anyone looking to improve his or her quality of life, get stronger, and perform better. More...


Zach Neal

27 December 2018

Best powerlifting/strongman gym in Springfield and surrounding area! They have all of the equipment you could possibly need, the environment is always great, and the people are all so encouraging and helpful. Patrick and Spencer are the most genuine and nice dudes, if you're ever in the area, go check it out! More...


Marcy's Songs

28 October 2018

Finding Patrick for a personal trainer for strength training was such a blessing. As someone who teaches group classes somewhere else I needed a few workouts a week focused on me, outside of my normal gym environment and without me being the one to plan the workout. Patrick is amazing! Great workouts and always prompt, bringing a good workout and kind and caring. I recommend him to everyone I know looking for a personal trainer. All of the folks here begin to feel like family after a little while and it's a very cohesive group as a result. Be sure to say hi to Wyatt the gym pup when you go! More...


Steve DeNovi

29 August 2018

Best powerlifting gym in there area! Awesome group of lifters that are extremely supportive and the atmosphere is one of kind. Would really recommend this gym for anyone who loves strength training or just wants to get stronger! More...


Kole Carter

30 July 2018

Best powerlifting strongman gym around


Stephanie Kern

26 May 2017

So many people say don't look at the numbers when you want to lose weight. With Spencer you can't help but look. The numbers on your pants get smaller while the numbers on the weights you lift go up. When I started training I had an injury that the doctors said would prohibit me lifting weights more than 15 pounds for the rest of my life. I had resigned myself to being double digit sizes since I couldn't exercise. Spencer has taught me ways to work around my injury while encouraging me to become more strong in my core. I can now squat 100 pounds with no pain and can only get better from here. My stamina has improved. My strength is improved. My sleep has improved. I can't say enough good things about Spencer and GP Athletics. He is always available for questions. He knows so much about the way that bodies move that if I have any issues he can make a minor adjustment in form and it works. Because of him I know I can do anything! More...


Anna Grimm

26 May 2017

I have been training with Spencer Graham the last three months and have seen a significant change. He takes time to figure out your needs and what he will need to do in order to get you there. At times that I feel like giving up he pushes me and tells me that I can do it. So, when I do leave there at the end of training I feel accomplished and satisfied. Would certainly recommend him as a trainer. More...

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