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GlazePhotography1, LLC

Woodbridge, VA, Prince William County

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019
GlazePhotography1, LLC logo

GlazePhotography1, LLC

Woodbridge, VA, Prince William County

1 hire on Bark
‘19 Certificate of Excellence, 2019


Whether capturing people’s best shots or teaching workers to mend fences, my work is centered on people. Good relationships inspire us to move forward and others to do so. I focus on my client’s experiences as an individual and part of a community.


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30 September 2018

I contacted GlazePhotography to create a video of my wedding. I had a great experience. The staff were very professionally and friendly. I would highly recommend them .


Nikki Macias

10 September 2018

Connie was punctual (early to be exact) and extremely professional. She felt like family. I would highly recommend her services.


Les DeShield

5 September 2018

A true professional. Ms. Glaze accepted the photography requirements I presented for a musical concert and executed flawlessly. The photos were superb. I would not hesitate to use her service again. I’d highly recommend Ms. Glaze photography services. More...


Dana Brooke Reid

4 September 2018

Connie was responsive, professional, timely, and affordable! Not only did she take time to find out how I wanted my retirement from the Coast Guard captured, she showed up to the venue early to check lighting and capture guest arrivals. The photos were high quality and delivered on time and as agreed. Such a nice person and easy to work with! More...

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Knowing what your client wants and what his or her vision is. Understanding the type of event; whether is a 50th birthday party, sweet 16 party, wedding, church event and/or everyday street photos, you have to tailor what photos to the type of event.

What is your vision? Do you want just color, black and white or raw images? Do you want candid shots, poise, portraits, etc? Would you like a backdrop and what type of backdrop?

I aim to please the client and to make sure their special day is a memorable moment.

I like telling a story and pictures say a thousand words.

Why not me? I aim to work with the client and I don't have set prices. I am willing to negotiate prices and services.



I offer photography services in Woodbridge VA and I’ve been doing professional photography since 2013, where I’ve been initially drawn to taking portrait shots. I have since expanded my skills to doing events photography and action photography, which both fit my outgoing personality perfectly. Make no mistake, though as I don’t play favorites. All these art forms are close to my heart and I thrive on pressing the shutter for every shot I take, every photography shoot that I go to. Below are the services that I extend to my clients:

I live for capturing movements in photographs. Waiting for that right moment and pre-focusing your subject to get the perfect composition is what I love about action shots. From motorsports to ballet performances, I look forward to the challenges presented to me by this particular medium.

We only live once! From simple gatherings to large weddings or corporate events, allow me to capture the best times of your life. These events also include corporate parties, awarding or graduation ceremonies, and sports activities.

Immortalize those intimate moments with the people you love. I offer photography services for couples and families celebrating an engagement, the arrival of a newborn, or an anniversary. But whether you have a celebration or not is not important. You can recruit me to take that evocative photograph that you’d want to keep in your album or show everyone even on a regular day.

This event was for an assisted living facility celebrating grandparents day. I created a fun photo booth where family and friends came and took their picture with their loved one. Their corporate organization were having a grandparents luncheon.