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Glare Studio is a photography studio recently opened in Greenwood Village, CO. Charli Peterson own and shoots as lead photographer. With contracted buddies helping her along the way the studio has a focus on professional commercial, editorial and sometimes wedding photography.


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Micaela White

28 October 2018

Awesome experience! Charli made the family photography session a blast. Awesome with kids!


Brett White

28 October 2018

Great photographer, we used her for my sons bris. The pictures came out beautiful.


Leah Fiasca

3 October 2018

I could not say enough about my experience. Charli is fantastic and has a wonderful eye as well as a real passion for the customer experience! Thanks, Charli!


Micaela White Bomhack

2 October 2018

Charli has a tremendous eye for photos, a fun attitude toward the process and is straight forward and honest. I would recommend her for any photography needs!


Bridget Tighe

2 October 2018

Chelsea Charli White Peterson does amazing work! She is an absolute joy to work with and makes the stress of family photos FUN! We LOVED ours! Thanks Chels!



2 October 2018

Charli is a fantastic photographer, I would recommend her to anyone!


Michele Lujan

8 February 2018

If you want great and personalized photography Glare Studio is the one to choose. You will have personal upfront service. I have never had such a great experience. Glade Studio photographed my daughters senior pictures. As well as my wedding. My daughters senior pictures were so natural and Glare Studio really took the time and made it fun. For my wedding Glare Studio had taken great time to photograph my husband and and I truly would recommend Glade Studio for all your photography needs! You will be impresssed and want to go back for all your photography needs. More...



23 January 2018

Glare Studio, Charli, provided us with wonderful memories from our destination wedding in Mexico. Prior to the wedding we discussed the moments we wanted captured and those that we didn't. She was able to take great candid photos, while blending in comfortably with our wedding guests. The standard wedding photos had her unique artistic view that integrated the destination and our personalities. We would recommend them to any of our friends to who are getting married. More...



3 January 2018

Charli did a beautiful job with our photos. We loved all the different backgrounds and cannot wait to do more photo sessions with Glare Studio.


I like to take a step back and take a moment to per-conceptualize my image before snapping. Good, even great images are easy to come by if you shoot enough frames. Consistency in creative and unique ideas come to the forethought and collaborating within a group- but far and beyond, a great photograph is achieved when you roll with things as they occur after the planning. It like cooking a meal. You need a plate to put it all on, but cooking the meal is fluid and a balancing act. Pinches and on the fly swaps to recipes often make the best meal.

I want to get to know my clients' personality first and foremost before anything else. Where are you from? What's your favorite thing to do for a vacation? What is your favorite sport? What are you watching on TV right now? What images or artists are you most drawn to? Do you have an emotion that the images would best hang on to?

I love the rush one gets when you're on the spot in the thick of it all, and you look at your display and you know you got the money shot. The bigg'n!

Photographers are a different brand of people. We are both technical and artistic. Many of us are VERY particular about aspects of the job that wouldn't make a lot of sense for anyone not in our brain. Try working for someone like that!

Clients should choose Glare Studio because they want positive energy either on the set or throughout the event. It can be a really freakish thing to have to stand in front of the camera and smile- for the photog and the subject! We strive to make our clients feel at ease and comfortable before anything else; and to have fun! In addition to being accurate and on-time, the experience of a photo shoot is very much what is remembered the most. Life isn't about products. It's about the people who use them and their purpose.


Give me ANYTHING, and I mean anything, and I will create images with or without your creative director that will engage and entice your customer. It's all about pop and splash!

Celebrating the environment of which an elegant building rests is my utmost pleasure in photographing buildings. I am not afraid of walking on roofs of opposing buildings or using a lift to get the angle just right to surround your building with mountains and clouds.

Your photographer is with you, your whole day on your wedding day. Sometimes several days! You better like who's shooting you :) Glare Studio makes it a prime focus (pun intended) to keep you and your loved ones comfortable and upbeat for this amazing day. And Charli loves to shoot angular, contrasty images that will stay in your family for generations.