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What makes an exceptional professional photographer is the photographer's experience, the training background, style and personality that is in their repertoire.

What makes Giovanni a cut above your exceptional photographer is everything else.


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Jego Samera

18 January 2018

we hire giovanni to take over for our wedding photography he is great at this ,thumbs up i highly recommend his job well done ,can be referred to friends who will need a friendly and talented photographer


nick wargo

13 August 2016

My wife and I used Giovanni for both our engagement and wedding photos. He's really easy to get along with, knows what we want, and gets the job done. When we were doing the group photos in a park in westchester, some other wedding group was encroaching on our spot and he handled it like a boss (only way I can describe it). If you're looking for the traditional table photos and stuff like that, request it because he's more about capturing the action that takes place at your event. Obviously he also pulled my wife and I aside for some great artistic photos and did all the family and group shots. More...