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manjinder singh ghumaan

8 April 2019



Tudor Sandu

8 March 2019

Nice and welcoming place (from the observer point of view


Akshatha Joshy

8 December 2018

Had been there once place is good but to reach there even google/wase does not give the exact route. Need to go there by trial and error after getting off the train or take someone along with u who has alrady been there earlier. Else u might tend to keep searching for this place. More...


Louise Daley

8 December 2018



Lisa Storey

8 October 2018

Very modern end clean. Took a moment to work out where to put the pass to get to lifts.security high so felt quite safe.


Andrew Smith

8 August 2018

Appeal and do not worry! The Tribunal consists of 3 independent from the DWP specialists. My wife won her PIP appeal after 10 months of waiting.



8 August 2018

Appeal! There is a place where you can find JUSTICE! Most of appellants win because the assessors from ATOS, CAPITA, MAXMIUS , DWP are highly specialised not in medicine but in lying and harrassing disabled people.


David Curtis

8 June 2018

Helpful staff who make an inevitably stressful event som


Zahed Ahmed

8 June 2018

Excellent services.


Midian In The Wilderness

8 June 2018

Easy to find. No regular parking.



8 June 2018

The board was punctual and made me feel at ease from the onset. The entire tribunal was conducted in a clearly described procedure. My only beef was the absolute lack of parking and a very long painful walk from the nearest tube. PS. I won my tribunal. Good luck everyone. More...


Kalule Frank

8 June 2017

Easy to find.


Maura Armstrong

9 May 2017

Used Giotech services a few years ago before going to a company that insisted on using another provider. They were absolutely rubbish and on two occasions, I had to contact Giotech to assist me! I am now using Giotech services fully thank goodness and can highly recommend them. More...


UK1 Cloud

30 July 2016

Giotech have been looking after my systems for the last 3 years and Tommy and the team have been great. Will recommend!


Dan B.

14 December 2015

Giotech consultants, project managers and engineers really know what they are doing.Email platform and data centralisation solution was fine tuned to the specifics of our company and the way we work. Implementation was fluent with seamless switchovers. The guys who worked onsite were efficient, and helpful in explaining the way systems work in the plainest of terms.Trustworthy and bringing overall peace of mind. That’s what you want from your IT department, right? More...



7 December 2015

Helpdesk at Giotech is always there for you and it keeps on top of any issues you have resolving them quickly and efficiently. John, Reece, Mark, Sufyaan and Pete sorted out all problems regarding servers and PCs in our company - thank you and keep up a good work!David and Augustas are both looking for better solutions for our company and keep planning outstanding projects to improve our bussiness.Highly recommend their services to any kind of business out there. More...


And W

6 December 2015

Excellent IT Support but not only support but great services and project offerings too. Have used them for a few years now and don't see any reason to change. Our project manager Augustas is always very thorough and keeps us in the loop when we have a project going on. Highly recommended! More...



4 December 2015

Giotech have been looking after my systems for the last 3 years and Tommy and the team have been great. Will recommend!

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