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I offer Telephone counselling or Online counselling via Zoom, so distance isn’t going to be a problem, if you choose to work with me!
I am non-judgmental, supportive and I am here when a listening ear is needed. Yes, I will listen but most importantly I will hear what you have to say .


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29 February 2020

Tracy listened with so much kindness and gave lots of practical advice. She also gave me lots of resources to take away which really helped me to continue to work through things after the sessions. She helped me greatly during a really difficult time and I’m so pleased to have found her. More...

15 February 2020

Tracy is such a kind and compassionate person who has made me feel at ease while talking through some personal problems.
To be honest I don't know what I'd do without her support, I was so lucky to find her and can not recommend her highly enough.

You are very welcome & I feel privileged that you chose me to support you

15 January 2020

Just started on this journey but happy with my choice so far. Kind welcoming and listened well.

Thank you so much Hannah.

27 November 2019

Tracy is an amazing listener, so understanding and very comforting and reassuring.
She gave me a consultation to see if I wanted to work with her before I committed (it was a no brainer)

I'm still visiting Tracy and she makes sure that I talk at my own pace and don't leave my comfort zone.

I would highly recommend Tracy, she is a lovely, caring lady, who is doing this because she genuinely wants to help you.

4 November 2019

I have found the last 10 sessions extremely helpful. Tracy is such a lovely and understanding person who really cares and wants to help. I felt completely comfortable talking to her from day one and she has made me feel more confident in myself again. I was really low when I first started seeing her and now I am in such a good place. I would definitely recommend speaking to Tracy as she is open, honest and a great listener. More...

4 November 2019

Tracy made me feel comfortable when I first met her. Very warm and welcoming. With her help I’m already feeling positive. Highly recommended counsellor- she’s brilliant More...

22 October 2019

I was so sure I didn't need counselling,but I am a few sessions in and I feel I understand me a bit better already. Tracy is very warm and I feel she really listens to me.

22 October 2019

I am so pleased I found Tracy and I feel guilty about how I imagined counsellors to be like!She was so welcoming from day one and I now feel I can tackle stuff I used to bury in my head somewhere. I recommend Tracy totally if you need help, my family see the differnce in me and so do I. Thanks again More...

15 October 2019

Had my first session today with Tracy. She is warm and kind. Very happy with my session and booking another with her shortly. Thank you, Tracy!

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I love being there for when people need help. Building up a trusting relationship is very important to me. When someone trusts me, this allows them to open up fully and speak about things that are really troubling them and causing barriers in their lives. Speaking openly and honestly is the positive way forward, and can clear the 'fog' experienced by so many of us.

Once upon a time I needed a very large 'helping' of support. The help I received was crucial for my well-being and set me on a positive path on my life journey to where I am now.
I am not sure where I would be now in all honesty, if I had not had that ever so important support. So from then on, I decided I wanted to help others and that is what I do now, and I wouldn't want to do anything else. I cannot express the sense of privilege I feel when a client puts faith and trust in me, and we begin our work together.

I would hope that my integrity, honesty and my non-judgmental manner would shine through from my profile and website etc.
I pride myself in my friendly & empathetic personality, which are both 100% me!