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GetFit with Dominic

Chicopee, MA, Hampden County

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GetFit with Dominic

Chicopee, MA, Hampden County


Hello, my name is Dominic, and I am a health and fitness professional! Across my young life I have gathered several years of experience in sports, and working as a licensed personal trainer. I have knowledge within the realms of track & field, mixed martial arts, football, soccer, and even power-lifting.



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The best way you help YOU achieve your goals, is very simple.
You talk, and i listen! That way, i get to know you well, develop a relationship that will be the foundation of trust we must have going forward in order to achieve those goals. Then, after getting to understand what you would like to improving moving forward into the future, i will use all of my years of experience to express to you, the best way to make those dreams a reality!

The secret to getting the body of your dreams, is a slow and steady approach to implementing proper exercise, nutrition, and eliminating poor lifestyle choices! Do not think it will be easy, because if it was easy, every body would have 6-packs, huge arms, giant pectorals, etc etc. You have to work to get the results you want!

I absolutely adore the passion for exercise my job allows me to instill in my clients. When you have in front of you, a person who wants to improve their health, for one reason or another, and you show them just how capable they are of making that change in their life, THAT is powerful.

I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset. I could never fit into the 9-5 struggle of life. I feel we all have something unique to bring to life; something special to bring to the communities around us. That 9-5 rat race, living check to check, does not embody that feeling whatsoever.

No one has to choose me, but for those curious, I can absolutely guarantee my 100% personal investment in your goals. Helping you achieve what you once thought was impossible, THAT is what gets me up in the morning. We all are capable of so much more than we are led to believe. we truly are superhuman. I can help you become the person you always envisioned. Together.