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We are one of the expert team specializing in open source. For us, Client is the first priority and we always try to provide source code for Client best.

Our Experience:
+ We have many experience web development: CorePHP, Joomla, WordPress, OpenCart, Magento, bitcoin, PrestaShop, WHMCS, CSCart, ZenCart, OSClass, ELG, Moodle, Expression Engine, NEOS, Typo3, BigCommerce, OSCommerce, Shopify, PinnacleCart, Woocommerce, Virtuemart, Laravel, Yii, Codeigniter....
We are also on ASP.NET, ODOO, vTiger, SugarCRM, SAP and Java too

+ Over the past 7 years, I have done a lot of web projects using various web technologies including PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, XML.

+I have done development & Designing of Mobile Application using technologies like Objective C,C/C++, C# & Android SDK.
My competencies lie in: - Complete the website according to client requirements.
- Improve the site performance(SEO, Improve Loading Speed, Browser Compatibility, User-Friendly Feature)
- Provide the best technical assistance to achieve client plan.

I have good experience in the following areas:

Frameworks: Yii, CodeIgniter, Cakephp, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, NodeJS

Social Frameworks SocialEngine, Jomsocial, Community Builder * jQuery, Mootools, jQuery UI * MySQL.

Service Guarantee:

+ We are always guarantee our service is the best and you can see my review

Support: After we finished the project, if you found any bugs, then I still fix them for you free.

GeekSquads Global Reviews

GeekSquads Global Reviews

Review of GeekSquads Global by Raj Mehta
5 14/06/2018 Raj Mehta

It's the Google office. So everything is well organised, minimal and colour coded. Event conference rooms are fitted out with latest tech. Delicious in house catering.

Review of GeekSquads Global by IARF Environmental Crimes Unit
1 14/06/2018 IARF Environmental Crimes Unit

Interesting. You have removed a video from Tommy Robinson's YouTube account stating it was RACIST! Was it bollocks you lying pricks. I've watched it a dozen times. You're now likely going to see a very big backlash against you lot. Good luck trying to censor that! #SCUM

Review of GeekSquads Global by Alexander Holman
4 12/06/2018 Alexander Holman

Friendly security team. Very knowledgeable guides! Wonderful vegan selection in the upper cafeteria. What more can I say?!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Alexander Holman
4 31/05/2018 Alexander Holman

Friendly security team. Very guides! Wonder vegan selection in the upper cafeteria. What more can I say?!

Review of GeekSquads Global by 1w1 ltd
1 25/05/2018 1w1 ltd

Absolutely not happy with their service...their phone number is not open as advertised to be open and it is inaccurate, it lies and it will make you spend lot of time not helping you and than in the end it will send you to their google website to spend even more time.

Do NOT trust google at all ! I would rather go for Apple...

Review of GeekSquads Global by Harry Hjikakou
5 04/05/2018 Harry Hjikakou

If you're going here for work definitely come hungry. They have tasty smoothies, pastries, fruit and treats in general.
Be prepared for a lot of security though, they keep an eye on you the whole time you're in there.
There are multiple entrances to the building and bike stands near by.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Nova Games Ps4 android
5 29/04/2018 Nova Games Ps4 android

Very good store.
Super large variety of incredible shoes, I loved it!
Very nice balenciagas

Review of GeekSquads Global by Editor-in-Chief InQuire Media
5 12/04/2018 Editor-in-Chief InQuire Media

Great food, nice atmosphere. Did you guys know they have multiple ball pits????? NOT TO MENTION, on Fridays, there’s an OPEN BAR! Thanks google!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Nathan Langer
5 06/04/2018 Nathan Langer

Amazing place attended the PWA roadshow and had an amazing time. Lovely atmosphere and amazing people.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Wendy Anne Peskett
5 29/03/2018 Wendy Anne Peskett

Always great to have a look around. A fun place to be.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Richard Morgans
1 21/03/2018 Richard Morgans

Great work Google!!!
Pathetic. Please can you answer me this. How can you give the public the ability to review a business they have never visited?
This is just a free for all platform for everyone to trash peoples businesses.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Rose Locksmith & DIY
1 15/03/2018 Rose Locksmith & DIY

Google business very bad. Does not verify users before they leave feedback. Any one can create a fake profile and leave a bad review for genuine business and ruin their reputation. I spoke to Kiran who is googles customer service helper. Hanged up on me twice. Cut the line while trying to complete short survey. I was complaining about a user who claimed we stole money with no evidence of that. Kiran said google does not care about the truthfulness of the content. That just somes up Googles responsibility to other business who rely on them to run their business.

Review of GeekSquads Global by AHMAD RUFAI
3 23/02/2018 AHMAD RUFAI

How can I make money through Google map..
They are many places in Nigeria which are yet to be on the map and ,they are many places without a correct picture .....Before I can do this I need a good camera and maybe a Bike..

Review of GeekSquads Global by Jennifer Firkins
1 19/02/2018 Jennifer Firkins

Google Business... worst platform ever. Customers should prove they have used a service before adding the review, the business owner is left powerless and they aren't remotely sympathetic! I was told just to get more positive reviews to outweigh the negative ones. Didn't matter to them that the negative ones were fake and Troll reviews!
The system should work far more fairly for both sides.
POOR SHOW, Google!
Also, rang customer services to resolve a problem and they hung up on me - twice!!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Elliot TA
1 19/02/2018 Elliot TA

they work for such a bad website all the workers are mistakes i would recommend bing

Review of GeekSquads Global by S D
1 05/01/2018 S D

Given their way over the top security its ridiculous they do not offer telephone support to recover Gmail accounts, on line steps rarely work so you're relying on a public chat forum for help which is very time consuming and quite ridiculous. Imagine if the Health Service was like that?! Sorry we can't help, talk to the public, never known a business like it

Review of GeekSquads Global by Elliott Odeh
4 06/12/2017 Elliott Odeh

I went for a seminar on the Digital Landscape and AdWords. It was extremely informative without the usual solution sales pitch you get from similar talks in the industry.

We got a tour of the ninth floor which was really interesting, getting a chance to observe Googlers in their natural environment. Nowhere near the zany layout of the Amphitheatre in California but still very functional.

I'll definitely be making a concerted effort to book more dates next year for more talks.

Review of GeekSquads Global by IT Consalting
5 05/12/2017 IT Consalting

Google phones has powerfull recovery options. Easy to recover firware and body. Waiting for more gadgets by google
Special for google intellictual grown my chanel.
Believe in future with google

Review of GeekSquads Global by Miss T
5 03/12/2017 Miss T

Enjoyed my training wit Vitalize. The building is easy to find just opposite st Pancras station. Lovely space aged glass building, hygienic Toilets, large co ddfebxe rooms with plenty of restaurants to choose from . There's a help desk and people are friendly. I'll be training further, Implementing Google services within my practise and working with the company to enhance our digital learning. Internet is free and the facilities are most comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Ben Horner
1 28/11/2017 Ben Horner

Awful business. I have had 4 pixel phones and now need a fifth. Customer service is dreadful. overall i shall never buy a google phone again. Be smart use Samsung or Apple

Review of GeekSquads Global by ma h
1 16/11/2017 ma h

Bad ethics, bad customer service, one rule for themselves and other for everyone else.
Allow fake reviews even trip adviser has more of a comprehensive vetting process for reviews don’t care about entire price of other business only concerned with how to further their own wealth and nor concern them self with assisting the small business unless GOOGLE THE BIG MAN IS benefiting from you putting mo0mey in their pocket for business generation of adwords.
Larry Page, Sergey Brin and those that are of authoritative position should consider their ethics as a business polices for others that are forced to use their unethical serves of data collection. People would be shocked to know what date you are collecting on them without informing them .

G +


Review of GeekSquads Global by Stephen Thompson
5 12/11/2017 Stephen Thompson

its a amazing building to see and amazing people. eenjoyed my visit

Review of GeekSquads Global by Tracy Spence
5 19/10/2017 Tracy Spence

Love working with Google, they are always helpful, accommodating and supportive. Decent canteen too!

Review of GeekSquads Global by IT Consalting
5 10/10/2017 IT Consalting

Google phones has powerfull recovery options. Easy to recover firware and body. Waiting for more gadgets by google
Special for google intellictual grown my chanel.
Believe in future with google

Review of GeekSquads Global by Suzanne Iwai
2 03/10/2017 Suzanne Iwai

Very condemning but even though l Google guide l found this building bleak AND bland !. More concrete it couldn't be. No softening floristry or artwork. Security like something out of the Matrix. Only the staff meeting us at our reception would have persuaded me this building is user friendly. Other companies are housed here. Please join forces and brighten this place up !!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Lee Minett
5 28/09/2017 Lee Minett

One of three offices. However, it's not particularly easy to find (probably deliberate), but plenty of facilities. Don't come here without an appointment though, there is no general public access.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Ryan Gower
5 25/09/2017 Ryan Gower

When my internet was offline I took a bunch of words here to google and some kind lady in reception put them through the search engine for me. I was very impressed Google are as helpful offline as well as online. Thumbs up

Review of GeekSquads Global by paul drury
1 25/09/2017 paul drury

i paul drury will sue google for ten billion pounds for fraud the police do not care

Review of GeekSquads Global by truckybunny
1 25/09/2017 truckybunny

disgusted telephoned unable to get through to human explain why the ira responsible for 2,400 deaths of children men and women destruction of lives and property is not a terrorist organisation , it was and is ,to allow the sale of t shirts or any product promoting the ira , is crass stupidity and a disgrace , wake up and ban this now ,disgusting .

Review of GeekSquads Global by Vince S
1 21/09/2017 Vince S

Google won't let me leave anonymous reviews on Google maps any more so instead they get this public review from me. You suck, Google. Stop trying to police everyone and let us have our privacy.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Young-Jay Paik
5 16/09/2017 Young-Jay Paik

Great office with interesting interiors. Best working environment.

Review of GeekSquads Global by IT Consalting
5 15/09/2017 IT Consalting

Google phones has powerfull recovery options. Easy to recover firware and body. Waiting for more gadgets by google

Review of GeekSquads Global by Claud Williams
5 01/09/2017 Claud Williams

Such a cool company, friendly staff and great food!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Adrian Angol-Henry
5 19/08/2017 Adrian Angol-Henry

Visited this place and it is amazing. Really nice food, really nice people. Probably one of the best places to work in London or even the UK!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Jimmy Kydd
1 16/07/2017 Jimmy Kydd

Just because the staff of google work in soho doesn't mean they should bombard us with SICK PERVERTED AND ANNOYING ADS all the time. Surely there is a law against this. IT IS HARRASSMENT AND STALKING. I AIM TO PURSUE THIS TO HAVE GOOGLE FINED BILLIONS OF POUNDS FOR THEIR HARRASSMENT OF ANNOYING AND PERVERTED ADS. ARE ALL THEIR STAFF REGISTERED PAEDOFILES OR YET TO BE NAMED AND SHAMED I WONDER. Maybe WE should get details of THEIR personal data and give it to perverted sites worldwide. See how THEY like it eh.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Anon
1 10/07/2017 Anon

Google are oblivious to the damage they cause with false information. They won't even pick up the phone when you try to contact them with compaliants.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Wojciech Chmielewski
5 19/06/2017 Wojciech Chmielewski

Great place. Thanks Google for the hospitality and your rooftop terrace

Review of GeekSquads Global by Jack goff
5 26/05/2017 Jack goff

I can't write a bad review if I am using Google can i

Review of GeekSquads Global by Andrea Giddey
5 06/05/2017 Andrea Giddey

Great location, very friendly staff and quiet rooms facing the backyard.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Mohammed Nur
5 25/04/2017 Mohammed Nur

An amazing workplace. Helpful staff at the front desk.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Daniel Proctor
5 13/04/2017 Daniel Proctor

The Google office is probably the best place to work in the world. Instead of working at traditional desks, employees work inside a giant bouncy castle and meetings take place in either a ball pit or hot tub. Food and drink is available on demand and is brought directly to your bouncy castle by women on segways. If you want coffee, there’s an on-site botanical garden that replicates the exact atmospheric conditions of northern Ecuador and grows its own coffee beans for all employees to enjoy. At lunchtime, the main canteen is only accessible via a series of monkey bars and a 20ft climbing wall, which is great fun. Obviously, to exit the canteen one must then use the helter-skelter.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Sherrick Hamilton
5 09/04/2017 Sherrick Hamilton

What is not to love about this place. It's utterly incredible and anyone who gets to go through its doors are very privileged indeed!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Tribal Alien
5 26/03/2017 Tribal Alien

loved learning about the new deep learning and the latest advances in GCP [Google Cloud Platform].

Review of GeekSquads Global by Filippo Gasbarro
5 13/03/2017 Filippo Gasbarro

Fantastic place inside! For enter in tthe offices you must book

Review of GeekSquads Global by paul drury
1 05/03/2017 paul drury

i paul drury will sue google for,four hundred million pounds, for misleading appearance,i paul drury will also sue alphabet for one billion pounds, for misleading appearance, in the london law court you are a big company. i will go to the london high court and sue your companies, the goverment should pay for me to sue you, if you publish misleading appearance you are breaking the law see the police.see cnbc ,news. google gets deeper into home services.if i pay money to google ,google will remove bullying review of my company

Review of GeekSquads Global by Lu Tran
5 20/02/2017 Lu Tran

Great office with an incredible view! Easy to reach via all transportation methods.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Peter Hawkes
5 01/02/2017 Peter Hawkes

Excellent service provider. I use the Google Cloud Platform, low cost, flexible, excellent documentation. Never had any issues whatsoever. I find them to be easier and lower cost than AWS and Rackspace. Pleased with performance, reliability and uptime.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Obioma Uchendu
5 14/01/2017 Obioma Uchendu

Great clients relationship.
Wonderful place to work in

Review of GeekSquads Global by Alizé Lambert
5 10/01/2017 Alizé Lambert

Very good English school with experienced teachers. Attractive prices and an ideal location ( Near the Wimbledon Station & Library) !

Review of GeekSquads Global by Kashmira wagh
5 11/12/2016 Kashmira wagh

Great location, colourful buildings, friendly concierge and really cool lifts designed for effective crowd management

Review of GeekSquads Global by Niilo Alhovaara
4 24/10/2016 Niilo Alhovaara

Not your ordinary office building, that's for sure. Great food when it's time for lunch and a really nice spot for eating outdoors. Really friendly folks as well - and they seem to know what they are doing!

Review of GeekSquads Global by Eduard de Boer
5 29/09/2016 Eduard de Boer

Nicely decorated office, although we have only seen the top floor. Was impressed by the HUGE videowall. The reputation of the tasteful food at Google has been confirmed :)
Met experts from all over the world.

Review of GeekSquads Global by Nuruddin Kamil
5 09/09/2016 Nuruddin Kamil

One of the Google HQ in Europe

I've been lucky enough to be invited here and joined top contributor meetup. The place is quite same with the Old Singapore Google Office. But I do love the ambience here. This is cozy place

Love it

Review of GeekSquads Global by Neil Coward
5 06/05/2016 Neil Coward

I had the pleasure of vising here and as far as work environments go, this is just amazing. Very easy to use reception and nice atmosphere. Easily the best part was the amazing selection of food in the canteen, it was lovely! I only wish more company's would adapt this for their employees. Well worth a visit if you can.

GeekSquads Global

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GeekSquads Global Location

1-13 St Giles High St, London WC2H 8AG, UK

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GeekSquads Global Q&A

GeekSquads Global Q&A

What makes a great website?

Web sites should:
Provide credible, original content in as many forms as possible
Original content is the most important trait of a great Web site. Sites that provide only links to other sites are essentially meta-lists (although Yahoo seems to be doing well :), while sites that have some information that's useful to the user stand out and will be revisited. A recent check of's statistics confirms this, our content providers account for 62% of's total impressions. Content is King.
Provide valuable, timely information to the user, not lots of data.
Web sites should be updated regularly. Stale Web sites say "been there, done that." For the information to be valuable it should be well-edited. For external links include only the best sites with concise descriptions. For internal content be like a magazine editor, don't rush to publish mediocre or incomplete articles. Typos are unacceptible. [sic]
Original Content is the most important trait of a great Web site.
Share everything you learn
Great Web sites share everything they learn and hear (that's relevant of course) with their users. Give behind the scenes accounts of your latest site features, go open source, start a newsletter, and you'll get more than you give.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

2. What time frame is provided and what’s the scope of the project?
13. Who is the primary contact person for the project?
14. What will be the measure of completion?
15. Will there be a continuing assessment of the project?
16. Which are the preferred channels and modes of communication about the project?

What do you love most about your job?

Being a web designer is hard work, and at many times during the process the slate in front of you will feel perpetually blank. Designers are keenly familiar with blank slates and endless possibilities.
So, take some of that brilliance that helps you transform nothing into something and use it to build your own life design. Like a website, a life needs to be an enjoyable, enriching, interesting experience. When you’re planning your future, you are designing a website inhabited by one person: you.
You know your challenges, desires and strengths better than anyone else, and this makes you uniquely qualified to chart your career path. The profession of web designer will become more and more prestigious as time goes on, so knowing where you’re going and how you plan to get there is imperative.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I had been employed for few years till one day I realized that the only thing I was doing was actually building others' dreams. I had a steady fixed income each month, that's great when you start a career, but I'm a dreamer and a visionary myself and I always knew I was destined for something great. I halted for a second to understand how the world works and it was time for reversing the equation. In the Real World you either be an entrepreneur, or you work for one. On that day I decided to wear multiple of hats till I let the world build my own dream.
My secrete recipe of success: All what I need is discipline, keep daydreaming, thinking outside the box and reading between the lines. I'm not smarter than the rest of the world, but I put much effort everyday to become a better version of myself yesterday. But for every success there is a price, you need to sacrifice something. I did.

Why should our clients choose you?

Do what you would tell your clients to do and find something that differentiates your agency, whether that is focusing on a vertical market, a tone of voice, proof that your work delivers results (backed up with a process to get those facts from your clients) or a guarantee.
This will take time, and it means you have to stop working in your business and start working on your business. During that time, you won’t be generating revenue. However, when you reveal the new you, all the effort will have been worth it because you will stand out and stand for something. That way, as a potential client, I now have a choice. The flavor you sell or another’s.
If you get your message right, there will be plenty of businesses after what you offer. On top of that, they will be clients who respect what you say and do. You will be stronger and deliver even better results. You may even be able to charge more because you offer something different.
And, if you don’t do it? Well, you’d better get used to toast and jam!

Services provided by GeekSquads Global

GeekSquads Global Services

Website Design

Website development

Mobile apps design and Development

Game design and development

We can build Unity 3D, Unreal Engine 4 games with VR and AR features too.

Work history from GeekSquads Global

Work History

Senior software engineer


From September 2001 to June 2009.

Project Manager


From August 2009 to present.


Live Directory System

Can provide more details on chat.

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