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I work with new and experienced models to start or build their portfolios, I shoot all styles from Fashion to Art Nude and Erotica, Headshots and Glamour.

During the day I am an IT consultant, but by night I am whizzing around meeting models and agents and taking or editing pictures.


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Wendy Woo Godding

Fantastic, couldn't be happier. Very professional at every stage. Definitely use again


James Pratt

We've worked together several times now over the years to great effect. Summer water falls here we come.


Matthew Serpieri

Lovely time shooting with him. Would love to do it again in the future.


Liam Xehanort Spooner

Have to say he does very good shots and from what I've seen they are very well done :)


Benni Hartigan

Where do I start with Gareth? Let's start with that his photos are works of art! Honestly Gareth is such a great guy and I have always had a good experience!


Liea Perry

had a shoot at an expo with gareth *my first ever shoot) he was great to work with! patient attentive and an all around really nice guy. great photographer, i seriously recommend him! More...


I feel the best photos are where you can build a rapport and then the client or model relaxes and has a little fun. I sometimes find some of the best shots are where I say relax, I am just testing the lights, then they see the image and relax realising that all is OK and they look great. I believe in constant feedback, showing the back of camera as we go through, deciding on any tweaks or just showing how awesome the model looks.

What is the aim for the photos, personal, professional, confidence building etc etc. Some people just want to try it to see how it feels, I try to always have a relaxed atmosphere, I don't like to let time constraints be an issue, we shoot what we can to get the results.

The people, that is why I love portraits, fashion, boudoir and art nudes, all of these different styles bring you different people wanting different things for different reasons. So many different shoots and locations, the people you meet are always different.

I got into photography thanks to my fiancee, we were on holiday, unfortunately the weather was awful, so we were in the hotel and after getting bored of the hotel amenities, we decided to have an impromptu photoshoot. The results were great, we both had a lot of fun and that is when we decided to both give more of the photography lifestyle a go, me with photography and her with modelling. After that, I learnt how to use my camera properly and did a few courses and started shooting models regularly, from there I started working with friends, family and work colleagues and then doing photography professionally.

I have incredible drive, I always want my clients to get the results they are after, I have my own small studio to help keep costs down, I have plenty of gear to work outdoors too and I am always trying and learning new techniques. I use a professional full time editor to make sure the pictures are edited to the highest standards and this lets me concentrate on client management and results in better shoots as I can spend more time shooting and less editing.



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Fashion photography

Boudoir photography

Art Nude Photography

Cosplay Photography and specialised edits