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Fuse Financial Partners bridges the gap between you and your company’s finance and accounting function. We position your business for long-term success with our CFO Services. Our team of consultants improves financial reporting, budgeting, projecting, cash flow management, and more.



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Account Reconciliation, Bookkeeping, Budgeting, Cash Flow Management, Financial Reporting, Projections, KPI/Dashboard Development, Accounting and Business Consulting including profit optimization, Network and Vendor Referrals, and More.

Good financial information is the backbone of good business decisions. If you don't have the ability, know-how, or time to manage the accounting function yourself, you need to ensure you have someone who has your back so that the information you are making your business decisions on is sound.

I enjoy working with different clients and learning about how they started their business, what they are doing, and their vision for the future. My job is to help them get there and make getting there enjoyable!

I am fortunate that I am able to work with a group of entrepreneurs who love entrepreneurs! We love the mind set of those who are willing to dare to be on their own and be an inspiration to others!

I'm willing to work at all hours to help a client get what they need! We are here for our clients and answer any burning question they may have. Their heartburn is my heartburn and we want to minimize their concerns by thinking ahead.