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Fresh Focus is a Creative Studio Management Consultancy helping to streamline, maximise and increase productivity. Offering over 21 years design experience, which includes Marketing, Packaging and 16 years publishing experience producing books, magazines, annual reports and brochures.


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The creative process begins with a short survey followed by a call video or just audio to discuss the brief this will help establish what would define success to you and the end-user, what the tone of voice is of the brand/company and put together timeframes to deliver the project. The timeframes will include initial concepts, approval and 2 rounds of amends, then move onto the first and second draft for the design assets. Two rounds of amends can be taken in before finalising the files for production.

Information needed ideally would be who's the Target Audience/the end user, including age range, disposable spend, sex and location. Where is it being used and why? What's the key benefits from the offer? Is there any supporting analysis? Has the copy provided been proofread and edited? Is it digital or print format? What's the spec and are there contact details for the production team?
A digital survey can be provided with all the necessary fields to help gather all the necessary information. When a brief is put forward without these key questions being answered it often leads to confusion, numerous time-sapping amends, a non-cohesive design with unpredictable results.

Combining a passion for photography with a love of food photography, design and all creative things in life. Always inquisitive and eager to learn, Fresh Focus are inspired by the worlds of art, graphic design, food and photography.

I offer a breadth of expertise covers a wide range of experience and industries that will help ensure a productive and creative guidance for your business.