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Marcie Strasser

2 July 2019

Simon is a terrific instructor! We had a blast making croissants with my family


Nitin Mariwalla

30 June 2019

The chef was friendly and fun, and he was a true professional. The food was delicious and everyone had a great time. I highly recommend the pastry class here.


Staci Myer-Klein

30 June 2019

Really great croissant making experience. The teacher as supper helpful and nice. We made a lot of croissants to take home


Amy G.

16 June 2019

I attend croissant-making class and had a great time. The Chef was very personable and eager to ensure he met each of the attendees wherever our cooking skills were at. Thank you, Chef!


Jose E.

20 May 2019

Dessert Catering was on point!!!  Simon and his team made delicious and beautiful cakes for our wedding. We had a tasting to make selections, and it was hard to pick from so many delicious pastries... Our guests loved everything! Caramel & Passion fruit one was a party highlight, everyone was bragging about it!Very professional and  kind staff,beautiful and delicious work, 10, 10, 10s across the board !!! More...


Corey Birtles

10 May 2019

What a great experience. Who knew making macaron was so easy!!


Emily V.

6 May 2019

Chef Simon hosted an amazing class for our bachelorette group! He made it such a fun experience for everyone and very much helped us understand the complex process of making macarons. Would definitely recommend his classes and we hope to return for another class in the future. More...


Maria Camila C.

9 April 2019

One of the best classes! I took the macaroon making class about 3 years ago and it was amazing! Still making them to this day! I had a blast! Making time to go back soon! Chef Simon was great! More...


Chris Chaszczynski

25 March 2019

Great class, trying to learn how to make croissants. Result was incredible tasty! Will be back!


Christian H.

25 March 2019

well organized class making croissants. chef Simon is friendly and an expert. excellent teacher. had a great time and learned a lot


Cheryl M.

24 March 2019

Chef Simon Herfray's hands-on croissant-making lesson was perhaps the clearest and best-organized class on any subject that I have ever attended. By shifting the order of the steps in this two-day procedure, he enabled us to complete each of its many steps within the 2-1/2 hour class. He also told us how to make croissants in a home kitchen, including how to improvise a proofing box. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to make croissants or even just to understand the exacting process of making them. I appreciated his rigorous but encouraging presentation and hope to take other baking classes from him. More...


Sally E.

20 March 2019

I took the macaron-making class with Chef Simon and it was fabulous! He has a lovely sense of humour and does a lot of his teaching through demonstrations, which is really helpful because, for example, I had no idea what to do with a piping bag, and Chef Simon showed us how to fill it and how to pipe neat circles. As one reviewer notes below, it is true that we don't make all of the elements ourselves (e.g., the strawberry jam filling was already made for us), but I don't see that as a drawback because it takes a really long time to make jam and it's hard to make macarons if you've never done it before. I had no idea of the proper consistency of the meringue or how to fold in the food colouring, and recipes aren't really helpful in that respect without a demonstration. The class was super fun, and the finished products--chocolate, caramel, and strawberry macarons--were delicious! More...


Nick F.

20 March 2019

So tasty! I haven't taken a class but have gotten to taste the creations of Chef Simon. They are amazing.


Tovah Y.

20 March 2019

I decided to take a friend to the Mille-Feuilles and Madeleines workshop for her birthday, and since another friend decided to join, the price was discounted (very reasonable compared to other pastry workshops I researched). I also called up in advance to find out about cancellations/transferring the booking to a different workshop, and both options were available without having to give major notice.    When we arrived for the class they had put out a plate of delicious macarons for us to eat and we could each make coffee or tea. The kitchen was very clean and well organized, and, although on the small side, it was cozy and there was plenty of counter space on which to work. The only downside was having to share two mixers amongst four groups and having to take turns at the stove. If a solution could be found for this, then it would havemade things move faster and the class may not have gone over time. Honestly though, bony really seemed to mind very much, and this wouldn't affect my five start rating.    The pastry chef who ran our workshop was extremely friendly, took time explaining everything with added humor, and seemed very knowledgeable when answering our questions. She made sure to come around and help us when necessary, and she really made it an overall enjoyable experience!    The end product was delicious, and we got to taste what we made while there but were also supplied boxes to take home the extras. This was a really lovely workshop that offered delicious recipes which I will definitely use in the future. Looking forward to trying out one of the other pastry classes soon! More...


Danielle L.

18 March 2019

MACARON MAKING CLASSThis was an awesome experience for my family and me. Simon is knowledgable, focused, and taught us all a lot about making macarons. The group size (8) was perfect for a learning experience and some fun casual socializing. We are thrilled with the finished products we brought home with us, and feel more equipped and confident to try making macarons at home again. More...


Stealth G.

13 March 2019

I did the croissant making class. Excellent introduction to a complex process. Chef broke down the steps into manageable segments and everyone in the class had hands-on experience. What better than piping hot croissants fresh out of the oven - plain, chocolate, ham & cheese - and to take away too!!  BYOB too!! I highly recommend the class ‍ More...


Daria Jung

23 February 2019

Had a lot of fun learning how to make croissants and pain au chocolat from scratch! Chef Simon is great


Kristen N.

2 January 2019

I took a croissant making class with a friend that I found via CourseHorse. My friend has lots of baking experience and regularly makes breads from scratch, whereas I have very little experience, and both of us found the class informative and fun. In fact, we made our own croissants a couple weeks later and they turned out great! Although, full disclosure, she was really the one who made the dough...if I'd had to do it all by myself I am not sure it would have turned out as well ;) But as for the class, it was intimate, with 3 groups of 3-4 people. We shared the work but each of us got hands-on experience every step of the process. There were 2 instructors, which made it easier to get guidance and ask questions. Chef Simon was great, as was the other chef (I forgot her name); they each brought a slightly different perspective and personality. With my inexperience I was a little intimidated to ask questions of Chef Simon, so having the other instructor there too made it more approachable. I also appreciated the way they managed to fit all the steps into one 3-hour class. Croissant making is a long process with lots of waiting, so instead of doing it all in order, they gave us pre-made dough to practice rolling out, cutting, and folding, and then while our creations were proofing we started a new dough (which presumably would be used for a future class). Overall it was a good class for all levels, though it definitely helps to have some prior baking experience. I probably would not have been confident enough to try making croissants on my own afterward if it hadn't been for my more experienced friend :) But I would still recommend it for croissant lovers, Francophiles, or anyone who wants to impress their friends and family with a homemade, delicious, flaky, buttery breakfast. (Make sure you tell them how many layers of dough they're eating!) More...


Pamela S.

23 September 2018

Still savoring the macarons we made in class the other night with Chef Simon. Fun and efficient class, took home a boxful(!) of delicious macarons (lemon/chocolate/apricot, I honestly can't decide which flavor I like more), and I learned skills I can actually use on my own. Win, win, win. Would definitely return for another class in the future. More...


Gabe D.

14 September 2018

Great baking classes for macaroons and tarts


Dan Sternick

27 August 2018

Hidden gem - amazing macroon class - chef Simon was excellent - great step by step instructions - small space book early


meredith g.

17 August 2018

What a perfect idea for a date in NYC. So much better than another dinner or movie night! Lots to learn, but Chef Simon makes it super easy and approachable. My husband enjoyed it, too and thought it would be a great idea to bring a client or two for a unique bonding experience! The kitchen is clean, well-organized and Chef has it down to a science! Great fun!! More...


Suki C.

28 April 2018

Came here on a date type thing with my boyfriend and enjoyed our time here! We took the macaron class and chef Simon was great! He has a fairly thick French accent but if you listen you get it! OUI!? he tells you to answer him with "oui chef" haha thought that was pretty cute! Anyway, like others mentioned, ingredients were pre-measures out and already in the bowl upon your arrival along with eggs and whatever else. Oh well? He gives you ingredients and suggestions though so that worked I guess! He was as hands on as we were, instructing us on batter consistency and when it's ready. We got to pipe our shells and made two of the three fillings- one was already made. I got to make one of the fillings which was fun and we got to filled our own macarons! The overall experience was pretty fun and enjoyable! A cute date idea and you get to bring home a box of macarons to share! Taste? VERY VERY GOOD! flavors were also very good! But the only thing is you shouldn't eat the macarons until 24-36 hours after it is made. Chef Simon also made us beignets! Yum! More...


A R.

14 April 2018

I took the croissant baking class and fully enjoyed Chef Simon's talents in the kitchen. I longed to taste wonderful pastries after leaving Japan and had not found it in many places, especially in southeastern Virginia, where I lived for years. Knowing that French pastry shops usually had the great tasting desserts, when I saw that there was a class being taught by an experienced French Chef, I jumped at the chance! I will certainly take another class without a doubt! Eclairs, puff pastries, bignets, I want to learn how to make them all! Thank you Chef Simon for making it fun and memorable! More...


Kim T.

19 March 2018

Booked a small private class - just four friends.  We told Simon we wanted to learn Macaron and Madelein and he set up a perfect 2 1/2 hour class to teach us. He entertains as he teaches and he is very good at showing you exactly what you are looking for in each step of the process. He helped us take out some of the mystery around making the macron. Our first batch came out perfect - the hardest part was having to wait 24 hours to eat one while they set up. We would suggest booking Simon for any baking class - he teaches out of a private, little kitchen that is really convenient to the subway.  Would be a great small party idea - he said he can teach out of a kitchen in NJ or out of people's homes so the possibilities are endless.  Cannot wait to return to learn more. More...


Nikki B.

13 February 2018

Alright, so I got the croissant class with Chef Simon as a gift--perhaps suggesting that I need to improve my baking skills? I came in thinking 3 hours was long time for a class but alas, croissants take about 9234129 hours to make (and, well, any baking takes a long time so that was silly of me to think). If you don't come in with 1 or 2 other people, you will be paired at a station with a stranger or 2, so just something to keep in mind.  I have to say I enjoyed the entire class and felt comfortable asking questions. I personally thought that Chef Simon explained things clearly and I picked up some good tips that I can apply to other baking as well. I had a good time and the fresh croissants were worth all the work (but gone oh so fast). More...


Vaishnavi K.

30 January 2018

Great class, amazing chef! Chef Simon walked us through macaroon making quite patiently. Delicious macaroons were the end product :). Would highly recommend


Holly R.

23 January 2018

Thank you Chef Simon for a wonderful culinary experience during our private French pastry class.  We enjoyed making the Chocolate Fondant Cake with home made ice cream and Madeleine cookies with and without chocolate and cranberries. Chef Simon was great. He was very personable, knowledgeable, funny, patient and creative. Thank you also for being flexible and accommodating. We were a party of 5 with ages varying from 16 to 73. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Finally, thank you for all the baking tips. We'd highly recommend this class!! More...


Serena H.

17 October 2017

Discovered this baking school off Groupon a few weeks ago, and after self rescheduling my class 3 times (thank you French'Encas for being patient with me!), my friend and I finally made it to Chef Simon's macaron making class. The place itself is literally just a kitchen- you step through the front doors and you are already on stage ready to bake. Chef Simon measures the ingredients out himself because the ratios are very important to macaron making, then you mix in groups. Everyone had the opportunity to pipe their own shells and pipe their own filling- that to me was the funnest part of the class! Chef Simon was very helpful, friendly, and approachable and the facility felt really clean and cozy. I definitely will recommend his macaron classes and may return for a second time to learn how to bake other French pastries! More...


Hannah K.

12 October 2017

i took a macaron baking class with my bf last week. let me tell you, i wont ever complain about the price of macarons ever again. they were really freaken delicious but also were a lot of work. we took home more than the avg 8 macarons per person bc we had a smaller class and all of our friends whom we shared with loved LOVED the macarons. we made passionfruit and caramel. it was very intimate and very fun, and Chef Simon is so funny and hospitable. definitely worth every dollar! More...


Norbert W.

6 October 2017

Chef Simon is one of the best French Chef , don't miss this opportunity to learn with him.Thanks again


Monica M.

1 October 2017

This was my first time taking a class at French'Encas.  Kitchen setup is very good.  Class size was appropriate so it was not crowded and everyone is able to participate.  Chef Simon makes it easy and interesting.  I will definitely be back for another class More...


Mary S.

5 September 2017

Chef Simon is the best! I signed up for the macaron class and had such a great time! The group was very convivial and Chef Simon was very funny, friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed it! Definitely coming back and I highly recommend this class!Thanks Chef Simon! More...


Roxanne S.

28 June 2017

At first sight, the place is very small and did not look like we would all fit comfortably. It also did not appear to be like it was going to be a fun class. However Simon was inviting and has a great sense of humor. He is a talented chef as well as a great teacher with a lot of baking tips!The end result was amazing! I would highly recommend taking his classes. More...


Teg Chadha

24 May 2017

Chef Simon was awesome and very helpful! Learned a lot and the macaroons came out better than from the bakery! Highly recommended!


Tiff C.

10 November 2016

Had a macaron baking class with Simon Herfray. It was fun, engaging, and informative. The Chef made jokes, didn't take himself too seriously, and it was a welcoming environment. For those that don't bake much or are total newbies, you won't feel intimidated here. He will walk you through everything, answer questions, as well as step in when needed -- and I needed help here and there, especially when i accidentally flopped the parchment paper over and ruined some of the piped batter! This school/class is offered regularly via Groupon, so you can always snag an affordable deal.The class itself was held in Harlem. A small kitchen studio, but clean and organized. There were a total of 11 people, and then the teacher. Moving around could be challenging at times, but overall, we would stick to our section of the table and only cluster around when he had to demonstrate something. Even thought the class was about two hours long, it felt like it moved really quickly. I guess there was a lot to cover in a short period of time. It felt slightly rushed, and not as hands on as I would prefer (hence the 4 stars). He did the Italian meringue in front of us, and explained the process, but we couldn't see how it was made, how it was stiffening, and when it was finally done. We just had to go by his word, but I would have liked to see everything firsthand.  Something like that isn't necessarily timed, but by watching it progress along the way. We did learn the basics of making macaron batter as well as some tips to make them come out better -- like gently folding in increments, getting rid of the air, rapping the tray after piping the cookies, letting them dry a bit before putting in the oven. He also made chocolate ganache in front of us. While we waited for them to bake, we all hung around and chatted, he handed out some waters from the walk-in fridge. He did burn a couple trays, unfortunately the ones me and my friends made! But he does make extra cookies with any leftover batter, so there were more than enough to go around. And then we all took turns with the filling -- hazelnut, chocolate ganache, and raspberry jam -- and that was so fun. Then sandwiching them together. We took home our goodies in small cardboard boxes, so they would be protected and not get squashed. He said they were best eaten after 24 hours, so everything could set? And that they could be refrigerated or frozen, just needed to let them warm up. I have to say, they did hold up very well! More...


Food Lover C.

7 November 2015

My boyfriend and I are no strangers to cooking/baking classes for date nights, but this one takes the cake....err, macaron. Chef Simon is such a pleasure (just don't call macarons French burgers, ok?). He is friendly, loves to joke around, but still teaches you all the skills very well. He really was a great part of the evening whereas we've had instructors for other classes who made it a not-so-good experience. There were 11 people in my class and we split into 3 groups to make the cookie shells for the three separate flavors- chocolate, hazelnut, and raspberry. Then, each person was on their own to make their own tray of cookie shells and add the fillings. Chef Simon gave us just the right balance of traditional instruction to hands-on with guidance. We definitely learned the process A-Z but also how to take shortcuts without ruining the product when you don't have all the required time to spare (the process should take about one whole day while the class is only 2.5 hours). The only complaint I have is that you can't really eat the macarons until 24-48 hours after they're made!! Tips: wear something comfortable, including shoes. Ladies, keep your hair out of the way. You can bring wine to sip on while working! Take plenty of pictures of each step so you can have something to use as a guide when you try to make them on your own. Oh, and work out those arms before this class because there's a lot of manual mixing and folding! More...


Kendra Y.

6 September 2015

The French macaron class is held at a bakery in Harlem. Simon is an excellent French chef/teacher and walks you through every step! The macaron turned out very well - perfectly done! We shared it with our friends and coworkers and got lots of compliments. French macaron is very tricky to make - so not sure if I can replicate the recipe at home without Chef Simon! More...



9 June 2015

All the guests enjoyed the desserts from FrenchsEncas..... With empty plates as proof!!!!
Simon is always ready to please his customer. So easy to work with!!!



6 June 2015

Our wedding cake was not only gorgeous but so good! Was all gone before i arrived to get an other piece!


Kayla K.

10 May 2015

I highly recommend the French Macaroon class. Simon is the absolute best instructor for this class. You make the delicious treat from start to finish, and you get to take them all home. I have not broke into my box yet but I know they will be great! More...


Karina C.

22 February 2015

Took a macaron class after several failed attempts on my own. Learned a new process for macaron stages - which included hand mixing the base in three stages then adding meringue in slowly. Still need to work on my piping skills as the proof is evident when the shells arrive out of the oven. Overall, very informative hands on class. Bring wine or champagne to make it a little more lively! More...


Ruth A.

6 September 2014

Great French baking class and fun was had by all. Our profiteeroles came out so well and tasted so great that lots of my friends thought I had bought them at an upscale bakery. I left feeling much more confident than when I started. More...


Mélina D.

11 January 2014

Simon est un excellent chef pâtissier. Ces desserts sont toujours un délice. Il est très pédagogue et sait vous communiquer sa passion pour la pâtisserie. Si vous voulez passer une bonne à apprendre la pâtisserie,  ne cherchez plus, c'est french enca. More...

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