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Freestyle offer a full range of website design and development services along with search engine optimisation, usability, accessibility and consultancy.


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Sure it's got to look good, and work across devices, but most importantly it's got to achieve its goals, the expectations of success the client has.

Initially an overview of what's required, when it ideally needs to be done by and how much budget has been allocated.

From here it get's interesting, and we'll get into detail, why is the project being done, what are the goals for the business, on what criteria would success be judged, who the stakeholders are.

And from here onto design and technical specifics.


Variety of clients, the different challenges we need to overcome to help them succeed and the variety of the web, all of the different devices and practices that we need to keep up to date with.

Good question, tricky, I've only ever been self employed.

Attention to detail, high quality and experience coupled with a desire to really understand a client's business and help them achieve their online goals.