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Frank Piercy Photography

Terryville, Connecticut, Litchfield

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Frank Piercy Photography

Terryville, Connecticut, Litchfield



Frank Piercy Photography offers a variety of services. Headshots, Portraits, Event Photography, Real Estate Photography. What I do differently is travel to you. Don't have time to go to a studio to get that headshot or portrait? I will come to your home or work and with my portable backdrops and lighting and we will get those shots done fast.

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Raymond J. Wheaton

17 December 2018

Frank has a camera talent and amazing eye for capturing pictures that move you. He shoots in many genres of photography- nature, live bands, stills. I highly recommend his services.


Scott Schacht

17 December 2015

I am franks bro in law and am with him at 98% of these shows,I see how hard he works to get these great photo's and i give him lots of credit because it isn't easy! stay with it frank your photos are amazing! More...


Marji Piercy-Schacht

15 October 2013

huh...who knew...nice page ;)


The secret to taking a great picture I believe, is being comfortable with what your doing. When your comfortable with what your doing, it help makes your subject more comfortable and at ease, that is when the magic happens.

The first and foremost question is, what are you looking for? Especially with headshots and portraits, do they want something formal or something lighthearted and fun.

What I love the most about doing this, is that glimmer in their eye when they see the images and realize, "Hey I really look good"

For years, I have worked for other people, My photography a part time endeavor. After 15 years the company I was working for decided to downsize and consolidate. My position was eliminated. I am at a point in my life where I want to do my own thing, not work for someone else, stuck in a building 40 to 60 hours a week, hoping for a glance of sunlight. It was time to bring my dreams and hopes to the forefront.

I believe that they should choose me because I will listen to them and deliver to them the product that THEY want at a reasonable price.