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Frames in Motion Ga

Willow Wind, Georgia


Frames in Motion Ga

Willow Wind, Georgia


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10 July 2019

Earl was very prompt, patient, & professional! We enjoyed him capturing our big day. We will certainly keep him around and recommend his services! Thank you Earl



16 January 2019

Earl was amazing to work with. He was professional but also very personable. He is patient and worked well with all of my bridal party. He captured our wedding beautifully and everyone that has seen the highlight video and full length video loved it and cried their eyes out. (In a good way) I am so thankful we found Earl to make our wedding day even more special and I know I will be watching our wedding video for years to come.( I've already rewatched it 5 times and we received it yesterday) It will be great to be able to one day show our future children! I would recommend Earl 1000% ! More...



16 October 2018

I truly enjoyed the services from Mr. Earl. He was great from the beginning. He was very professional and always answer all my questions. I will refer Frames In Motions.



17 September 2018

If you are looking for a videographer, Frames In Motion with Earl is the way to go! He is very pleasant, professional, sincere and caring, making sure to capture every special moment on your special day. When you message him, his response is always immediate. You can't beat his price for his services either. By far the best providing a real quality video of memories. He is very accommodating, any requests we had, he did. His turnaround of delivery of wedding highlight video was 2 weeks and then receipt of the actual full wedding video was about at the 3 1/2 week mark where most others say they will have it to you in 3 months or more! He videoed our son's wedding August 18th, and he will also be videoing our daughter's wedding in November. We can't to see how that one turns out as well! We know it will be special though with his creative eye. Thanks again Earl, and see you in November at 9 Oaks !!! L. Middleton, Athens GA More...



2 August 2018

Spoke with this team on the phone and almost lit the candle. Would probably work with them. Logistically, we couldn’t work out the dates. Super professional on the phone. Loved the work I reviewed. More...


Excited For This Day To Come

19 July 2018

Earl is easy to work with and Frames in Motion is affordable for your event. The videography was perfect for my wedding!



9 July 2018

Highly recommend working with Earl to capture your special day in it's entirety. I can't say enough how pleased we are with all of the details he captured on our wedding day. He's very professional, friendly , and did a great job with keeping us informed on how the day would go. We loved our 10 minute youtube highlight video and we were able to share it with our friends and families so that they could re live the day with us. Thank you so much for working with us and making our wedding day the best.

-The Fowlers



9 October 2017

Earl was simply awesome! I love that he provides a 10 minute YouTube video of the wedding highlights -- everybody that I have sent the link to has loved the video and they all said that they felt like they were back at the wedding. A few of them even said they cried. Earl was very easy to work with. He knows what he needs to get the best shots and the video proves it. If you are looking for a videographer for your event, you cannot go wrong when you hire Earl! His price packages are very affordable (which I loved) and the quality of the video was spectacular! More...



14 June 2017

Earl was awesome and was very flexible and responsive. We were happy with the price, the experience, and the result. Would definitely reccomend!



4 December 2016

Earl Warren from Frames In Motion was absolutely fantastic! Eric and I are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Earl for our wedding video needs. Earl was extremely professional and provided quality customer service. He went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that every aspect of our wedding from pre-wedding preparation through ceremony and reception was caught on film. We received wonderful feedback from family and friends on how lovely, professional, and creative the videos were...especially the 10 minute YouTube clip (Must See Shenece and Eric Wedding Highlights)! Most importantly, Earl made us feel like a part of his Frames In Motion family, and made sure we were well taken care of. We have already recommended Frames In Motion to our family and friends for all their future video needs! His pricing and selection of different video packages are the best you'll find in the Atlanta communities and 200 mile surrounding area.

Sincere thanks and gratitude, Shenece & Eric Dixon (11/05/2016, Atlanta, GA)



15 November 2016

A videographer was used mainly because our bride was from a country so far away, her parents couldn't be with us. That said, we didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that might be viewed a handful of times--we wanted our top dollars going to photography. Earl Warren of Frames in Motion got that, where other vendors were playing the wedding racquet. Earl didn't hard sell. Didn't try to talk us into more. He just got it. I think his original price for what we wanted was $400, and we added more service. He also totally got that he kind of needed to be invisible so the photographer and her two assistants could do their thing uninterrupted, because their work was on going on walls and would be seen every day. He was very cooperative, had quick turnaround, did what he said he would do when he said he would do it, and had a very pleasant demeanor throughout the day. Enjoyed having him as our videographer. If I were going to offer a tip, it would be generic to any videographer or photographer -- make sure there is a privacy clause in the contract. You see the pics of the bride on the floor or pool with the whole world laughing except her, I'm guessing those come from contracts without privacy clauses. More...



7 July 2016

Earl from frames in Motion was so professional and courteous. He was very proficient in doing his job he captured every single moment nothing was missed. We loved our video and seeing our friends and family enjoying in our joyous occasion. More...



25 September 2015

With only 1 week until the wedding, my father-in-law asked if we were having a videographer. We had maintained the entire process that we would not hire one, because it wasn't worth the price. But I looked for unedited packages and could not believe how low Earl's price was. I called him and tentatively asked if he was still available. He was extremely kind, attentive, and helpful and assured me he could work it out for us. We love our wedding video, and the price was extremely affordable. I haven't found such a great value since then. I definitely recommend Frames in Motion. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. More...



10 May 2015

I got married April 25, 2015 and we used Earl as our wedding videographer. He was very affordable. Earl was also on time and captured moments with out me having to tell him what I wanted. We got the wedding video back with in a week! After watching my wedding video I was in tears. IT WAS PERFECT!!! The quality was amazing and the video was exactly what I wanted plus more. He did an amazing job!!! I was so happy with our results I couldnt stop watching our special day. I would definitely recommend anyone who is getting married to use Frames in Motion! You wont be disappointed. More...



11 November 2014

Earl really is a great value for your dollar. However, he has a very specific way of doing things that clashed with my personal style a bit. If you want a videographer who will stand back and just capture the day, he may not be it. If you want one who wants to stage moments for a highlight real, Earl is definitely your guy. But other than trying to stage those moments that I really didn't have time to stage, he was a good videographer. And I have confidence when I get my video this week, it will be beautiful. He also has a very fast editing turn around, which is nice. More...



4 November 2014

I thought I would have to forgo having a videographer at my wedding, but then I stumbled across Frames in Motion ad. Earl was very professional, punctual and personable. His fees were reasonable and was very pleased with his services. I was able to capture live footage of my special day without breaking the bank! More...



2 November 2014

My husband and I used this videographer for our wedding. He is very prompt and professional. He has vast knowledge of his equipment and the role in which he is responsible for. Our video was complete within one week after our wedding. It was totally awesome. The quality, picture, and sound was amazing. All of the special moments was definitely captured. I would definitely recommend this videographer to anyone who is looking for great professional service at a reasonable price. More...



19 July 2014

I used this vendor for my wedding and I was very excited to see the special moments that were caught on video. The transitioning from my bridal prep to the ceremony and then to the reception was very creative. My husband and I were beyond happy about the results and we would definitely recommend using Earl for your future events. He was very patient on the day of my wedding and prior to my wedding date he made sure he had a clear understanding of how my special day would be set up. He was very professional and fun to work with! More...



24 June 2014

Earl was very professional and always stayed in contact with us. He showed up on time and took some great video of the venue before guests arrived and paid attention to all of the small details. The groom mic was great so we could hear the ceremony very easily and clearly in the video. We just did the "unedited" video package which was an amazing deal!!! Although it was "unedited", Earl did a great job and the video was awesome to watch later. We highly recommend Earl to video any wedding. He is the most professional, and has the best quality for a great value. More...



10 December 2013

Mr. Warren was very professional and friendly from our very first encounter. We met up at local restaurant to discuss my needs and his pkg prices. He showed me many videos of his work and I was impressed! His prices were very reasonable and he was able to capture alot of pure moments at my wedding. During the wedding, I hardly even saw him...which is a good thing. He provides excellent work in a very timely fashion. He had our video ready almost 2 wks after the wedding. He was very accommodating and responsive to any of our requests as well. I would definitely recommend Mr. Warren if you want a professional videographer who knows his craft. :) More...


Anthony & Yyanisha

27 November 2013

Frames in Motion provided us with excellent service, professionalism, and high quality dvd's of our wedding and reception. Mr. Warren was flexible and professional even with short notice. I would definitely use FIM for other events and highly recommend Mr. Warren. More...



18 September 2013




16 July 2013

Frames in Motion did a wonderful job with our video and they were on time and well prepared.



23 May 2013

Hiring Earl Warren was easily one of the best decisions my husband and I made during our wedding planning process. We were completely on the fence as to whether we should even get a videographer.
On the day of the wedding, Earl was so much fun and easy to work with- it was like having another friend or family member there with us. He really made everyone feel comfortable and did a great job of capturing all of those small but meaningful moments. He did such a good job of creating a story on film and in such a beautiful way... He also surprised us by including our friends' clips - wishing us well at the end of the video.
It's like watching our own love story in 5 minutes :) We could not be happier with what an amazing job he did! I would recommend Earl Warren to anyone who is looking for or trying to decide whether to use a videographer- it will be one of the best decisions you make during your planning process! He definitely knows how to turn your day into an amazing work of art. He won't disappoint you. Take the time to check him out and all of his work you will honestly be glad you did ..=o)

Annette & Jason



11 May 2013

Frames In Motion came through for our wedding at a last minute request. We weren't even considering a videographer until a friend of mine mentioned that Frames in Motion shot their wedding. The price was pretty good and he was quick to respond. He was very professional and cordial. I would definitely recommend to anyone! More...



8 May 2013

My wife and I were on the fence about hiring a videographer thinking two photographers would adequately capture the moment. It wasn't until our final weeks of preparation that we decided to hire a videographer. Mere moments after the reception on our way to relaxation we realized it was a great decision as we struggled to remember the hours just passed. You're surrounded by loved ones and moving so rapidly the day becomes a blur.

The Maid of Honor and my Best Man gave us beautiful toasts. She received heart felt "Awws" and he garnered intense laughter. I couldn't recall anything either of them said. The entire day felt like a dream sequence.

Not long after our wedding, we received a call from our videographer, Earl Warren, that our video was ready. We watched and both sat in amazement as the picture of the day became clear. There were so many things we had forgotten from fun little whisper in ear moments shared by ourselves to jovial dispays of excitement from family and friends.

I highly recomment Earl Warren to record your wedding. He was prompt, professional and perfectly captured our day so we can relive it for a lifetime.



6 May 2013

Ever so often I go back and watch my birthday party video created by Frames in Motion and each time I look at it, I have to say Wow! Job well done!



1 May 2013

I was very pleased with the level of professionalism that I received for my event. Would definately look to use them in the future should I have any other functions.



29 April 2013

Being able to relive our wedding day whenever we want to is something we cherish beyond words. There were moments captured on our wedding video that we saw for the first time when we watched it and we were so pleasantly surprised. Earl and his team were very professional and made me and my husband feel relaxed on a day that could have otherwise been stressful. Carolyn & Shane More...