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This includes training for:

Weight loss/weight gain
Fat loss
Toning, firming and sculpting
Core stability
Muscle gain
Specific sports
Pre/post natal
Young people
Older people
The unfit/fit

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FoxFitness Reviews

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FoxFitness Q&A

FoxFitness Q&A

How important is a healthy diet to someone’s health and wellbeing?

Well, the clue is in the phrase 'healthy diet' If you eat healthily, you've got more chance of being healthy and feeling well!
There are however a million factors which contribute to health and well being and it 's important to explore what works for you in terms of sustainability. This is something FoxFitness can assist you with.
However, I believe there's little point 'going on a diet' if you want to be healthy and feel better for the rest of your life. You'll probably lose weight - and that's good if you're overweight - but it could have negative knock-on effects which are likely to work against you if you are trying to change your mindset not to mention long term bad eating habits.
But take it from someone who knows (based on my own experience and many clients'), a healthy diet - combined with increased physical activity - is the key to an enhanced day to day existence. One without the other is a good start, but the combination has a double whammy effect in terms of efficiency and speed.
At FoxFitness I have many different types of eating plans which I adapt and tailor to suit my clients' specific goals. So, be assured your nutritional needs will be fully assessed (assuming you want them to be) in order for me to compile a plan bespoke to you.
And the best thing about the plans are that they are do-able. and flexible, They're not depressing low calorie diets, meal replacements etc - life's too short for that sort of thing!

How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

First things first. Clients often come to me and say something like: "I want to lose weight." A short discussion with them often reveals this to be an oversimplification of a number of things they want as part of a health and fitness overhaul.
Losing weight might be their focus, but they haven't necessarily articulated things like: they want to drop a dress size, they want less fat on their bottom, they want a slimmer waist, they want some muscle definition in their arms, they want to feel less hungry all the time, they want to look better, they want to feel better and they want to be able to run for a bus, or run after their kids, if need be.
So, the first thing I do is meet the client for a complimentary consultation where we discuss in depth what they REALLY want and need. This may require a little digging. I do, however, believe the true identification of goals is crucial before embarking on any sort of health and fitness programme.
I then take a personal, medical, fitness and nutritional history to find out what sort of plan is likely to work for that person.
I then find out their likes and dislikes , abilities and disabilities with regards exercise and use all the information to come up with a short, medium and long term programme.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

There's no secret and I don't think you need to be a personal trainer to know the answer - which is: hard work and commitment.
The longer more analytical answer is: Identify SMART goals (that's to say Specific goals, Measureable goals, Achievable goals, Relevant goals and Timely goals) and put into action a short, medium and long term plan to achieve them.
If you can do this on your own - fantastic. If you can't, then your best bet is to employ the services of a personal trainer who will do it for you.
The massive advantage of this is that it takes the guesswork out of what you're doing; the plan WILL work if you follow it, you won't injure yourself and you will be helped and supported all the way. At each session you will be motivated to work as hard as you can (and then a little harder) and if the trainer is good, then the workouts will be interesting and varied. And when things go wrong (as they will) the trainer will ensure you have the tools to get you back on track.

What do you love most about your job?

Seeing people change for the better as they fulfill their potential and sharing their joy when they achieve goals.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was a journalist for nearly 20 years working for other people - which was great - but when I turned a lifelong personal passion for health and fitness into a career by going back to college as a (very!) mature student, I decided I would be at my best working for myself. I firmly believe I made the right decision and I have never looked back.

Why should our clients choose you?

Being a personal trainer does not feel like a job to me, most of the time. I say this because I genuinely love being able to help other people feel better about themselves whether it's though exercise, diet or something else. Clients have told me that my passion for health and fitness is infectious. I am pleased to say I have converted some fitness non-believers and if you happen to be such a person, I challenge you to come to my church!
I always give 100 per cent - and then some more. I do nice things that I know other trainers don't do - like give little treats for outstanding work or do research on a subject of interest to a client and then write a document specially for them about it.
And, I'm a little different to your average personal trainer in that I'm a little bit older and I've had a previous career as a journalist on TV, national newspapers and I was once an Editor of a local paper. I think this has equipped me with a certain type of life experience that has taught me how to deal with a variety of people and get the best out of them.
As a personal trainer now, I honestly believe a good rapport between trainer and client is important in terms of the client's chances of success.
Oh, and I'm friendly, approachable, reliable, trustworthy and professional, I do, however, like to inject a little humour into sessions because exercise can be tough, and laughing can be a welcome distraction (plus, that's just who I am!)

Services provided by FoxFitness

FoxFitness Services

Health and Fitness Assessment

THE GREATEST WEALTH IS HEALTH. Find out if you are fit and healthy and, if you're not, what you can do about it. As a stand-alone FoxFitness service, you can take advantage of a 20-point health and fitness evaluation in the comfort of your own home conducted by qualified personal trainer Aylia Fox. It costs £79.99 and covers areas including heart health, body composition (fat %, body mass index, metabolic rate etc) lifestyle issues, aerobic and muscular fitness, posture, joint problems and core stability. Included in the price is a thorough health profile report dispatched within 24 hours of the assessment. Book yours by emailing foxfitness49@gmailcom or by calling: 07835 260895 / 020 8319 2843

Structured Stretching Sessions

Creaky knees, a shooting pain in your hip, a twinge in your shoulder or genearl stiffness? These are all signs of ageing and the symptoms are likely to worsen if left untreated. One way to help turn back the clock is to stretch... But what stretches, how do you do them, how do you prevent injury and how often? Well, that's where FoxFitness can come in. As stand-alone service to personal training, you can join a structured stretching programme to help with all of the above and more. Sessions can be one to one or in a group. They can take place in your home or in a public place such as a park. Prices start at £15 for an individual 30 minute session. Book yours by emailing or call: 07835 260895 / 020 8319 2843

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