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Forma Floors, LLC carries a wide variety of hardwood, laminate, and porcelain tile flooring as well as modern wall coverings. We pride ourselves on bringing a totally new concept to the market of luxury hardwood floors while also offering high quality flooring in all other more budget friendly segments.



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What I enjoy the most is the customer's smile when looking at the finished project for the very first time! Seeing an installation from the initial stage through completion is also a very rewarding feeling; it is like magic! The improvement new flooring brings to any room is so dramatic that it makes me feel like I have picked the right line of work.

Let the truth be told, chances are that the majority of the contractors will be able to nail down wood planks or install other types of flooring and pass the work as acceptable. However, very few have shaped their business around the "customer experience". We understand that having new flooring installed can be a bit overwhelming to the homeowner, so we work very hard on making sure that it goes very smoothly - I believed and I still believe that I could provide that deferential.

Because we believe that listening to our customers is key to ensuring that we meet and/or exceed every aspect of their expectations, from the material selection through the final presentation. We take an enormous pride in our interaction with our customers and show it by being honest, courteous and transparent on every encounter.