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Food Truck Emporium offers a wide variety of foods that are rich in flavor and culture. We offer catering for events and you can enjoy some of the options from our base in Lynn at Ironbound Marketplace on Mount Vernon St.

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Teressa Arrington Tibbetts

28 June 2019

I enjoyed the experience! Just watching everybody get together and have fun no matter what race, color or sexuality you are! Young and old. male or female ! Just people getting together having a great time! More...


Kathy Platcow

2 May 2019

Great food, music and Atmosphere ! what a fun time !


Cookie Gallo

31 March 2019

Always a fun time. Beer and wine, food trucks, art, fun things for kids to do, and always great entertainment, live bands, DJs and more..


Chris Bks Barbaro

25 March 2019

Amazing area, great atmosphere!


Nancy Cramp Guerrero

1 January 2019

This is helping OUR CITY! We support them. Thank you for bringing good life back into our city


Lisa Lyons

1 January 2019

it was the best!!!! Saw a lot of old friends


Alex Cuevas

1 January 2019

I love the community feel and the artists that participate.


Dana Keniston Charles Ward

31 August 2018

lots of nice art ,music played


Kingasiatic Gibson

30 July 2018



Ari Mendes

30 July 2018

Great cultural center. The place to be for good music, poetry, paintings, food and arts in general. Hot spot for this summer! I ll be there playing my guitar! Congrats,, Cisco and Ana! More...


Wanda Arias Frias

30 July 2018

Love it !!! Just hope it continues to be this NICE TIME


Josh Filipponi

30 July 2018

Positive impact on the community


Vicki Zuffanti

30 July 2018

I couldn’t have had a more funday! Can’t wait to go back!


Maria Manzueta

30 July 2018

It was a great event. If they do it next year I am sure mor business will participate. Met lots of friends from the neighborhood.


Melissa Atkinson

30 July 2018

Went down for the grand opening on the 21st... Brought my daughter and my dog... Had some great food, ran into friends I haven't seen I'm awhile, and enjoying a beer while listening to some great music!!! Love having something to do on the weekend and will definitely be going again! More...


Erik Smith

30 July 2018

I went twice on Saturday, April 21, the opening day, and I am a big fan. This is local vendors, local beer, local food, and so much fun. I will be back many times, and I am grateful to everyone that worked to make this happen! More...


Richard Amato

30 July 2018

Looking forward to this.Great thing to happen in the area. Justice and everyone involved are doing an awesome thing for that area and the neighborhood.Hope a lot of people come down and enjoy the good times that these people worked and grinded to get done! More...


Areda Hereford

30 July 2018

Thanks so much for this event. ...The variety of food, artisan and performers make it an all day affair. .not just a pit stop on your way to some place else. Thanks for the entertainment in my own backyard.. More...


Tracey Goddard

30 July 2018

Such a fantastic event. If there's a planning committee, I'd like to be part of this... I've got great idea and would like to share them. The music, especially 'the human dj' was off the chain. I got the lager than I planned so I wasn't able to alleviate all the vendors. I got Indian food from their trick, had no idea what to order but the man was helpful and very friendly... Good was yummy! I'd like to say to the young man who had a vision, great job and thank you! Tracey More...


Scott Sandonato

30 July 2018

I have been to Ironbound twice and it is a great experience with a mixture of live music, artist displays, and some of the best food trucks in the city offering all kinds of delicious food. It is great to see people like Justice Born, a LYNN resident stepping up for his community revitalizing a part of the city that was dirty and desolate. The newly beautified area looks amazing and a great way to bring people together. I highly recommend!! More...

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That it brings joy to peoples lives through food. I've been organizing events for over a decade and it's been a passion of mine to bring people together through the arts, including culinary arts.

Inspired by so many. Mostly by the advice my father gave me which is learn a skill or trade that you can take around the world. So I started organizing events, workshops, communities and eventually businesses.

We care about the customer. We guarantee results and we go above and beyond.


Whether you're looking to book 1 food truck or multiple food trucks for any occasion we got you covered.