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Thomas Clark

Great environment for training especially for young rugby athletes


Meryl Devesa

One word : awesome !!!!
Thank you


Siri Elizabeth DeMarche

Awesome people, great workouts, always a good time!


Sam Anderson

Great energy in the gym. Jared, Dylan, and Vini do an awesome job.


Anastasia Sophia

Top notch facility, Jared and Dylan really know what they are doing.


Miriam Ward

I have never experienced such an inspiring and motivational community.


Mike Spiro

Worth every penny. Jared, Dylan, and Vini REALLY know their stuff - unlike the trainers at the budget chains and the trendy CrossFit gyms.


Brianna Mary

Great workout! The trainers ensure that your form is accurate so that you're getting the best/ safest workout possible! Highly recommended!


Sandilyan Sandy

Highly skilled trainers, so friendly environment with all facilities. Treats like a family member before and after the training but kill you during the training �


Randi Alvarado

FPF is a great facility with awesome energy and amazing trainers. Dylan, Jared, and Vini are the best around!


Eric Wilson

Experienced, educated, committed: current and past elite athletes come here to train. If you’re anywhere near Newton check them out.


Patrick Joseph

Dylan and Jared both do an amazing job engaging with their clients and making you push yourself to limits you didn't think were possible. They are both great coaches and even better motivators. Amazing place! More...


Mitchell Mitchell

great facilities, knowledgeable trainers, and a very cool logo!


Greg Rasmuson

Best gym and best staff around. If you take your fitness seriously come to flight !


Ahuva Hanau

Joining Flight has tremendously improved my life. I am the strongest and most agile I've been in my life. Every time I walk into the gym, I feel amped up, yet at ease. So thankful to all the trainers and the whole Flight Fam. More...


Jeffrey Laflamme

Great place to get shredded and stronger for beach season. Customizable workouts even if you’re plant based!

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