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Your professional business portrait is often the first thing that potential client will see when deciding whether to reach out to you. In the internet and social medial world, the faces of you company need to be front and cent and will play a large role in portraying the approachability of your business and employees.


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28 November 2019

Five Star Photography is highly recommneded from us! Our first shoot had plenty of epic poses and amazing shots. Alex was very easy to work with and gave us some amazing photos.

4 November 2019

I am in love with the photos and magazine style images! They turned out better than I dreamed they would. Alex is very talented and knows what he’s doing. He provided the best service and experience! I am delighted to have captured stunning memories to look back on forever. Also, we were able to even included our dog in the photo shoot! More...

4 November 2019

Alex is amazing! He was very patient with my four year old and captured some awesome photos. I would definitely recommend him

21 October 2019

5 Stars!! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Alex was very professional and went above and beyond to get the perfect shots. They are the kind of photos that you can’t wait to share with family and friends!! Highly recommend for beautiful, magazine-style memories that will last a lifetime. More...

7 August 2019

It was a delight to work with 5 Star Photography. Alex was a consummate professional. He already had many poses in mind before the shoot began and had mapped out locations. He timed the shoot to get in as many photos as possible. The photos came out brilliantly! He knows how to showcase his models. From lighting to poses, his photos evoke a mood and tell a story. Would enjoy working with him again :) More...

15 June 2019

Alex and his team have totally blown me away! I received my edited wedding highlight film this morning and I am so glad that they were able to capture our special day. The video is beautiful, they were so professional, and it has been an overall pleasure to work with them. From the beginning Alex was always in contact with me to make sure we got things right and I think he has a lot of passion for what he does. I will definitely be recommending AK productions to all of my friends and family and I recommend them for your friends and family as well! More...

5 April 2019

I had the pleasure of working with Alex on a shoot at Falls park on the Reedy. He has a great eye for capturing dynamic images! He was easy to schedule with, on time, prepared and efficient. His turnaround times are very quick and he is always ready to make sure you are satisfied with your results. More...

19 December 2018

Alex did a commercial for my salon and I have had many compliments on it and will definitely use him again in the future....!!!! Thank you!

14 August 2018

I'm simply reviewing the work displayed here, BRAVO, great quality shots, I would be most pleased as one of your customers!

14 August 2018

Thank you so much for an awesome photo shoot, we love it and the pictures came out perfect and can't wait to have another photo shoot wen our daughter gets a lil bigger

14 August 2018

Alex was great! Our family of four was no challenge for him. He had patience with us, came up with great positions and amazing backgrounds. We love our finished photos. He was extremely prompt and very approachable. More...

14 August 2018

Alex did a great job on our wedding. We had both video and photos ordered. The video was very well done, with music and even a slideshow at the end. He masterfully edited our photos we are very pleased. More...

14 August 2018

Really pleased ... you can choose any place, any time and any pictures... the hard job is choosing them ... but with nice service and help from five star you'll get best pictures !!!

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First off by planning before you get to the location. What to wear, what kind of look the client is going for whether business, formal, casual, and then finally the location. Once on location being able to compose the shot with an incredibly beautiful background, and a prefect pose, the right lighting, being able to use wind, sun, and other elements that we can not control to our advantage. The above are the basic ingredients in the recipe to get a great photo.

What are we trying to achieve with the photos and where they will be used. If we are going to be making a canvas we will shoot differently then if we are creating an album for a client. Do we need a variety of shots for business poses like close ups, full body, just head shot. That way when we are on location we can get what we are after by valuing the time of our client.

It is an industry that throws a lot of curve balls and many things you have to learn to adjust to. A lot of time we do not have the luxury of time and we have to get the shot, the pose, the lighting, and go, go, go. And I love that it is always different, creativity is always being used. There is always a new challenge to overcome. These are the things that I love about photography.

I love creating memorable, unforgettable memories for my clients that are one of a kind. I love to give it my all, and to see clients that love what they see, being able to hold and pass down from one generation to the next.

I have always been a person that loved how back in the day a person could make a promise with a simple hand shake and it was their word. How back in the day you trusted people like that. With my business it is similar, for bigger projects we do have contracts but in the end the client has to love what they are getting. You have to do work that you are proud of, that you would personally buy. And if you run into an issue resolve it. It is not enough to do business once with a client, but to make them know that your reputation is such, that they know you will get the job done right the first time, it will be what they wanted and they will satisfied 100%.