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What Fitter Nottingham Personal Training do, is achieve rapid fat loss results, without forcing you to follow a ridiculously restrictive nutrition plan and without you having to spend hours in the gym feeling terribly uncomfortable.

What we do is use the most effective Nutrition & Training protocols, which suit your body type.


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Elena Ragone

26 April 2019

I've lost around 11kg and lots of inches under the guidance of Dani over a period of around 8 months.... If you stick to her programme and follow her knowledgeable advice you too can build muscle and lose body fat and probably much quicker than I (too many social occasions and events getting my way!!). Dani is a lovely lady, as is her lovely dog Willow. Thanks for everything Dani and Willow x More...


Laura Biddulph

25 February 2019

I have been training with Dani since January 2017 and I can honestly say it’s the best decision I have made. Dani was extremely thorough in the first consultation we had. She wanted to understand what my diet was like, what my exercise routine consisted of, understand any previous injuries and what I was wanting to achieve with training. For me it is to lose fat, build muscle, increase strength and overall fitness.I currently train with Dani three times per week but she writes up four different programmes for me, one of which I train myself in a gym. The programmes are changed regularly with new exercises being introduced. Each time pushing me even further. I have gone from being able to lift very little weight to lifting weights I didn’t think possible. I have tried PT’s in the past, from popular gyms that promise results to PT’s that have their own business, that claim to be different but are not. I had never seen results. What make Dani different is that she gets to know her clients, their body and diet. It is not one programme suits all. It is not one diet suits all either. Dani keeps a record and encourages us to keep a record of the weights we are lifting to see progression. I know each week, Dani will want to see what I am doing to help encourage me to push harder to get to where I want to be. We get varied programmes, as well as a food plan which is reviewed along with your progression. Dani is always on hand to answer any questions and offer advice – which is great! I love training with Dani and would encourage anybody who is serious about improving their health and well-being and getting results, to get in touch with her. She is a fantastic motivator and I couldn’t have made these changes without her! Thanks Dani xx More...


Sonal Avda

25 February 2019

Dani is amazing! I've never looked back and will never use anyone else, ever again. She really gets to know your body and understands what you need to and want to focus on. I've suffered from slipped disks and sciatica for many many years and by working with Dani my overall fitness and back strength has improved so much I feel like a different person. I would highly recommend Dani if you want work with someone that cares, has empathy and has amazing fitness and nutritional knowledge! More...


Beckie Best

25 February 2019

Dani is a great motivator and extremely personable. She knows her stuff. She has worked with me over the years to build up my back strength and improve posture whilst maintaining my overall physical fitness and I have not had any back ache for a long time. Thank you for your continued support Dani! More...


Laura de Banke

25 February 2019

I enlisted Dani to help me get in the very best shape for my wedding and it was such an amazing investment! She is super knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition, works you hard but always with a smile. There’s not many people I’d willingly spend time with first thing on a Monday morning :) More...


Patricia Blazquez

30 July 2018

Dani is an amazing personal trainer!! She help me to achieve a nice body to my wedding. Definitely I would recommend her!!


Charles Fish

30 June 2018

Great location, Flexible appointments 7 days a week, good value and lost 4 inches on waist.


Laila Sunshine

30 June 2018

Dani knows her stuff....she’s an amazing woman and Great motivator!


Susan Francis

26 May 2018

Never have I achieved such amazing results. Within my first 2 weeks I began to notice the difference in my body. After 6 weeks I had gone down at least 2 dress sizes.Dani is a fantastic coach. She personalises not just your fitness plan but what and how to eat. The best decision I have made so far.During 1-2-1 session she pushes you, but doesn’t over do it like some trainers I’ve used.I never thought I could reach the results I did healthily in such a short space of time and cannot thank her enough.She was always available to answer any queries I would have and would either text or voice call depending if she was with a client when free. Thanks Dani xxxxxxxx More...


Wilne Dressage

26 May 2018

If you’re serious about changing your body and investing in yourself then this is the place for you. Dani’s knowledge goes above and beyond what you’d expect from a personal trainer. From the moment you first contact her she provides you with an in-depth package of forms to fill out and arranges an initial consultation which is tailored to your body and goals. I’m a physiotherapist myself and it was immediately evident that Dani uses scientifically proven training methods and diets to sculpt and change your body. What makes her different? -Her knowledge is beyond what you’d expect from most personal trainers-She religiously changes your program every few weeks and logs every single exercise each session so that you can see the progression-She has results to prove it, not only from all the super looking clients walking out of her door after a session, but also from her own achievements in body fitness modelling competitions-She invests her time into you and treats you as an individual and not just as a number-She doesn’t stick to one training method and diet plan for everyone. She’s done her research and recognises that everyone’s body responds differently. She therefore has multiple methods of shocking your body into being the best it can be. I’ve noticed that a lot of other personal trainers use the same training plans and similar diet plans on lots of clients, but Dani’s are much more individually tailoredI’m a 5ft 3in female who just wanted to look a little more toned when I contacted Dani. After only one year of moderate frequency training with her I’m now part of the British Army. I’m one of the fittest and strongest people in my unit and this has opened up so many incredible opportunities for me, all thanks to Dani Lucille. More...


sharon hayes

26 May 2018

Dani is an amazing inspiration, she supported and encouraged me to make changes in my life I wouldn’t have been able to do alone. If anyone is looking to start a weight loss journey, to improve fitness or have any body and overall health specific goals, then I couldn’t recommend anyone better than Dani. She has Great gym too with parking in the centre of town . More...


Aaron Kurtis

28 August 2017

I worked with Dani in 2015. Since working wity her I have seengreat results. She certainly knows her stuff and highly recommended.


A Google User

24 August 2011

I can highly recommend Chris Wraithmell as a personal trainer. I began working with Chris in February 2010. I used to exercise regularly but after a series of injuries preventing me from staying active I started to give up and put on weight. I decided to give personal training one last chance and a year later I am so pleased I did. Chris has introduced exercises to my training sessions to rehabilitate a long list of problems and I now feel my life is back to how it used to be. Through his simple diet and exercise plan I've lost over a stone in weight. My problem areas such as my thighs have thinned out and my whole body shape has changed and looks much better. Chris is a great motivator and encourages me when I feeling lazy or sluggish. He's dedicated, professional and loves what he does. Highly recommended. More...

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We like to get to know our clients better. Once we understand their exact circumstances, we can then use our wide selection of assessments in order to tailor the exact needs to the client.
These cover both what and when to eat foods, as well as the type/intensity and frequency of exercise.

A generic plan is pretty pointless, all of our clients train and eat in a way which suits them.

Finding something you can stick to.

The best diet in the world is useless unless you're able to follow it.

We spend time working with clients to produce plans that they can not only follow, but enjoy.

The challenge.

Our company works with roughly 100 people per week, and the challenges and obstacles which are thrown up every day are fascinating - from how to train in a hotel gym whilst on holiday, to strategies to avoid snacking in the office.
Each day is very different.

To be able to do things my own way.

Working in a mainstream gym is very restrictive for both the trainer and the client. Which ultimately hampers clients results.

But by opening my own studio, we were able to accommodate more clients in a more comfortable environment, without the pressures and restrictions of working out in a huge gym.

If you're fed up of short term Diets, quick fixes or half arsed efforts - we can help you.

Our training process is about fixing issues, whether that be injuries, eating habits or poor exercise choice - these things can be brushed over for a while but will ultimately stop your progress dead.

If a permanent weight loss result is your aim, then we are the company for you.