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I am a personal trainer specializing in weight loss/lean muscle mass gain/body transformation, sports and general nutrition, lifestyle and weight management, brain and body performance optimization/gut health, sports specific and athletic training and conditioning, cycling training, functional training/circuit training/hit, corrective exercise and rehab, life coaching and health and wellness optimization.


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11 June 2020

It was a great experience working with Jen. She really pushed hard, which is what I needed and showed me training that would help with the back issues I have been having for years. She was able to give me specific assignments in between our sessions, so I could keep moving forward and stay motivated. Really glad I was able to train with her! More...

6 May 2020

Jenny keeps me accountable. I work out with her twice a week where she pushes my limits and helps me reach my goals sooner. On the days we don't meet she's coaching me on my diet and at home workouts. She really goes above and beyond and is absolutely a top choice here. More...

2 April 2020

Jenny is an amazing personal trainer! She is very knowledgeable and will work with you on your goals at the pace you want. If you have fitness goals I couldn’t recommend a better person to help you reach them! More...

9 March 2020

Coach Jenny is incredibly knowledgeable regarding health/nutrition and fitness. This knowledge and profound personal trainer experience has delivered excellent results for me. I have only trained with Coach Jenny for about a month however I have lost over 10 lbs and feel great. I will continue to train with Coach Jenny for the coming months. I highly recommend contacting Coach Jenny to help you reach your fitness goals - however, you need to be committed to do the work and to meet your goals. You do the work (she will work you), you will see the results, you will be incredibly pleased. More...

18 February 2020

Jenny takes the time to get to know what you want to accomplish. She takes the time to help analyze your nutrition and gives you ways to improve. I workout at least 5 days a week and I felt I was in a rut. I didn't feel as if I were progressing in my fitness training. She teaches you proper workout form and shows you different ways to challenge your body which is already allowing me to see results that I want. Whether you are trying to lose weight, get toned, or in my case lose body fat and gain muscle she is the one to hire. One of the best qualities I like about Jenny is that she will push you to go beyond what you think your limits are. I did my research on several trainers and to me she was the most experienced and fit one out there. I would highly recommend Jenny to any and everyone. More...

12 January 2020

Jennifer was very quick to respond to questions. She was knowledgeable about diet and followed up checking on how we were doing.

2 January 2020

Want results? Call Jennifer! She is the real deal ... an outstanding fitness and nutrition trainer / coach with a tremendous breadth of experience in working with all ages, genders, and needs. She listens closely to individual goals and customizes a personal nutrition and fitness plan to achieve your desired results. Moreover, Jennifer is a great motivator, flexible to scheduling challenges, and leads by example. Call her - you will be impressed. More...

25 June 2019

I’d like to recommend Jen Schumm. She’s so much more than just a personal trainer. She’s one of the most compassionate people I know. She’s an encourager, cheerleader, friend and confidant. She’s extremely knowledgeable in the areas of nutrition and emotional intelligence. She feels like family. I’m sure it’s just not me. I’d guess she is like this with all of her clients. More...

25 June 2019

I’ve been training with Jennifer for nearly a year now and during that time I have had to deal with some injuries along the way (not due to the workouts). They’re a fact of life for people enjoying an active lifestyle. It seems no matter what part of me is hurting, she always has exercises I can do that either avoids the injury, or aids in it’s recovery. Her knowledge of physiology, kinesiology and exercise science is filled with an amazing repertoire of strength building movements and routines. She keeps me moving and motivated! More...

24 June 2019

I started with Jen In Nov 2018. Since then I lost 40 lbs and have another 30lbs to go. She is very motivating and inspirational. When I first started she would check in several times a week to see how I was doing and provide tremendous encouragement. Jen is also a cyclist and has help me adjust my nutrition to support my exercise plan. More...

21 August 2018

This was my first year being apart of the Tour, I was apart of the relief for Team Cimbura! As a Caregiver, I was excited to meet all of these amazing people and watch my Boss be able to participate in something he truly loved before this disease. ... We all have two things in common ALS and a thirst for a cure! Whether an Angel or P. A. L' s living with the Beast, we rode alongside each other, ate with one another and shared our stories but it brought us even closer! Thank you everyone who supports this Charity! May God continue blessing us all! More...

15 July 2018

Will be riding in support of my neighbor, Tom.

13 June 2017

You can't beat the scenery! This ride is one of the most well supported rides I have ever done. Plus it is for an amazing cause.

1 April 2015

"Ride with Nelly" and Help Fight ALS in this years event. So much cycling fun & fitness with beautiful views each day along the way. Sign up now and or private message me for more deatils More...


It is essential! An absolute necessity! One cannot expect its body/mind to perform like a high level race car if you give it the lowest grade gas.

I motivate, teach, and help them be the best version of themselves not just during the workouts, but outside the workouts in every day life. I give them the knowledge, tools, skills, and direction to be the healthiest person they can be so that they have the best quality of life possible and feel fantastic! Full of energy, life and thriving!

Please contact me at 303-517-1684 or email me at jenny@fitbyjenny.com. I can no longer contact you thru Bark, so please contact me.

Consistency with workouts, nutrition, stress management, life balance, quality sleep and optimized gut health with 0 inflammation in the body. Health optimization = performance optimization = body made for performing and appearance like a high level elite athlete

Please contact me at 303-517-1684 or email me at jenny@fitbyjenny.com. I can no longer contact you thru Bark, so please contact me.

Increasing people’s quality of life! That is priceless!

Please contact me at 303-517-1684 or email me at jenny@fitbyjenny.com. I can no longer contact you thru Bark, so please contact me.

To help more people outside of a gym membership. I wanted to be able to reach more people than the people that belonged to the gym I was working at, etc.

Please contact me at 303-517-1684 or email me at jenny@fitbyjenny.com. I can no longer contact you thru Bark, so please contact me.

I really care about my clients.....I don’t ever let them use bad form, have a detailed eye, always vary workouts with new exciting progressions, and I get results! I lead by example, practice what I preach and I am an inspiration for health and fitness.

Please contact me at 303-517-1684 or email me at jenny@fitbyjenny.com. I can no longer contact you thru Bark, so please contact me.



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