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Ferrier Architecture Studio

Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles

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Ferrier Architecture Studio

Los Angeles, California, Los Angeles



Ferrier Architecture Studio (fAS) is a full service architectural practice servicing the Los Angeles and New York markets. The founding principal, G. Graham Ferrier, AIA, is a licensed California (lic.# C32942) and New York (lic. # 036672) Architect with over 20 years experience in architecture, construction, development, and planning.


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Al Edgington

23 August 2017

I was looking to extend and build out my house which is an area where the regulations are incredibly complicated (and ever-changing). Graham was tireless and exceptionally thorough in working with the city to ensure that we would be able to do what I wanted. He laid out what he would deliver, when and what it would cost very clearly - and didn't deviate. Highly recommend. More...



3 March 2017

When we finally decided to take the plunge to build our dream house we set out to find an architect that was creative, competent, experienced, and who had a very collaborative design approach. This was going to be our first attempt to build a new home from the ground floor up, and we knew we needed a professional that would be willing to listen and incorporate our ideas with his own and also steer us clear of any unwanted outcomes.
We interviewed numerous architects before finally deciding to go with Graham (FAS). Our decision was based primarily upon his impressive portfolio of work, competitive pricing, and sincere commitment to incorporate our wants and ideas into the design process.
Graham produced amazing 2D / 3D drawings & renderings that were extremely helpful in allowing us to visualize his proposed design concepts throughout each area of the house. One of our expressed goals was to create an open floor plan that also maximized storage area. Graham configured the space to achieve that very difficult and delicate balance. We were so impressed with his space/structure ideas that we decided to expand his Scope of work to include: Lighting, Interiors, Cabinetry, decking, and hardscape. We found there to be significant economies of scale in having all of those services bundled together. By doing so, we were able to test out (using software) and adopt elaborate wall/floor tile layouts and fine tune cabinetry to accentuate all of the dramatic architectural details throughout the house.
When it came time to select a GC, Graham was able to produce detailed bid sets so that accurate and normalized bids could be generated and compared. He also sat in on the GC interviews to assist in evaluating the right professional for our project.
After construction commenced, Graham made sure to promptly address situations in which change orders and or detail clarifications were needed. His responses were prompt, constructive, and perhaps most importantly, always in concert with the overall design scheme.
We are nearing completion of the project and are looking forward to being able to enjoy our truly magnificent home. All those that enter the house are mesmerized by the dramatic angles, cathedral ceilings, and a great many other custom architectural details (too many to list) created by Graham and his creative team at FAS.


Christian Acedillo

27 February 2017

Graham and his team at FAS have been nothing but the best! We started at the beginning with just a raw piece of land that was bundled with tons of regulatory nightmares. Not only has graham helped us design our dream home, he has helped us figure out how to do it wisely within our budget. I once thought about navigating this design and permit process alone to save money, but i know 110% we could have not gone this far without Graham and his team! Especially Ryan who has been awesome to work with! We hope to work with FAS with our future projects! More...



7 January 2017

We loved the work Graham did. Beautiful designs. Very easy person to talk with. We had a lot of thoughts & he really made them happen. We'd definitely hire him again.


Alycia Rossiter

30 November 2015

We hired Graham Ferrier as our architect for a home renovation on a 1950s California ranch. He redesigned our kitchen and two bathrooms and he created an indoor outdoor shower at the back and a large custom steel view window on the front of the house.

When we first met with Graham we wanted a remodeled kitchen with a wall removal and a renovated master bath. His vision for the kitchen and TWO new bathrooms plus the steel picture window and indoor outdoor shower was so much more than we had hoped for and he kept his renovation within our original construction budget.

He truly reimagined the utilitarian spaces of our home and turned them into showpieces. The overhaul meant removing a central wall and completely redesigning the hallway and bathroom configurations. A dark tight 1950s kitchen and bathrooms were re-vamped into light-filled practical and stylish rooms. His design complemented the integrity of the house. He was respectful of its architectural value and his improvements enhanced our day to day life as well as the real estate value of our home.

Our contractor - whom we hired on a friend's recommendation - was not experienced enough to handle the renovation. Graham and a member of his team stepped in (for an additional fee, obviously) and guided the contractor and his team daily toward an ambitious and beautiful end product of which the contractor was proud.

Our project ran on schedule minus a few delays which came from the contractor's inexperience and some tile and counter materials which were back ordered. The only areas that went over budget were approved by us as we knowingly upgraded our desires for finishings or the scale of our renovation.

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