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Personal training, nutrition and weight management advice. Fully insured and diploma qualified to provide the best knowledge and service for clients wish to lose weight, gain muscle, tone the body and get healthier from losing a few pounds to having a full body transformation.


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Howard Graham

22 January 2019

“Ive been working with Imre for just over 1 year now and have seen amazing results in that time. I decided to chose a Personal Trainer as i have tried so many times to loose weight and get healthy but lacked the motivation to succeed. Imre is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to each session. He makes every workout challenging, different and most importantly, fun!! He also places a high value on correct form with each exercise and pushes me to exceed my perceived limits to get results. I have incredible energy, my balance and posture have improved immensely and I’ve gained a new body shape!! If you’re serious about changing your life for the better imre will help you each step of the way. More...


Martin Jeeves

22 August 2018

Imre is a superb trainer. I really enjoyed the outdoor boot camps and circuit training he held at Ingress Park. Really gets the best out of you. Well done Imre!


Linda Burgess Bunting

22 August 2018

With Training and boxing I always feel like I've had a full workout. Love the mixture of weights and cardio Imre ...outside training always refreshing , hard workouts always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivated. You can achieve what u believe is impossible!!! More...


Claire Rameaux

22 August 2018

Only attended a few workouts but they were very good and fun. Imre treats you as an individual as everyone is at different levels and pushes to get the best out of you. Highly recommended.


Penny Angell

22 August 2018

Having attended Imre's Boxfit session at Ingress Park - I really felt I'd worked out! It was a good mixture of cardio and strength training with a variety of exercises, as well as alternative versions demonstrated to allow for ability or injuries. Imre is good fun as a trainer, excellent choice of music and always cheerful, as well as knowledgable about the technical side of things and the impact on the body - would thoroughly recommend him as a trainer.......and I've had a few along the way! :-) Thanks Imre and good luck with growing your business. x More...


Kelly Connon

22 August 2018

Love our classes. Good mixture of resistance weights and cardio! And I think I'm slowly getting better at it now! Thanks �


Duncan Holt

22 August 2018

Great trainer

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I started my business as I wasn't confident in my body as I was underweight and after I started to train and changed my body it's also changed my life and decided to help others to achieve there goals and have a dream body and not only dream about it.