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Gaelynn Lea Tressler

28 June 2018

I played in Fort Collins, Colorado for the first time in October 2017. After the show a person named Ethan came up to me and said that he and his friend Royce owned a small film company called EvrGlo Media and that they were big fans of my music and TEDxTalk and that they would love to make a music video with me. Once we got home I researched their videos and they were definitely legit! I got in touch with them this past winter and arranged a day of shooting the next time I was out in Colorado, which was April 2018. I am not super comfortable in the realm of visual art, but they were amazing at their jobs and extremely professional. They had me send examples of music videos I personally liked and then they picked out a color scheme, costumes and filming style that hinted at these traits. After that, they asked me to lay out a storyline for the song. Their amazing makeup artist, Elijah Cordova, also helped tell the story. They asked if I was comfortable using dancing to help tell the story, which was an idea I loved. They even incorporated a little bit of ASL into the dance moves, unbeknownst to me until the production meeting that took place the night before we filmed. I was particularly fond of their approach regarding disability. We decided not to make it a main theme of the video (the theme is authenticity), but we wanted to have other people with disabilities involved in the film, as I am a huge proponent of disability representation in the media. Kalyn Heffernan from the hip-hop group Wheelchair Sports Camp and her friend Rosie drove up from Denver to be in the film. The rest of the dancers were friends of EverGlo Media, and they really helped fill out the storyline. It was also just awesome to watch them improv to the music... They are each super talented! I am really proud of all the work the EvrGlo Media team put into the video and so grateful that Ethan & Royce reached out to me about filming it. It was a true collaborative effort and without their expertise, guidance, and planning it definitely wouldn't have turned out this cool! It always amazes me how many creative, talented, and kind people we have met during the last two years because of touring and the Tiny Desk Contest. What began as a conversation almost a year ago after a show is now a reality! Gaelynn Lea Musician, Public Speaker & Disability Rights Advocate Winner of NPR Music's 2016 Tiny Desk Contest More...


Dasha Zhurin

26 May 2018

EvrGlo Media did our wedding video and let me tell you; they did the most amazing, beautiful video for us! Our video is perfect! These guys are wonderful to work with; kind, fun, happy and professional. My husband, family and friends now have a stunning video which we will watch for the rest of our lives. Our wedding day was a busy day full of love and laughter; Royce and Terrah captured everything as it should have been. We can't them enough for this stunning art they created. Thank you, EvrGlo! You guys are truly the best!!! More...


Devin W. Doucet

6 November 2017

The nicest and most patient professional media men to work with. Ethan and Royce are exceptional in their craft along with being just so wonderful to be around.


Dasha Zhurin

20 September 2017

Evrglo made our wedding video and we can't think of a better gift for a lifetime!! Royce and Terrah were so involved, patient, and kind! And the end product truly was perfection! Please hire Evrglo for your wedding! This was the best decision we made!!! More...


Dana Ripley

7 June 2017

I love working with Ethan and Royce! They go above and beyond to ensure that everything they create is beautiful and captivating. They are true experts at their art, always willing to spend extra time crafting a product that will surpass all of your expectations. Not only can I trust in their vision, but I can always plan to have a ton of fun while working with them as well. More...


Sarah Megyesy

24 April 2017

I recently collaborated with EvrGlo on a video project, not only were they fun to work with but they put a lot of care, effort, and expertise into the video.


Terrah Schultz

20 April 2017

I've had the pleasure of working with Ethan and Royce on a few projects and I'm not sure I can even adequately express the level of well-roundedness this team of two brings to the table. Whether they are tackling hard, sometimes uncomfortable issues, exploring new places, or making people laugh, there is never a lack of creativity, problem solving, or love in their process. I call the two a ying yang team because they balance each other so well. Royce is decisive, he knows what he likes and what he doesn't. He's sassy, but just enough to keep the fire lit and the ball rolling. Ethan brings the chill, weighing every option, seeing the shot before he's made it, and so much patience with everybody involved in the projects. Royce and Ethan are always laughing, and cracking jokes, and asking the hard questions. They push the limits, they explore the unknown, and mostly, they make incredible art. I feel honored to call them friends, and have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the team in the ways they have invited me to be. If you get a chance to work with EvrGlo, please, for the love of God, do it. More...


Molly Anderson

19 April 2017

Explorers, innovators, critical thinkers, artists....so many words could be used to define these guys, but they continue to leave me speechless. The amount of passion, care, and time that goes into every one of their projects demonstrates how they want to change the world with their positive message and creativity, but not forget to enjoy every second of it. More...


Anderson Benoit

19 April 2017

EvrGlo is always pushing the limits with their film and projection mapping skills. They also do really really really cool music videos :) was really happy with the one they did for one of my tracks! Really good people and awesome vibes 5 stars for all the hard work and effect they put into their production. More...


Dalton Kieta

19 April 2017

I worked with EvrGlo Media on an event with Com Truise at The Artery, and the team was great with communication, and they also put the energy into the event to make it spectacular and something unique. Overall a great experience and a pleasure to work with them. Would definitely do it again. More...


Amy Bradley

18 April 2017

EvrGlo Media is the go-to business for all projections and overall visuals at the Downtown Artery. The team is full of talent and professionalism. They are easy to work with, extremely kind, good with deadlines, and, most importantly, they deliver incredible products. I would, without a doubt, recommend EvrGlo to any individual, business, band, etc. Love, love, love EvrGlo!! More...


Nick Artaiz

18 April 2017

Ethan is literally one of the most talented an down to earth guys in the business. Sincerely, Ethan has zero ego whatsoever and if you don't believe me just ask Andrew jones who he has been working with for a good minute. If you don't believe Andrew I suggest you ask my homie Miles aka dj "Psy Fi" or skrillex...... anyways this guy has a heart of gold and the skills to match and this is coming from someone who has only worked with him twice. Honestly I wish I could work with Ethan at every gig I do!!!!!! More...


William Knudsen

18 April 2017

The talent and vision of this company is outdone only by their professionalism. Ethan and Royce produced two music videos, and a live music session for me and I could not be more impressed with their work. It was a treat watching them collectively execute on ideas for a creative and quality final product. Could not recommend more. More...

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