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Blandine Lamaison

25 February 2019

I mainly deal with the staff at Evolve. Renata and her team are kind, reliable, tolerant of young children, patient and they have a great sense of humour. I love working there!


Vanessa Morris

19 February 2019

Really friendly,great togetherness!


Catalina Ciontu

26 January 2019

Lovely place for both yoga and body therapies. Helpful and friendly staff, cosy studio. Been coming here for almost 2 years now. Highly recommend it!


Frances Lobel

27 November 2018

Lovely space right in the heart of South Ken with friendly, approachable staff. Aerial yoga with Daphne Scott-Sawyer is brilliant - taught in small groups of 4 by an inspiring teacher with real, substantial experience of practicing and teaching this form of yoga. A vastly positive experience and very different indeed from (mentioning no names) taking a class with 15+ swings - or paying £18 for an hour and sharing a swing - yes, really! These classes are very popular, for all the reasons outlined above and more, so my only suggestion for change is to put on more classes and perhaps introduce different levels. More...


kenneth lam

28 October 2018

So I booked in this class was really chill and nice and felt like the teacher was good to me even though I’m a begginer she listened about my lower back pain and really helped out with some good stretches Good vibes Would go againBut the showers aren’t the best and they need more facilities maybe light some insence to get those vibes going


Rachel Stevens

30 June 2018

Quality yoga classes for all levels


Crystal Yau

26 May 2018

Very friendly staff and experienced instructors :)
I tried 1 lesson of hatha intermediate and 2 lessons of Aerial yoga, I love Aerial yoga! It's group of 4, it was amazing!
I had great fun here, learnt a lot!!


Laura Russell

26 May 2018

This is an excellent yoga centre, well equipped with very proffesional lessons. The Ying Yoga leasons are especially good. Would be 5 stars but comes with an expensive price tag. More...


Pia Brune

18 November 2017

Had a reflexology treatment with Beata - can highly recommend! - great energy, great knowledge and great at what she does!


Valentina Masu

9 July 2017

Great Studio, love the atmosphere, the friendly welcome at entrance - Ciao Adam! - and the superb practice with Karin. My heaven in London.


Don Mishra

9 May 2017

Lovely place with heart opening events and workshops


Sandra Honess

23 February 2017

Love Karin's classes, truly inspirational - and challenging (but in a good way)!


Zaza Ibrahim

11 February 2017

The best in town. Especially Dora Jane classes..


Danielle Brooker

6 February 2017

Evolve is my little haven in London, from the moment you open the door you feel immediately recharged! I love the wide variety of classes and workshops that constantly intrigue me and offer me opportunities to explore. Every teacher I have been in the room with has had such an incredible presence and exceptional knowledge. Do yourself a favour and go NOW! :) More...


Isabelle Natalie

29 January 2017

Gorgeous space, friendly people. Lots of interesting and inspiring workshops.


Ratch A

17 January 2017

Excellent staff and amazing space. Much nicer than a faceless gym or OTT wellness spa. Authentic and focused on what they do.


Phyllis Harrington

12 May 2016

A place where you can get fit in no time, you just have to follow the instructions from the qualified trainers. The hall is not big, but it is okay after all.


She Woo

29 January 2016

We need a lot more of this message in the world today


Robbie B.

20 January 2016

Great yoga studio, clean, decent amount of space as well as friendly staff, and easy to get to.


Marilene Bardawil

19 October 2015

Just did a brilliant twisting workshop with the lovely Dora Jane, we explored many new twists and discussed the myths and benefits of these flexible spine movements, it definitely has build my energy levels up for the following week. Dora is very attentive and experienced and she is always happy to explain every posture in detail, all this was followed by a relaxing savasana. Thanks again for an enlightening experience. Hope she will teach us more classes / workshops.... More...


Stacy C.

8 August 2015

I took two classes here when visiting London from San Francisco, and loved this perfect studio! Very welcoming and knowledgeable front desk staff, clean and light facility with good floors, good variety of classes all day long, lovely teaching, delicious hot tea and cucumber water to enjoy in the lobby after class. Beautiful charming location on quiet mews. What a gem! More...


Nina Martin

17 June 2015

Reiki with Elaine feels like an out of body experience and each time I have seen her I have experienced something different. It feels completely nurturing. During treatment I have felt like I was soaring and felt pulsating, healing waves over my chakras. In the days that follow a session a lot of issues and pent up emotions have come to the surface - there is a feeling of release. Highly recommended! More...


Maren Lander

27 May 2015

This is a wonderful studio offering a variety of classes and treatments. A truly sacred space for healing and transformation.


Emma D.

21 April 2015

I've been wanting to try this place for so long, but was overwhelmed by all the different types of yoga on offer - which one was I supposed to choose...!Finally I settled on Vinyasa Flow, as it's description seemed closest to the Power Yoga style which I really enjoy. And it was perfect. The centre is tucked away in a cute little laneway in South Kensington. It's clean, warm and well-equipped with mats, blankets, blocks, everything you need to support your practice.The staff and instructors are all incredibly helpful and friendly too. I will definitely be back for more Vinyasa :) More...


Marco Milano

4 February 2015

Just amazing: it's the best place in UK to do yoga.


Lindsey S.

14 July 2014

I recently had a ReflexoReiki treatment by Pierre Antoine Croset and Shermine Boustany. This was a one of a kind experience and not to be missed! The combination of reflexology (Shermine focuses mostly on the face for this treatment) while simultaneously being given Reiki (Pierre Antoine does the Reiki part over your body while you lay on your back) was truly relaxing while being ultimately releasing. My friend and I each were treated (the sessions last about 1 hour) and afterwards we felt as though a huge weight was lifted off our shoulders (well, bodies). I have never had a dual-person massage or energy healing session but I only wish they had something like this in NYC (where I am from). Since this type of therapy is somewhat rare, and newly combined, if you are curious about learning more before booking - visit: reflexoreiki.co.uk for more information. If your schedule allows it - book a session with PA & Shermine - both very sweet, capable people who will walk you through the treatment and do their best to help you achieve wonderful results. More...


Sara Cabitza

27 May 2014

Yoga heaven in the centre of London. The centre offers a great variety of yoga classes, hold by great teachers ,who guide you in taking care of your soul as well as of your body. If you are looking for something more than what you can find in a fitness centre, this is the place for you. I absolutely love it! More...


Tami C.

17 June 2013

After a stressful day at work the only thing I think about is relaxing, and this is the right place to do that


Andrew L.

21 September 2010

I am here almost every day and i love it. A beautiful space with great teachers and therapists. Highly recommended.

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